How To Carry A Bow In Proper Way?

A hunting trip with the bow has never been out of date. It is one of the fascinating amusement for every people in the whole country. If you often go hunting with the arrows instead of the bullets, you will want to know the best way to carry a bow to prepare for an enjoyable trip.


Grasp the bow with set arrow

This is necessary when you are keeping track of the prey when you are actually close them. You should always be ready as you can catch the animals, they can appear anytime. Especially when you are not ready, do not miss any chance to get your reward as you are not prepared.

You do not need in this position all the time, just when you follow and tend to hunt down something. In other words, it is the gesture for you to shot as quickly and react rapidly when you see a target. However, it will require you to use a lot of muscle, extend the muscle too much will make you feel hurt, specifically in the shoulder, back and the arm.

You should grasp the bow in one hand, lower your hand as well as the bow will let you move faster. If you run in the area that is dense of the branch, lower the bow will let you travel smoother. You can hold the bow in one hand and leave the other free, one hand free is enough for you to move in the woods.

Besides, do not forget to let your body relax, it is unnecessary for you in shooting position. It will make you exhausted before you can catch the sight of animals. In fact, the way you carry the bow can immensely affect the result of the hunting trip.

Hunting with a Bow

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Use a case for carrying a bow

Nevertheless, holding the weapon on the all the time might not be a wise option if you have to go up to the mountainous area. When climbing on the rocks, you need both of hand. It must be free; then you can hold on and climb on the slippery rock.

This is the proper time for you to find a suitable case for you. For most of the case, you can bring it with you, some of them can even be put on your back. It is good if you want to have the mobility when traveling from place to place.

You can choose between two type of the case, the soft or the hard one. Both of the cases can keep your bow and some arrow it there. It will be ideal for anyone who wants to keep their bow safe. That make sure there will not physical damage will come to your weapon.

The soft case is made from the sturdy fabric, which ensures the durability. It will not be easy to be torn out by the mental edge of the bow or the other accessories. Between the thick fabric layer, there is foam; it will absorb the physical impact and protect your weapon.

The hard case is another choice for you; it is the entirely protective solution for you. What the cover is made from the high-density plastics is perfect for anti-knock. You will not have to care about your weapon if you leave it in the trunk of the car or when you are moving in the forest.

Of course, inside the case, there is the foam. Therefore, the bow will have no damage when you take it from place to place. If you want to make you look more professional, a hard case will help you with that. The shiny plastic cover will surely change your appearance and make you better.

Though both of the cases is to protect for your bow, each one has its advantages and the limitations. You will feel more secured when you own a hard case and keep bowhunting tools in there. While the soft case is more mobile when you are in the dense of branch trees.

You should think about this before you go on a hunt. If you often find prey in a meadow, a valley, or in anywhere like that, you will want to have a hard case. Otherwise, you move continuously in the woods; you will want to keep your bow in the soft case.

bow stabilizer

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Carry the bow on your back with the sling

The case for sure will be very convenient when you have a compound bow or any type of modern one. But, what should you do when you have a traditional bow. Leave your hands free will make you feel comfortable and let your body comfortable.

The traditional one is often made of wood, so it will not fit for the case that on the market. If you still think about this, the sling is your answer to bring the bow to you by the sling. The advantage of this thing is you quickly take it from the back of your hand anytime. That is the great advantage when comparing to the cases.

The sling should be appropriate to the length of the bow. Though there is the list will help you to choose the strap ratio with the bow, the curve of the bow is another factor in deciding how long the strap is. Some hook and loop or clips will allow you to unpack the bow faster, which should be in the middle of the strap.

compound bow release

However, when you do not have the case, the bow is totally “naked.” The physical impacts can damage it; you should bear this in mind. If you not sure you can be careful enough to keep your weapon, the sling will not be the best option.

You should specifically pay the care for the string; it might be cut when you are moving. If you use a traditional long bow and have no other choice, you ought to think about bringing at least an extra string with you. In the case that the string is cut, then the additional one will save your vacation.


So, now you know that depend on the situation, the type of bow and the time for you to hold a bow. Although this post can not convey all the things and information, it gives you the general view about carrying a bow. Hope you can consider and find the best way to take your bow with you on the hunting trip.

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With a dedicated respect to the environment, I understand the importance of being an informed hunter who learns as he goes. I truly recognize the value in how things were done before and how things are done today. Born and raised in upstate New York, I grew up exposed to skilled hunters who taught me the importance of what responsible hunting can provide both to myself, my family, and to the environment. I continue today to work towards refining my craft and finding new ways to practice the time honored traditions that were passed down to me from those who came before.

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