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Must-Have For Bow Hunting List

Bow Hunting Gear List

Hunting with a bow is an up-close and personal form of hunting and requires specific bow hunting gear that is a must-have for your next trip. This gear is a little different compared to hunting with a rifle, and it improves the chances of bagging your next buck, coyote, or deer.

The close-quarters hunting required for this hunting form needs gear to be stealthy and compact. Specific bow hunting equipment is unique to this type of hunting but is a must-have for a better hunting experience. Bow hunting has different gear requirements compared to other hunting methods and you will need more than your broadheads and arrows to get the job done.

If you are new to bow hunting, our must-have gear list will get you started with the essential choices. If you are an experienced bowhunter, some of the gear we recommend may improve your hunting experience.

List of Must-Have Equipment For Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is an exciting alternative for many hunters because of the challenge this type of hunting presents. While it can be difficult to take down an whitetail deer with a bow, the satisfaction of taking one down through this method is incomparable.

The most important thing to remember is safety; always use a release and never draw your bow without an arrow in place.

Hunters need to be much closer to the animals they are hunting than hunters with rifles. This need for extra stealth and up-close hunting makes certain gear items a must-have for every bow hunter.

Bows need more in-field maintenance than rifles, which is another motivation for some of the gear and equipment we have included in our bow hunting gear list.

1. Bow Hunting Rangefinder

Judging distance for shooting your bow during target practice on the range is easier than judging distance while out in the wild. On a hunt it is a little more complicated.

This is especially true if you are shooting from an elevated position and all your target practice has been at ground level.

A good rangefinder is an invaluable tool for establishing the exact distance from your quarry. With it you can make the appropriate adjustments to your sights and your shot or decide whether to take the shot or not.

A good rangefinder such as the Leupold RX-1500i is not too pricey, comfortable in-hand, and easy to use with one hand.

This rangefinder is designed for archers and is accurate up to 125 yards. It is completely waterproof, able to handle rough hunting conditions.

The Leupold Rangefinder compensates for wind and elevation shots, giving you accurate information for your shot.

2. Bow Hunting Sights

Most sights that come standard with hunting bows are pretty basic and will not give you an optimal hunting experience.

Basic sights are great when you are starting out or shooting at targets, but you will quickly outgrow them. You can start looking for something a little better to improve your accuracy.

Black Gold is a company that has consistently produced excellent archery sites for a wide range of hunting bows.

The Black Gold Ascent Verdict Assault Archery Sight is an excellent option to replace the standard sights on your bow. Our favorite feature of these sights is the easy and quiet micro-adjustments for wind and elevation.

3. Bow Hunting Backpack

A good backpack designed specifically for bowhunters is a crucial part of your gear. It allows you to walk to your hunting spot without carrying your bow or other gear in your hands.

Your hands remain free to negotiate rugged terrain and keep your balance. Don’t choose a massive pack for going out on the hunt.

A compact bow-hunting backpack that can stow your bow and the gear you need for a day’s hunting is sufficient.

I like the Insights Hunting backpack range for all the features that come in a compact backpack. The bow storage compartment is padded to protect the sights, rest, and the bow itself from damage or impact. Which can affect alignment and settings.

A useful feature is a front compartment that opens to form a shelf. This option is handy in a basic tree stand where you don’t have much space to put things down.

4. Allen Wrench Set For Bow Tweaking

Most of the connectors, setting adjustments, and fasteners on a hunting bow use bolts or screws with a hex slot.

There is nothing worse on a hunt than finding that something has worked itself loose on your bow.

An Allen wrench set is the ideal tool to have with you to save the day and get your bow back in hunting condition.

I highly recommend the Pine Ridge Archery Allen Wrench Set because it is made with archers in mind and has most of the common-size wrenches you need for your bow.

It is small and compact and can be tossed in your bow-hunting backpack, and you know it is there when you need it.

5. A Good Hunting Or Bushcraft Knife

Our opinion is that a hunter without a knife is simply not dressed correctly to go out in the woods. A knife is the most useful tool you can have with you on a hunt besides your hunting bow.

Field dressing an animal to preserve the meat is impossible without a good hunting knife.

If you prefer folding knives, the Benchmade Taggedout is a great lightweight option for bow hunting. The blade is well sized for a folder, making it an excellent compact choice for a hunter. The pocket clip allows the knife to be clipped inside a pocket or on your backpack for easy access. The blade shape is ideal for skinning game and preparing your evening meal.

If you prefer a fixed-blade hunting knife, the TOPS Knives Brothers of Bushcraft hunting knife is a knife we can recommend as an alternative. This robust, non-nonsense knife comes with a Kydex sheath and a Firestarter for emergency fire lighting.

Also read your review on Cutco hunting knives.

6. Face Camo For Bow Hunting

Light colors, primarily white, stand out in the natural environment, so hunters opt for neutral or camouflage clothing.

There is no point in wearing camouflage clothing on a bow hunt without camouflaging your face. The close-quarters hunting required for bow hunters means that you must be as stealthy as possible.

A shiny face is obvious to wildlife against the backdrop of brush or camo clothing. The Under Armour ColdGear Balaclava is a good option to mask your face during the hunt.

The stretchable fabric allows the mask to move with your head, while the camouflage design breaks up your facial features.

A good quality face mask will keep you hidden no matter how close the game gets to your hunting position.

While these are must-have items it is not every piece of bowhunting gear that you will need. Make a checklist and don’t leave home without the above items as I promise they will come in handy.

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