A Look At The Best Leupold Binoculars – Our Top Picks

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You deserve high-quality binoculars. Whether you are spotting rare birds, searching for a perfect shot at a whitetail deer or gazing at the majesty of a serene landscape, a pair of excellent binoculars is worth more than a thousand words. Since not all binoculars are made the same, consider choosing a pair from a respected and well-established company like Leupold. Since 1907, Leupold has been producing premium navigation equipment and other fine-tuned tools.

This same expertise is now being used to design excellent binoculars and rifle scopes. This complete guide will give you all the information you need to choose one of the top 10 Leupold binoculars for your outdoor needs. Use the comparison table and FAQs to determine the best option for your outdoor hobby.


1. Do Leupold Binoculars Come With a Warranty?

ll Leupold binoculars come with a lifetime warranty. You don’t need to be the original purchaser or keep any warranty card; just enjoy a lifetime of use with these high-end binoculars. Of course, there are exceptions, like misuse or intentional damage. With proper care, these durable binoculars won’t need much maintenance or repair. The best warranty is one that you may never have to use.

2. Where Can I Buy Leupold Binoculars?

Leupold binoculars are available online through the official Leupold website, but you can also purchase them through third-party sites, such as Amazon. Check out your local outdoor or sporting goods department stores for deals and discounts on Leupold binoculars.

How We Reviewed

Each pair of binoculars was carefully chosen based on important criteria. Bestsellers lists, customer reviews and professional opinions were all used to choose the top 10 models. There are plenty of other Leupold options available, so be sure to check out other options if you don’t find the perfect choice on this list.

This guide won’t point you toward a single option. Instead, use all the information to make your own informed decision. Only you know the kind of outdoor adventures you’ll take with your binoculars.

Top 10 Leupold Binoculars

BX-5 Santiam HD 8x42mm

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[amazon fields=”B07GBYZ8Q3″ value=”button”]

One of the most compact models in the premium BX-5 series, these 8x42mm binoculars, like all Santiam options, are waterproof and fogproof. Consider this durable pair if you need a comfortable, low-light option for hunting, bird watching or enjoying nature. These binoculars use an open bridge roof prism, which allows for a very lightweight design.

While these 8x42mm binoculars are compact and feature a large exit pupil, they also have a short magnification and eye relief.


  • Durable and waterproof design
  • Great exit pupil diameter


  • Low magnification
  • Expensive compared to other Leupold options

BX-5 Santiam HD 10x42mm

[amazon fields=”B07GBYG329″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”][amazon fields=”B07GBYG329″ value=”button”]

The mid-sized, mid-budget Santiam option, these 10x42mm binoculars offer a popular magnification level and generous lens diameter for all light levels. The exit pupil is slightly smaller, so you’ll be trading some low-light visibility for extra magnification. This pair is perfect for hunting or long-range birdwatching.

While the 10x42mm Santiam binoculars come with all the rugged features of the Santiam series, the additional cost may make these binoculars less tempting for amateur use. If you aren’t planning on wild treks or daily hunting trips, you may want to consider a more cost-effective Leupold option.


  • Popular magnification level
  • Lightweight design


  • Low eye relief
  • Shorter exit pupil diameter

BX-5 Santiam HD 15x56mm

[amazon fields=”B01MUGXCRF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”][amazon fields=”B01MUGXCRF” value=”button”]

The biggest, most expensive and impressively long-distance binoculars on the list, the Santiam 15x56mm binoculars offer an incredible magnification and low-light productivity. Whether you are long-distance hunting or stargazing, these durable binoculars offer excellent vision. The patented Xtended Twilight system that is also used with Leupold rifle scopes allow you to see crystal-clear images even at dusk or dawn.

Compared to other binoculars, this pair is long, heavy and particularly expensive. 15x magnification is quite high, so be sure you know the distance you need before purchasing the most premium pair. These binoculars aren’t suited for short and mid-range viewing, particularly of panoramic views.


  • Impressive magnification
  • Extreme low-light visibility


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

BX-1 McKenzie 12x50mm

[amazon fields=”B06XCFHLJY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”][amazon fields=”B06XCFHLJY” value=”button”]

The first in the BX-1 line of affordable yet reliable Leupold binoculars, the McKenzie 12x50mm binoculars use an excellent BAK4 roof prism for clear images at long distances. This particular roof prism is designed to remove distortion around the edges, which is common with other binoculars at this budget. Like the McKenzie 10x50mm and McKenzie 10x42mm, this pair is far more affordable than many others, so it’s the perfect starting point for amateur hunters or birdwatching enthusiasts who want a Leupold option that doesn’t break the bank.

Just like the BX-5 Santiam series, these binoculars are completely waterproof and fogproof. However, they don’t offer the same innovative low-light technology. Consider these binoculars if you are on a budget and need a long-distance viewing option.


  • Highly affordable
  • Great magnification and lens diameter


  • Less effective for low-light viewing than Santiam models

BX-1 McKenzie 10x50mm

[amazon fields=”B078XG8F1C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”][amazon fields=”B078XG8F1C” value=”button”]

Combining the same cost-effective design of the McKenzie 12x50mm binoculars with a more affordable and popular magnification level, the McKenzie 10x50mm binoculars are great for all-purpose viewing. Take these binoculars on your next hunt, birdwatching expedition or wilderness adventure and use the simple, central dial to easily focus on any detail.

Of course, these binoculars aren’t as high-powered and magnifying as the McKenzie 12x50mm option, and they don’t offer the same crystal-clear image of more expensive options, like the Pro Guide 10x42mm or Santiam 10x42mm binoculars. They are still one of the most affordable options and still offer a lightweight design and durable exterior.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Mid-range magnification and budget


  • Lower magnification than the McKenzie 12x50mm binoculars

BX-1 McKenzie 10x42mm

[amazon fields=”B06XCJQHFJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”][amazon fields=”B06XCJQHFJ” value=”button”]

The most affordable McKenzie binoculars on the list also come with a great exit pupil diameter and reasonable low-light viewing. Choose the McKenzie 10x42mm binoculars if you need clear images, low-light viewing and mid-range magnification at a highly affordable budget. Like all Leupold binoculars, you’ll enjoy bright images and high durability with these nitrogen-sealed binoculars.

Of course, you only get what you pay for. The McKenzie 10x42mm binoculars don’t have the same magnification as other McKenzie binoculars and have less low-light vision and a shorter eye relief than any option in the Santiam series.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Good exit pupil diameter


  • Low eye relief
  • Smaller lens diameter than other BX-1 McKenzie binoculars

BX-4 Pro Guide HD 12x50mm

[amazon fields=”B06XCFHLJY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”][amazon fields=”B06XCFHLJY” value=”button”]

The 12x50mm binoculars are part of the mid-range BX-4 Pro Guide series and offer excellent low-light vision. The patented lenses are specifically designed to be used at dusk and dawn, and they dramatically reduce glare. It’s the perfect combination for hunting. With a great exit pupil and eye relief, it’s perfect for use all day long.

Consider the magnification level that fits your activity. If you need more close-range viewing, the 12x magnification may be too large for you. These binoculars offer great image clarity but are bulkier and less comfortable than the premium BX-5 Santiam series binoculars.


  • Low-light lens coating
  • Great magnification


  • Heavier than Santiam 12x42mm binoculars
  • More expensive than BX-1 McKenzie options

BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x42mm

[amazon fields=”B06XCHR5P1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”][amazon fields=”B06XCHR5P1″ value=”button”]

Offering one of the closest focus distances by Leupold, the Pro Guide 10x42mm binoculars can comfortably focus on objects as close as 7.5 feet. Combined with the 10x magnification, these binoculars are the perfect option for well-rounded use. If you need a single, reliable pair of binoculars for many hobbies, this is a great pair to consider.

The calcium-fluoride lenses provide the same clear image as other Pro Guide binoculars, but this option doesn’t have same magnification or lens diameter as the Pro Guide 12x50mm binoculars. This option isn’t ideal for long-range viewing but provides a lightweight and cost-effective option for a variety of hunting trips, long hikes and other outdoor hobbies.


  • Close focus distance
  • Lightweight


  • Mid-range magnification
  • Less low-light visibility than Santiam binoculars

BX-2 Tioga HD 10x50mm

[amazon fields=”B01N7CSKF8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”][amazon fields=”B01N7CSKF8″ value=”button”]

Combining the low-light visibility of the Santiam series with the low buget of BX-1 McKenzie binoculars, the Tioga 10x50mm binoculars are the perfect option for the amateur hunter. Mid-range magnification and a great exit pupil diameter allow this pair of binoculars to provide excellent dusk and dawn viewing. Whether you are hunting deer or watching for elusive birds, you’ll love the low-light visibility and comfortable eye relief.

Of course, these binoculars aren’t as compact as other options, like the Santiam 10x42mm binoculars. If you are on long treks where every ounce of weight counts, you’ll want to invest in a more expensive option by Leupold. Choose the Tioga 10x50mm binoculars if you need an affordable option for low-light viewing.


  • Low-light visibility
  • Great exit pupil diameter


  • Heavy and long compared to other Leupold binoculars
  • Mid-range magnification

BX-1 Yosemite 10x30mm

[amazon fields=”B01N4TQ83W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”][amazon fields=”B01N4TQ83W” value=”button”]

The most affordable Leupold option on the list combines a lightweight frame, highly adjustable eyepieces and a mid-range magnification. The Yosemite binoculars are not only great for customers on a budget, but they are also designed with kids in mind. While the adjustable eyepieces are perfect for any customer, they are able to be adjusted for kids to use these high-quality binoculars.

With this budget, there are obviously a few downsides. First, the short objective lens diameter means these binoculars aren’t suited for low-light situations. They also have a further close focus distance than other 10x magnification binoculars, like the Tioga 10x50mm or Santiam 10x42mm binoculars. Choose these binoculars if you need all the build quality of Leupold with a low budget.


  • Highly affordable
  • Low interpupillary distance


  • Not suited for low-light situations
  • Long close focus distance

The Verdict

Since there is no single, perfect outdoor experience, there isn’t a perfect pair of binoculars. Consider the object you are viewing, including distance and level of light, in order to determine the best Leupold binoculars for you. Whether you want the affordable BX-1 Yosemite 10x30mm binoculars or the high-end BX-5 Santiam HD 15x56mm binoculars, there is an option available for you. Whether hiking, hunting, birdwatching or just experiencing nature, you’ll be prepared for a lifetime of viewing with Leupold binoculars.

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