The 4 Best Gun Cleaning Kits For Your Rifle – Reviews and Guide

Owning a gun is exciting and rather addicting. Many gun enthusiasts are known not to be able to stop at just one! One of the most common guns for people to own is the rifle. The rifle is classic and fantastic for both hunting and shooting on the range alike. However, if you own one of these amazing guns you’ll definitely need to be taking care of it. This is why we have come up with the four best gun cleaning kits for your rifle.

What should my gun cleaning kit have inside of it?

Gun Cleaning Kit

Obviously, this is going to be very specific depending on your personal collection of rifles and handguns. If you have unusual guns, then you may need more specific elements as compared to what we’re going to list here. But, in general, a basic universal gun cleaning kit should contain the following:

Nylon Brushes

These are used to clean sensitive parts of the gun where using a more abrasive copper brush is not a good idea. They are flexible and can reach even the most delicate nooks and crannies.

Copper Brushes

You will use these to clean the majority of your gun; most gun kits will have several sizes of copper brushes meant to accommodate different guns. These are the brushes you’ll use on the first pass through of your gun’s barrel to remove the carbon.

Cleaning Swab

This is sometimes called a “gun mop,” and it’s used after you have done the initial cleaning with bristles. A cleaning swab is excellent for removing extra oil.

Cleaning Jag

A cleaning jag can be used in a 360-degree manner to remove the solvent. They are usually plated with nickel or brass to prevent scratching the gun barrel.

Slotted Patch Holder

Some kits come with a patch holder rather than a jag. They perform the same thing but are used to hold patches.

Cleaning Patches

henry 22 rifle one of the most classic and iconic rifles on the market today

You’ll use these with a cleaning solvent to clean out the inside of your gun. They can be used with a patch holder or a jag.

Cotton Swabs

These are similar to commercial swabs, only they have wooden dowels and are longer. These are great for detailing your firearm.

Double-Ended Brushes

These brushes look like toothbrushes and are used to clean up the exterior of your gun.

Cleaning Rods

This rod is what you use to attach all of the above cleaning heads to. This is what you actually use to clean your gun.

Cleaning Solvent

This is what you dip your cleaning patches into to clean and protect your firearms. There are many different solvents on the market.

Bore Snake

This is what you use when you’re on the range to give your gun a quick clean-out after each shot. Many people believe that all you need to clean a gun is a bore snake. This is absolutely not true, but a bore snake is an essential component to any cleaning kit.


Will my cleaning kit contain all of these?

Otis Technology .223cal/5.56mm Cleaning System

Generally speaking, no. Kits are a way to get you started, but many of them will omit some of these components. Most kits will come with a variety of brushes, but whether they come with solvent or bore snakes or cotton swabs is hit or miss. Some do, and others do not.

How We Reviewed

We wanted to select gun cleaning kits that would work with a wide variety of rifles. There are many guns out there on the market, and if you have a rare model, these kits might not work for you. But for those who have common firearms or are just starting out, these kits are a great way to ensure that you care for your rifle properly. Many of the kits can also be used with handguns, as well. We wanted to provide a list of kits that were a great value and would get the job done. All of these kits are highly reviewed by firearm enthusiasts.

Price Range of the Product

Gun cleaning kits come in a wide range of prices depending on the maker of the kit and what the kit specifically includes. The gun cleaning kits in this article range from $20 on the low end to $150. Some of these are universal gun cleaning kits, and some are rifle-specific.

The Best 4 Gun Cleaning Kits of 2018

Otis Technology .223cal/5.56mm Cleaning System
  • Cleans .223cal/5.56mm rifles
  • 100% cotton 2” patches and small slotted tip
  • .223cal/5.56mm bronze bore brush and Mongoose G2 combo swab/brush with size marked on brush stem (2 each included)

The Otis Technology Cleaning System is available on Amazon. You can also buy it directly from Otis.

The Otis Technology Cleaning System is specifically for rifles and is sure to make any AR enthusiast happy. This case features a fantastically compact design that is easy to take anywhere you take your rifle.

Key Features

The Otis Technology Cleaning System scores big on its compact nature. It’s much smaller than many other gun cleaning kits on the market. Plus, it has a proprietary tool that allows for easy cleaning of the bolt carrier assembly. This kit makes it easy to ensure that your rifle stays in top condition with little effort.


The Otis Technology Cleaning System, depending on what version of the kit you get can be bought in amazon.


  • The small nature of the Otis Technology Cleaning System scores big on portability. The bolt carrier assembly cleaner is universally loved by basically anybody who owns the kit (and the kit has been purchased specifically for this tool before).


  • Some people may find the Otis Technology Cleaning System a bit too compact and hard to locate what you need it. Plus, you are going to have to purchase some things separately, like cleaning solvent, bore snakes, and patches.

DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Soft Sided Gun Care Case (68-Piece)
  • Custom fitted Winchester EVA soft sided case
  • Removable handoliers and accessory pouches
  • Machined aluminum handle

You can purchase the DAC Winchester Super Deluxe from Amazon, and it does have free shipping. You can also purchase it from Winchester directly.

This is a wonderful 68-piece set that is sure to be at home with everyone, from the most amateur firearm hobbyist to the most advanced. It’s got a handy nylon carrying case and offers an amazing amount of flexibility. The DAC Winchester Super Deluxe can be used with a variety of firearms, from handguns to rifles.

Key Features

The DAC Winchester Super Deluxe is a very affordable kit, considering that it’s made in the USA and gets five-star reviews constantly. If you’ve got a motley collection of common firearms and don’t want a specific cleaning kit for each of them, the DAC Winchester Super Deluxe is probably the best choice out there on the market.


The DAC Winchester Super Deluxe can be bought in amazon.


  • Made in the USA, and with a hardy, attractive, nylon carrying case, the DAC Winchester Super Deluxe can go with you wherever you want to be. The 68 pieces inside will make sure that the majority of your guns will be well taken care of. The amount of utility you get for the price out of the DAC Winchester Super Deluxe is very impressive.


  • None

Otis Technology The Otis Elite
  • Cleans all rifles/pistols/shotguns/inline muzzleloaders with 100% cotton 2” & 3” patches, 3 slotted tips & 2 patch...
  • 16 firearm specific bronze bore brushes with size marked on brush stem (.17, .22 limited breech, .22/.223, .243-.260,...
  • 8”, 12” and 36” aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables and thread connector for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning

You can get the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit from Amazon with free shipping. You can also purchase it from Otis direct.

If what you’re after is the most comprehensive universal cleaning kit on the market, then you’ve found it in the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit. This one is specifically made for advanced firearm owners who have a whole fleet of guns to maintain.

Key Features

The Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit comes with an incredible amount of brushes, and it’s almost entirely complete on its own. Assuming that you own any sort of common firearm, the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit will be able to keep it clean and functioning for you. It even comes with a lens cleaning kit to ensure that your scopes stay pristine.


The Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit can be bought in amazon.


  • The Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit is an incredibly comprehensive kit. It gets rave reviews for its flexibility and how all-in-one it is. It’s got an amazing .22 caliber-specific bronze brushes, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


  • The biggest complaint that the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit tends to get is the actual carrying case. Many users think that it could be a bit more rugged. The case is pretty compact, but this means that everything has to be exactly back in its place before the case will close.

Ohuhu Gun Cleaning Kits Brushes and Jags for Hand Gun, Rifle & Shot...
  • ALL-IN-ONE: You can find 28 pieces of cleaning accessories that you need for all types of shotguns, rifles and pistol in...
  • 6 RODS: 3 pieces of stainless steel shotgun rods and 3 pieces of stainless steel rifle rods
  • 10 DIFFERENT SIZED BRUSHES: 10 pieces of Brass cleaning brush for different size – (10/12, 20/28, 410, 45, 40, 357/38,...

The Ohuhu 29 Piece Kit is available on Amazon and has free shipping. It also can be bought directly from Ohuhu.

This one is a perfect gun-cleaning kit for the beginner who’s not looking to drop a lot of money on a cleaning kit that might contain more kit than he or she needs. The Ohuhu 29 Piece Kit is incredible value for the money and will help beginning enthusiasts take proper care of their arms without costing them a leg in the process.

Key Features

The Ohuhu 29 Piece Kit comes with a nice-looking aluminum exterior that is sleek and will definitely give the owner style-points. The 28 pieces inside of the Ohuhu 29 Piece Kit will ensure that most common rifles, shotguns, and handguns are taken care of. Again, this isn’t a kit that is designed to last the ages, but it’s definitely a great starting point.


The Ohuhu 29 Piece Kit can be bought in amazon.


  • Probably the most salient pro to the Ohuhu 29 Piece Kit is its price. This is a kit that does the job. If you don’t have a huge collection of firearms or don’t go shooting frequently, this is a fantastic budget option that will clean your gear and not cost you a paycheck.


  • Of course, because it’s so inexpensive the quality of the components aren’t the highest. Many people don’t like that the carrying case won’t lay flat; the back of it stays up at 90 degrees. You will also need to purchase cleaning salve, patches and bore snakes separately.

Our Verdict on the Best Gun Cleaning Kit in 2019

CZ 452 American

It is difficult to decide which is the best gun cleaning kit of 2018 because all of these choices are worthy, but we have to give the prize to the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit. The amount of versatility you will get out of this kit is absolutely incredible, and even though it’s over 100 dollars, it’s a great bargain, as well. Plus, all of the components are made in the USA, and Otis itself is known for excellent customer service. If you are an advanced gun enthusiast, you really can’t get better than the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit for its versatility and value.


However, if the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit is a bit too much kit for you, then we’d pick the Otis Technology Cleaning System. If you love rifles, you will love the specific bolt carrier assembly cleaner. Plus, we really like how compact it is. You can easily wear it on your belt and forget about it until you need it. The Otis Technology Cleaning System is a great buy for somebody who loves rifles and wants to make sure to take the best care of them.


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