The 5 Best Rubber Hunting Boots For 2022

top 5 best rubber hunting boots

Do you remember last hunting season when you spent the whole day with wet feat? If you know that your boots are beginning to fail you, why wait any longer? Make the wise investment and get yourself a pair of the best rubber hunting boots on the market today!


How To Choose The Best Rubber Hunting BoootsQuick Comparison of Some BEST RUBBER HUNTING BOOTSWhat to Know When Trying to Buy the Best Rubber Boots for HuntingProper FitVentilationInsulation QualityIntended PurposeWhat Makes Rubber Hunting Boots UniqueSpecially Designed MaterialCustomization OptionsA Note of TractionHow do you Hunt?Further ProofCheck out these fantastic rubber hunting boots!#1 – The Original Muck Boots Adult Field Blazer#2 – LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG#3 – Bog’s Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boot#4 – LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Burly Classic Hunting Boot#5 – MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting BootConclusion​Our Top Choice

Quick Comparison of Some BEST RUBBER HUNTING BOOTS

Rubber hunting boot



Our rating

The Original Muck Boots Adult Field Blazer Hunting Boot



LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boot



Bog’s Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boot



LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Burly Classic Hunting Boot



MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot



**There’s more info below, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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What to Know When Trying to Buy the Best Rubber Boots for Hunting

According to Phil Francone, a product manager who specializes in footwear for Cabela’s, there are four main aspects to look at when you are buying a pair of hunting boots. You need to ensure that the boots fit well, have proper ventilation, are adequately insulated, and are best suited to what you are intending to do.

Proper Fit

An ill-fitting pair of boots will undoubtedly be more of a distraction than a help when out hunting. If you are trying a pair of boots on for the first time, do your best do mimic the exact situation you would face were you to be wearing them in the field. What socks will you be wearing? Do you need your boots to fit underneath a pair of pants?


A properly ventilated pair of boots can mean a world of difference when it comes to comfort in the field. If your feat are routinely getting too hot or remain cold no matter what, you may have a developing issue that could negatively impact your success hunting.

Insulation Quality

There are different variables to consider when it comes to selecting the best insulated hunting boots. You should be aware that insulation is measured in grams and that the general range of insulation rating varies from 0-1000+. The higher the grams of insulation, the warmer the boots will be. You may also want to think about the material that is used to insulate boots. Many times as substance called neoprene is the go to material, but some people can develop allergies to it.

Intended Purpose

Before you purchase a pair of boots, ask yourself what you need them for. Are you intending to use these boots in the extreme cold? Will you be doing a lot of hiking in these boots? Understand that the conditions you are going to be working in will play a massive role in the effectiveness of your boots.

best rubber hunting boots

What Makes Rubber Hunting Boots Unique

Rubber hunting boots are far more than just a pair of waterproof boots. Their entire design is unique. From the material they are made of to the potential customization options available, a good pair of rubber hunting boots could be the best piece of equipment any hunter can buy.

Specially Designed Material

All the best rubber hunting boots are constructed using vulcanized rubber. All quality rubber boots are made of vulcanized rubber. In short, vulcanized rubber is a more durable form of material that incorporates sulfur into the curing process. This is what makes quality rubber hunting boots some of the strongest and most resilient footwear on the market.

Customization Options

Consider what you think is most important when you determine which pair of boots will be your best fit. Some of the things you need to think about are:

  • How wide of a tread do you need?
  • How important is ankle/arch support?
  • Will you be climbing/traversing hills a lot in these boots?
  • Do you prefer to have zippers, buckles, laces, or a simple slip on?
  • Are snakebites a concern in your area and should you have boots that protect against these?

This list of considerations is by no means complete, but contains many of the most common specialty options required by most hunters.

A Note of Traction

The last thing anyone needs is to fall when they are attempting to hike across a challenging terrain. When considering the best possible boots, you should also consider how wide of a tread you need and what varying tread patterns can offer you.

If you are someone who will be in and out of the house wearing these boots, know that the wider the tread on the boots, the more of the outside you will be bringing in with you.

Every pattern has its own benefits. The more tread to be found on a boot, the greater the gripping strength will be. The same is also true considering the depth of the tread.

How do you Hunt?

The method you use for hunting should greatly influence the boots you need. Just remember that the more walking you do in relation to hunting, the more your feet will warm up. The same is true for the more sedentary you are. If you sit in a stand for hours at a time without moving, you need a boot that will keep your feet warm throughout.

Further Proof

Consider this Youtube testimonial concerning the distinctions between several brands of the best rubber hunting boots as further evidence of just how versatile the needs and advantages of each maker can be.

Check out these fantastic rubber hunting boots!

#1 – The Original Muck Boots Adult Field Blazer

The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot



  • The Muck Boot Field Blazer hunting boots don’t have a tendency to get too warm and overheat the user’s feet.
  • The tread of these boots is not too heavy and therefore does not collect excessive debris while in the field.
  • These boots are waterproof from top to bottom giving users the ability to wade through wet conditions without fear.
  • Muck Boots designed these boots to have both flexible sides and increased padding on the soles as way to enhance comfort.


  • After prolonged use, the heels on these boots may begin to wear away quickly.
  • The fabric on the sides of these boots may tear easily when walking through brush and will void their waterproof capabilities. It is best to be mindful of this factor when walking through dense brush.

#2 – LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG

LaCrosse Women's Alphaburly Pro 15 Realtree APG Hunting Boot



  • The tread of these boots is ideal for situations involving a lot of climbing and is a quality capable of making them one of the best rubber hunting boots for women.
  • These boots feature an adjustable neoprene gusset that allows for greater versatility when attempting to get them on and off.
  • The durable rubber design allows for easy cleanup of the exterior of these boots.


  • Due to the design of the internal ankle supports of these boots, extended walking can be difficult for some users.
  • The Lacrosse Alphaburly does not come in half sizes making appropriate sizing difficult for some buyers.

#3 – Bog’s Men’s Classic High Winter Snow Boot

Bogs Men's Classic High Winter Snow Boot



  • These boots have a high traction rating perfect for hard or soft level ground. They are ideal for working in muddy or watery areas.
  • Bog’s has designed these boots to be highly durable and protect against environmental damage making them one of the best waterproof hunting boots on the market. They are good at protecting the user from punctures related to metal debris and other naturally occurring obstacles.
  • The Classic High Winter series of boots have the ability to remain intact on a user’s foot and not get pulled off due to suction from deep mud or snow.
  • The aggressive tread pattern on these boots allows for users to confidently walk in challenging terrain without fear of slipping.


  • The thick tread of the Irish Setter Vaprtrek boots can make then challenging to use when on icy or overly slick conditions where traction is difficult to attain
  • Work related to standing for long periods on concrete surfaces may cause user’s to feel great discomfort in their feet over time. These boots are best used in environments with softer ground.

#4 – LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Burly Classic Hunting Boot

LaCrosse Men's 18" Burly Classic Hunting Boot



  • The LaCrosse Men’s Burly boots are some of the highest rated and best hunting boots available today. They have a tighter than average grip on user’s ankles making them the ideal boot to wear in overly muddy conditions. This tight fit allows for users to be able to confidently walk in dangerous conditions without fear of slipping.
  • These boots have incredible arch support allowing users to have comfort as they walk.
  • LaCrosse includes a neoprene sleeve in these boots that gives the user the ability to decide whether the boots are worn over pants or their pants are tucked in.


  • The tread design on these boots can make walking up slick slopes a challenge for some. Users are advised to advance slowly until they know the limitations of the tread’s ability to grip the terrain.
  • If these boots are continuously kept in a wet environment without a chance to dry out, they can become prone to cracks in their exterior.

#5 – MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot

MuckBoots Men's Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot



  • Muckboots created these boots with a unique lining that allows users to keep their feet cool without fear of getting too cold.
  • These boots have the appropriate traction needed when attempting to climb steep terrain. Their tread is sufficient to allow wearer’s to safely travel both up and down slopes in a variety of conditions without fear of loss of traction.
  • The design of these Muckboots makes them one of the best insulated rubber hunting boots as shown by their outer casing of these boots are made from a thick, durable rubber and combined with a 4mm thick neoprene insole. This is the sufficient thickness needed to keep feet and legs safe from snakebites.


  • These boots have a tendency to feel overly tight around the calves of users when pants are tucked in. This can make appropriately sizing these boots a challenge given their otherwise dependable foot dimensions in relation to other footwear.


So which boots are the best rubber boots for hunting?

Our Top Choice

After careful consideration I would have to say the MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boots are my ideal candidate. What makes these boots stand out from the rest is their claim of being snake proof and the fact that it is a claim they fully support through the thick, dependable design of the boots themselves.

Also, the MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boots have the ability to keep a user’s feet cool and avoid overheating during heavy use. Most times when wearing heavy duty boots such as these, I suffer from having my feet get overly hot. The design of these boots helps to avoid this challenge.

MuckBoots Men's Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot


A final point that makes these boots stand out is their versatile tread pattern. I cannot afford to slip when climbing steep slopes or going down sharp declines. Having a pair of boots that helps to avoid uncomfortable falls makes it easier for me to support the claim that these are the strongest boots to be found in this list.

I hope this review can help you. You can read more information about best waterproof hunting boots by click here.

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