Cutco Hunting Knife Review: A Cutting-Edge or a Dull Buy?

A Cutco hunting knife stuck into a log

What’s in a knife? For such a simple product with a straightforward purpose, there’s no denying people are very choosy when it comes to which option they use. And there’s a good reason for this – the right knife offers a combination of everything a person wants.

It has style and sleek looks. It delivers a clean, reliable cut every time it is used. And, arguably most importantly of all, it holds up well over time. Because knives are purchased (or skipped over) based on these characteristics, it’s no surprise that many manufacturers have risen to try and crack the code of what makes the perfect blade.

Among these names is Cutco – a company that is aptly named for their ability to create a killer blade.

Whether you’re an outdoorsy type who wants a blade for whatever the wilderness could throw at you, or you prefer to keep a good knife on hand at home just in case the need for self-defense ever comes up, you obviously want the best brand money can buy.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Cutco hunting knife – what does it offer? Does it appeal to more than just hunters? And how does it stack up against the competition?


What Is The Cutco Hunting Knife? Examining The Company Behind It

Before we buy a product, we usually like to research it – but before that, it is a good idea to look into the company itself. After all, the name behind the product provides some insight into what to expect in terms of longevity and design expertise.

Cutco Corporation was formerly known as Alcas Corporation. They function as a direct sales group that focuses primarily on knife sales. They aren’t only in the business of making hunting knives – that’s just one area where they excel.

Their ability to offer a diverse inventory shows how they work to master the fine art of the knife. For those who don’t know a lot about knives, they may assume that every blade is created equally. They may think that a knife good enough to be in your holster on a hunting trip is suitable for cutting your steak in the kitchen, and vice versa – but seasoned knife owners and experts would likely recoil at such a statement and for a good reason.

Cutco opened their doors in 1949, and while they had their old name back then they still had a dedicated approach to perfection in their industry. This remained throughout the 50s, 60s, and early 70s, continuing on as the company’s structure changed.

Alcoa purchased co-founder Case Cutlery’s shares of the company, thus making them the primary owner and setting the stage for the company’s continued growth and evolution.

It wasn’t until 2009 that they changed their name, but their approach has been consistent throughout the years. Some of their products are so unique and their designs so carefully crafted they are patented – and the company uses a vector marketing approach that sees them market their product lines through multiple methods.

But enough about the company themselves – we want to know about their hunting knife selections. Let’s take a closer look at the Cutco hunting knife, and what it can offer to buyers.

Characteristics Of The Cutco Hunting Knife: What Makes It Unique?

The Cutco hunting knife – one look at it will cause lovers of knives to crack a smile automatically.

Why? Because it has that sleek look that combines a classic, low-key design style without the superficial frills. But don’t let that make you believe it isn’t a great piece to look at.

The blade has great looks because of its beautiful blade material, skillfully crafted handle, balanced dimensions, and even the stylish leather sheath it comes with. Let’s take a look at each category and break down each one:

  • Blade Material: The 5-3/8” blade is made from a gorgeous 440A high-carbon stainless steel. It glimmers in the sun during a hike at dawn or the glow of a spotlight during a late-night hunting expedition. The sharp clip-style blade is available in both straight edge and double-d edge. There’s also the engraved Cutco logo, letting fans of the brand brandish their chosen knife provider’s symbol proudly.
  • Handle Material: The ergonomically crafted 5” handle is built from the highly engineered thermo-resin material. The result is a comfortable grip that feels like it was made perfectly for the human hand – because it was. And there’s even some room for stylistic preference here – it comes in both classic brown and white, so you can pick whatever looks best in your opinion. Every hunter’s style is different, and the choice in terms of the handle gives you some options.
  • Leather Sheath:  What’s a great, name-brand knife without a specialized case to go with it? You get a brown leather sheath with the Cutco hunting knife, complete with gold hardware and buckle for a secure latch that looks as good as it holds. Clipped on your belt or tucked in your bag, your knife will be nice and secure without sacrificing any style or security.

There’s also a couple of other options for the Cutco hunting knife – at least when it comes to gifting it. A foldable gift box comes with it, and you can even engrave it.

Whether you’re buying it for a parent, a spouse, or a close friend, you can have their name, a special date, or an endearing message built right into the hardware. It makes the knife that much more special and can allow it to function like a family heirloom just as it could function as a reliable hunting blade.

Hunting knives are expected to offer a degree of quality people can rely on. Whether you’re trying to cut into animal hide or slash through a thick bunch of vines, you need a knife that can handle the job. This one can do that, and it can do it while looking great.

But there’s something else hunters want when it comes to a knife – affordability. What is the budget for the Cutco hunting knife like?

What Is The Budget Of The Cutco Hunting Knife?

Cutco isn’t a brand hunters go for when they want to grab some cheap junk or shop on a tight budget. They’re built with high standards in mind for the hunter that puts a lot of effort into their hobby and wants a piece of equipment that can hold up to their high standards.

For the sake of comparison, let’s examine some other knives from Cutco’s line. Technically, these could be called hunting knives too. While they don’t brandish that official title, they’re close enough that comparing their budgets can help us see where Cutco’s primary hunting offering stands in terms of value and affordability.

This knife is made from 100-percent synthetic material and is made in the USA. It features a seven-inch 1095 carbon steel blade and a non-split Kraton G handle.

As we can see, there are plenty of choices out there if you’re in the market for a great hunting knife from Cutco. While some of them are around the same budget as the one we reviewed, there are cheaper options out there.

As for how the budget fares in comparison to the features, that deals with whether the knife is considered to be a value-based product. According to customer feedback, is it?

Public Perception Of Cutco’s Hunting Knife

Going back to the main knife of this review, let’s examine the feedback it has received. On the official site page where shoppers can buy it with a few clicks, it has a 4.8 rating out of 5, with over 127 total reviews.

At the time of this review, it has 119 of its reviews in the 5-star category. There are far fewer reviews on [amazon link=”B00GRR72FG” title=”the knife’s Amazon page” /]. With only two reviews, it is a tough metric to go off of here. But it is worth noting that both of them were a perfect 5-star rating.

We know how the knife stands in terms of perception – Cutco’s brand has risen to its current heights largely because of quality. But the same could be said for many knife brands. How does this option compare to the competition?

Comparing Cutco’s Hunting Knife To The Competition

Looking at other knives used for hunting, it is easy to see that certain features are a mainstay among top hunting knives in general – while Cutco favors certain design choices, so do many other brands.

As we can see, many knives built for hunting have similar features – blades that are designed for ultra-strong performance and unmatched durability. For high-quality knives from big-name manufacturers, the budget is usually similar. This means while Cutco’s blade could be considered a bit extravagant and expensive by some, this quality isn’t unique to them.

It also means Cutco isn’t the only game in town – if you have no problem spending big money on a knife, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Characteristics Of The Cutco Hunting Knife: What Makes It Unique?

The Cutco Hunting Knife is a unique knife that is designed for hunters. It is made with a high-quality stainless steel blade that is serrated on one side and has a gut hook on the other side. The handle is made of durable plastic and has a finger guard to protect your fingers from the blade. The sheath is made of nylon and has a belt loop so you can carry it on your belt. The knife also has a lanyard hole so you can attach it to your backpack or clothing. The Cutco Hunting Knife is a great choice for hunters who want a reliable and durable knife.

The other thing that makes it unique is The Forever Guarantee:

All Cutco® Products are backed by The Forever Guarantee. This is Cutco’s unwavering promise and it is at the heart of everything we do. Performance is guaranteed and this includes free sharpening.* If at any time you are not satisfied with the performance of your product, we will correct the problem or replace the product. Whether you made the initial purchase or you received Cutco as a gift, it is Cutco’s guarantee that your products will perform like new forever.

What is the Cutco Hunting Knife? A look at the company that makes it.

The name Cutco used to be the name of a company that was owned by Alcoa. The company’s name was Cooking Utensil Company.

Wear-Ever Aluminum’s creation of Cutco eventually led to the company adding its signature wedge-lock handle and Double-D® recessed edge on some of its knives. Although two things have never changed, such as its commitment to fine craftsmanship and The Forever Guarantee, the company has evolved over time.

The company as it exists today was formed in 1982 following a management buyout that took the company private. It was a leap of faith for the management team that bought the company, but it was that moment that secured Cutco’s future for generations to come.

Final Thoughts And Special Deal Opportunities

What’s the final verdict on the Cutco hunting knife? It has everything a hunter could want – great looks, extreme durability, and even a cool case.

It’s a blade that can stand up against any competitor in the same category and budget. There’s even a lot of appeal for people who aren’t hunters. Collectors, or even those who like knives for self-defense purposes, could warm right up to this model from Cutco.

There’s also the possibility you could find a big discount on this knife. Some outdoors and hunting outlets can get special deals at times, especially around hunting season or the holidays, to help buyers save money. If you can get a nice chunk off the budget of this model, it is almost an unbeatable deal.

On its own, the Cutco hunting knife is a great choice. Anyone who wants to go hunting needs equipment they can rely on. While the guns and gear we use matter, there’s no denying having a good knife is important as well.

If you want something that looks as good as it cuts and is from one of the top names in the industry, you can’t go wrong with this model from Cutco.

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