The Best Tactical Pens for Your Personal Purpose

The tactical pen is one of the best inventions for people from different kinds of professions. If you’re a hunter, a soldier, a policeman, or a special force unit; you always have to have something to defend yourself with. Unfortunately, you cannot carry a full-sized weapon, like a best tactical knife, with you at all times. So, what is the solution? A tactical pen, of course! In this buying guide, we’re going to give you the 6 best tactical pens in the market today.

But first, let’s take a look at what you have to consider before buying a tactical pen of your own.


Quick Comparison Of Some Good Choices

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Factors to Consider:

1. Writing Quality

Of course, a tactical pen’s main purpose is to serve as a writing instrument. Selecting a tactical pen that has a good ink and ballpoint will ensure that you can write beautifully and easily.

Remember that your tactical pen is only a secondary defense weapon, so making sure that your product can give you good lines for a long time is the wisest choice, and perhaps the most favorable investment. If you’re an office worker, you’re surely going to need a tactical pen that can serve its purpose for a long period of time.

Selecting a tactical pen based on its writing quality is subjective. Depending from person to person, the preference may vary, because each pen has a unique ink, flow, and ballpoint tip. So, make sure that you select a tactical pen that suits your preference well.

2. Weight and Ergonomics

If you’re going to select a tactical pen, choose one that is lightweight. However, make sure that this lightweight feature does not affect its other abilities.

But why lightweight? Well, you’re not going to enjoy a pen that weighs down your pocket, would you? A lightweight tactical pen is best to carry around and have in your pocket. More importantly, you’re going to find it easier to write with a lightweight pen in hand.

As for ergonomics, of course, we want a tactical pen that allows us to write quickly and fluidly. Stay away from pens that have chunky or uncomfortable-looking designs, as it can give you hand fatigue when you have to write a lot of things. Instead, select a tactical pen that can reduce hand fatigue, improve your grip, and fits perfectly between your fingers.

3. Special Features

Tactical pens come with dual-features. The first one is for writing, and the other features are what make it a tactical pen, such as glass breaker features, whistle, seat belt cutter, and firestarters.

Among the many different options, select a tactical pen that you can utilize as much as possible. If you’re constantly driving, you may want a glass breaker or seat belt cutter tactical pen that can get you out of a sticky situation in case of emergencies. If you work in the law enforcement field, you may want a pen that you can use as a secondary weapon.

It all boils down to intended purpose, and what you want to get out from the pen. So choose one that has the best features which suit your needs.

Best Tactical Pens

If you want an affordable pen that offers good quality and with a lot of good features, the Sminiker pen can be the one to suit your needs. It’s lightweight, heavy-duty, and can cut glass in case of emergency.

However, if you’re an avid user of the tactical pen, I’m afraid that this particular product won’t last. But if you’re going to store this pen for emergencies, then this product can do the job.

  • Writing Ability
  • Ergonomics
  • Features

There’s no question about this pen’s writing ability. It provides a nice writing tool with high performance for easier and more beautiful writing.


  • Is made of aircraft aluminum; lightweight
  • Has a carbide glass breaker
  • Ergonomic design
  • Has a clip to hooking in pockets and bags
  • Prevents skids
  • Can use standard pen refills


  • Less durable

This pen was made for all kinds of people. It’s practically my go-to tactical pen, with great features such as Rite in Rain ink cartridge, push-button mechanism, glass-breaker tip, and machined steel body. All of these features make it a high quality pen worth taking anywhere you go.

One con to this tactical pen is that it’s retainer clip is loose enough for you to misplace it, if you’re not careful. Moreover, the matte coating can chip away if you’re too careless with it.

  • Writing Ability
  • Ergonomics
  • Features

The ergonomics on this pen is phenomenal! The design is great, and it makes this pen very easy and comfortable to use while writing or carrying. Moreover, the weight on this pen will make it more difficult for you to misplace it.


  • Made of stainless steel; heavier than other pens
  • Retractable feature
  • Features Rite in Rain ink cartridge
  • Features tempered steel on ballpoint
  • Can break glass and serve as weapon


  • Matte black coating can chip
  • Retainer clip can be loose

This tactical pen may look different, but it is one of the best tactical pens for both defense and writing. The features on this pen include a great ergonomic design, anti-slip grip, Parker style ballpoint, a pop-off pen cap with lanyard hole and pocket clip, as well as a sleek matte black finish.

However, the thing that bothers me about this pen is its screw cap feature. This makes it easier to lose the cap of the pen.

  • Writing Ability
  • Ergonomics
  • Features

Parker has always produced good quality ink cartridges, and this tactical pen features a Parker style ball point ink cartridge. This basically means that there’s no complaint about the writing ability of this pen; simply superb.


  • Good design for writing
  • Features a Parker cartridge; nice, flowing lines
  • A bit heavier; good feel
  • Has a landyard hole and pocket clip
  • Made of aircraft aluminum
  • Durable


  • Screw on and off cap
  • Doesn’t do much for breaking glass

This Off-Grid Tactical Pen was made specifically for military and law-enforcement personnel. Why? This pen offers durability and tactical design that allows it to double as a secondary weapon, as well as a writing instrument. However, this pen is great for anyone looking to add a multi-purpose tool to their arsenal.

One of this tactical pen’s downsides is that the cap tends to unscrew when stowed in a pocket or pack. While this is technically just an inconvenience, it is definitely disappointing when the pen is otherwise an excellent tool.

  • Writing Ability
  • Ergonomics
  • Features

The window-breaker tip on this tactical pen can break glass smoothly and efficiently. On the other hand, it can also fend off an attacker if the situation arises.

The Off-Grid Tactical Pen is TSA-approved, so you can keep this pen in your carry-on bag at all times.


  • Military-grade
  • Can break glass effectively
  • Can be used for defense
  • Smooth writing ability
  • Has a clip-on cap
  • Anti-slip grip


  • Weak cap

Looking for a good self-defense tactical pen? The Atomic Bear has the product for you. This tactical pen comes with carrying pouch, thumb grip, glass-breaking mechanism, durable body, and a sturdy retention clip.

However, this pen is a bit lightweight. If you’re going to be smashing glass, you’re going to need more power to make sure it is effective.

  • Writing Ability
  • Ergonomics
  • Features

There’s nothing to say about this pen’s writing ability, except for the fact that it’s great! Moreover, this pen comes with an extra ink cartridge.


  • Comes with a thumb grip to deliver more painful stabs
  • Can break glass effectively
  • Fast to deploy
  • Has a durable body
  • Made of anti-rust aircraft aluminum


  • Too lightweight for some users

This tactical pen is not only affordable, it also performs its dual functions well. The most notable features of this tactical pen is its durability, DNA collector, glass breaker, and good ink cartridge to make defense and writing both an easy experience.

However, the ink itself is not very notable, and if you’re very picky about your ink, you may choose another pen or replace the cartridge with another one.

  • Writing Ability
  • Ergonomics
  • Features

Other than being an effective glass breaker, this pen can also collect your attacker’s DNA with one strike.


  • Made from aircraft aluminum
  • Can break glass easily
  • Can collect your attacker’s DNA
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comfortable to use for writing


  • Subpar ink quality


Our Top Choice

Among the best tactical pens today, there can only be one to be considered as the best. For this particular list, we will deem the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen as the top choice, based on our reviews.

So how did we come up with this choice? Well, the Gerber tactical pen is the most high quality pen on the list. It comes with a good design fashioned from durable machine steel body, Rite in Rain ink cartridge, retractable feature, and an integrated glass-breaker tip made from tempered steel.

Needless to say, this tactical pen can get you out of emergency situations fast and effectively.

Best Value

On the other hand, the best value pen for the list is the Smith & Wesson Military & Police tactical pen. Now, our choice is based on affordability and quality, and the S&W candidate offered the most quality for the best value.

If you’re looking for an everyday pen, then I recommend this tactical pen for you. It’s not only a good writing instrument, it can also serve as a defensive weapon when the situation arises. Moreover, the body of this pen offers a more comfortable grip and lessens hand fatigue.

I hope that I helped you make your choice with this article. If you liked it, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and share this with your friends. 

Thanks for reading!

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