Bipods: The Quick and Easy Way to Better Shooting

Whoa there, cowboy. Shooting that rifle without a bipod? You’re making a huge blunder, my friend. Steadiness brings precision, they always say. So ditch the wobbles and shakeups. Tack a bipod onto that gun and watch your aim go straight as an arrow to the bullseye.

But it ain’t just about accuracy. Hauling that 6-pound beast in your hands for hours? Yeesh, your arms will be sorer than a bear with aching paws come winter. Give those joints a break and let the bipod take the weight load. Your rifle will feel lighter than air.

Scoring a Bipod on a Budget

Alright, let’s chat brass tacks. The cash in your wallet determines the options on the table.

The big leagues of bipod-making boast names like Harris, Atlas, Ckye-Pod, LRA. You get the idea.

Harris is the hotshot on most hunters’ and sharpshooters’ rifles. Even the men and women in uniform swear by them. A Harris bipod means business.

Now they’ll cost you a pretty penny more than the cheaper ones. But you get what you pay for. We’re talking long-lasting dependability here.

Doesn’t mean you can’t find great bipods without breaking the bank, compadre. Plenty of newbie-friendly options if your wallet’s light as a feather.

Take this NcSTAR bipod for just $40. A basic Harris? Starts at $75 minimum.

CVLIFE’s a nice budget-saver too. Their 6-9 inch bipod is only $24. Earned some decent praise and ratings over the years.

Most of the cheapos come from China. For American-made, you’ll have to fork over the extra greenbacks.

But Chinese ain’t all bad, no siree. These companies have street cred. The brands we mentioned earlier have a solid rep. Only thing is, the wallet-friendly bipods probably won’t last as long as the pricier models.

The Many Flavors of Shooting Bipods

Old Faithful

When folks think “rifle bipod”, this is the imagery that comes to mind. Tried and true classic.

The OG bipod’s got two legs to keep your rifle steady as stone. Folds up nice and neat when not in use for easy carrying.

Modern ones sport rubber feet for extra grip on the terrain. Adjust the height and get cozy in your preferred shooting position.

Rifle Grip Pods

Popular with military and cops, grip pods pack a one-two punch. Sturdy handle for maneuvering, plus a mini bipod folds out from the base when it’s go time. Killer combo allows quick shifts between moving and locked-in shooting. We love the Grip Pod System 02 for AR-15s.

Home defense setups dig grip pods too for their smooth transitions. Stationary to mobile in two seconds flat.

Shooting Monopods

Monopods, aka single-leg tripods, don’t get much love. And for good reason. They can’t match the stability of two sturdy legs or a grip. No attachments to your gun? Shooting sticks might be your new BFF.

Rifle monopods are like walking canes, except they can support your gun.

And we mean that literally. It’s a walking stick when not in use. Monopods don’t attach permanently to your firearm like foldable bipods. Gotta carry it separately. Spot your target, prop your gun on the monopod, and fire away.

Speed and maneuverability are pluses for the monopod, definitely quicker on the draw than a bipod. But that fancy footwork comes at the cost of a steady platform for precise aim.

There are a Few Different Types of Bipod Mounts

The connection between bipod and rifle is crucial. A loose, shaky mount will undermine the support and stability you want from a bipod. There are two main mounting systems to consider:

Picatinny Rail Mount

Picatinny or Weaver rails are standard on modern tactical rifles. They allow solid, positive attachment of accessories like sights, grips, and bipods.


  • Rock solid fit with no wiggle or play
  • Adjustable positioning – slide bipod forward or back
  • Quick and easy on/off

The rail interface distributes weight and force evenly. This prevents stress points that could damage the mount. Picatinny mount bipods are ideal for hard use on AR platforms.

Sling Stud Mount

Older rifles and many hunting arms rely on sling studs for attaching a carry strap. Bipod makers have devised a simple system to connect to these single stud points.


  • Retrofits to classic rifles without rails
  • Lightweight and low profile


  • Prone to loosening under recoil
  • Limits bipod positioning

While inexpensive and universal, the sling stud mount is a weaker link. Check tightness regularly to avoid a wobbly bipod.

Weighing Your Options

Bipod and mount work together as a system. Assess your rifle, application and needs. Rail mounts are superior for modern tactical guns where utmost stability is paramount. For traditional firearms, sling studs get the job done on a budget. Invest in the right mount for your bipod to maximize accuracy potential.

Gun accuracy is limited. Accessories may improve shooting. Firearm systems are most imprecise due to human behavior. 

Bipods reduce human-work variables and improve precision. A bipod stabilizes the handgun by adding two legs and feet beneath the barrel. It improves long-range accuracy, especially for large arms. A rest or bipod may help fire huge rifles like M82A1. To clarify bipods, we’ll review current options. Our goal is to offer affordable and used weapons.

Magpul Bipod

Magpul’s debut of their bipod got everyone’s attention. Magpul fuses its expertise in polymer technology with a cost-efficient bipod to create the Magpul bipod. The Magpul bipod is a suitable match for lighter firearms such as a normal bolt action hunting rifle or a AR 15-style rifle. For PRS competitors, this bipod will likely provide a dependable and solid experience, yet for most shooters. It is more than satisfactory.

The Magpul bipod is constructed to remain unobtrusive during shooting without support. A setup that is quite straightforward enables you to quickly stretch out the legs to seven distinct half-inch notch points with one hand. This assembly and construction make it simple to bring the bipod with you when hunting, using it at the range, or for tactical applications.

The Magpul bipod offers a range of 50 degrees for a tilting motion and 40 degrees for a rotating motion. A locking knob that is friendly to gloves makes it easy to firmly secure items in place for the most steadiness possible. Magpul’s bipod is a great option if you are looking for a reliable bipod operating on a restricted budget.

Atlas Bipods BT10


tlas bipods offer extraordinary accuracy and reliability to the most demanding precision marksmen. Atlas 5-H bipods offer shooters among the finest precision rifle choices globally. It’s a favorite of pro shooters. This substantial, muscular animal is almost 26 ounces in weight and is the largest bipod model from Atlas.

If you plan to use a rifle and shoot a target further away than 1000 yards, it is necessary to use a bipod designed for these kinds of shots. If you carry a very heavy rifle, this is the bipod you should have. The  BT10 bipod is the finest available choice in canting and lets you ensure correct, precise canting on your rifle while also being able to immovably secure it. It is possible to accomplish 30 degrees of movement in both directions to facilitate smooth tracking and stability.

The elevation is a fascinating progression, allowing you to go as low as 6.62 inches or as high as 10.5 inches. It is optimal when either lying down or sitting on a bench. To stop the legs from moving, you can position them at angles of 45, 90, and 135 degrees.

Caldwell Accumax Premium

This bipod is an excellent selection if you need to be economical while obtaining a quality product. It is the least expensive bipod in the market. Subsequently, I suggest using it entirely for hunting. The Caldwell Accumax Premium is optimized for hunting instead of being applicable for accurate rifles and more durable tactical uses. This dimension of 13 up to 30 inches properly defines this item. 

The extended feet of the tool are primarily suitable for aiding the gun carrier to take a squatting or sitting position. The Accumax Premium provides a secure and solid footing in zones abundant with shrubbery and tall vegetation. The building of the armament from carbon fiber delivers it with slightness, which weighs only 11 ounces. 

 The Caldwell Accumax Premium has the aptitude to revolve 360 degrees and slant up to 10 degrees. The bipod legs just lockout at 90 degrees. This bipod is simple, but its price is reasonable considering its size.