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Many pro archers and hunters use bow stabilizers. But what are they for exactly? In essence, a bow stabilizer reduces the vibration and torque when an arrow is shot, and helps to balance the bow in the archer’s hands. If you feel that you need a bow stabilizer, especially for hunting, read this list of the best bow stabilizers that you can buy for your next hunting trip.


Quick Comparison Of Some Good Choices

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Factors to Consider:

1. Vibration and noise dampening component

Probably the most important part of a best bow stabilizer is its vibration and noise dampening constituent, which typically consists of rubber, gel, or sand. The vibration and noise dampening component serves to absorb shock, noise, and vibration.

This vibration-dampening feature of the bow stabilizer allows the user to feel less of the ringing sensation when releasing an arrow into the air. How does that work? Well, simply put, when a bow is drawn, the weight is being pulled backward, taking energy with it. When the arrow is released, a bow stabilizer will receive some of that energy and absorbs the vibration and shock that your hand would feel, otherwise.

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In other words, you’ll feel much comfortable using your bow when you have a stabilizer. Using one can also reduce bow torque (refers to the tendency of a force to rotate an object around its axis), which can get really uncomfortable with repetitive shots.

On the other hand, noise-dampening of the bow stabilizer can reduce the chances of scaring off your prey with the sound of a bow whipping against your arm guard, which is essential when stalking and hunting while on a tree stand.

Nowadays, innovative technologies are put into bow stabilizers so that they can decrease vibration and noise significantly. Further down this article, you’ll see the reviews regarding different products’ ability to lessen these burdening factors.

2. Weight

Weight of the bow stabilizer determines its functionality when it comes to absorbing shock and promoting balance of the bow. It helps promote stability of your grip and aim, which, in turn, allows you to relax your grip more and reduce the struggle of aiming at your target. Essentially, a bow stabilizer can help you keep the aim on the target without too much stress on the bow.

A good bow stabilizer has its weight at the end opposite its attachment to the bow. The weight on this end functions to counterbalance the weight of the bow. With this, the bow is more stabilized and the archer can have a much accurate shot at his target.

Balancing your bow

If you have a bow stabilizer that can aid well in balancing your bow, you can concentrate more on your grip and aim than you do on keeping your sight at the center of your target. However, it all comes down to the weight of your own bow. Keep in mind that a stabilizer will definitely add more weight to your bow, so if you feel that you can’t handle a heavy stabilizer, opt for a lighter one instead.

Furthermore, if you’re using a lighter and more modern bow, you want to match it with a stabilizer that doesn’t add too much weight at the end, or you’ll have your bow tipping downwards instead of straight ahead. Similarly, if you’re using a heavier hunting bow, you want the weight of your stabilizer to be heavy as well, to match the weight of your bow so that it will be equalized.

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The weight of the rest of your pack

One thing you also have to consider is the weight of the rest of your pack. Yes, it is important to keep in mind that while out hunting, you need to make sure that you can handle the load you’re bringing. So, if you have more than one stabilizer, I recommend choosing the one fit for your trip. (Lighter stabilizers for long trips, and heavier ones for short trips). Unless, of course it compromises the use of your bow to the expected prey.

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3. Length

Another important factor that you have to consider is the length of the bow stabilizer. Generally, hunters prefer shorter and stubbier bow stabilizers because they’re much easier and more convenient to use when hunting.

However, the length you need will depend on the activity of the archer. For instance, target archers will need a longer bow stabilizer to provide stability while shooting, while hunters will need a shorter bow stabilizer because they will need to move while shooting; which isn’t a good idea with long bow stabilizers.

Moreover, long stabilizers, in comparison with short ones, will add to the accuracy of the shot and absorb more energy. However, long stabilizers will be inconvenient to have when you’re moving around while hunting, as well as they provide additional weight to the bow.

On the other hand, short stabilizers are convenient to use and are used more to absorb shock and vibration, as well as to suppress noise. They’re recommended for hunters who can get closer to their prey because you’re not going to be getting much accuracy from a short stabilizer.

How to choose The Best Bow stabilizers

When you’re a hunting goods store looking for the perfect bow stabilizer for your bow, it’s best to be as nitpicky and observant as you can be. You have to make sure that what you’re buying is the most suitable one for the type of hunt you’re going to do as well as its suitability to your bow.​

One thing you can start with is holding the stabilizer, checking out its weight and feel. Typically, you can expect the stabilizer to be heavier at one end more than the other. This means that the stabilizer functions for balance to help the user grip his bow better.​

You may also want to check out other stabilizers while you’re at it. Most likely, you are going to see a lot shapes and sizes, all with varying lengths. Most hunters will choose average lengths for their bows, while others opt for the extremes of short and long stabilizers. Again, it all depends on your intention for it. If, say, you’re going for big game hunting on your next trip, a long stabilizer can help improve your aim. You just need to find one that also has an acceptable dampening technology so you can also get close to your prey.​

The general rule is to pick out a stabilizer with appropriate length for your intended use, with ample dampening component, and a weight that you feel comfortable carrying at long lengths of walking. My number one recommendation is to not rush; get the feel of the stabilizer and try it out on your bow if you have to. If you choose the wrong stabilizer, you will find yourself in a great disappointment for your trip. So do yourself a favor and choose carefully.

Best Bow Stabilizers Of 2018

#1 - Trophy ridge static stabilizer

The trophy ridge stabilizer enhances stability in a customizable way and absorbs shock so that the shooter can fire with both precision and accuracy down pat, even in windy conditions.

  • Vibration and noise
  • Weight
  • Length

The length of this product is definitely for hunters. At six inches long, you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way of your walking during hunting. But it does its job nevertheless.


  • Includes 2 customizable weights for balance
  • Includes a braided wrist sling
  • The design allows for air passage, suitable for windy conditions
  • Features a unique Ballistix CoPolymer system
  • Includes soft-touch coating for vibration reduction


  • Inaccurate measurements

#2 - NAP apache bow stabilizer

Now, this is a cool looking bow stabilizer. But does it live up to its looks? It turns out that it does. This product is great for hunters due to its excellent noise and vibration dampening system, making it great for stalking prey with a bow and arrow.

  • Vibration and noise
  • Weight
  • Length

This stabilizer is a bit longer at 8 inches. The length makes it exceptionally fit for great bow balance.


  • Contains proprietary dampening materials to absorb vibration and noise
  • Has a length great for bow control
  • Can allow for stable aim at long distances


  • Difficult to disconnect from the bow

#3 - Bee stinger sport hunter xtreme stabilizer

A bit on the expensive side, but the bee stinger stabilizer will allow superior stabilization and optimum noise and vibration reduction, two factors that are essential when hunting with a hunting bow.

  • Vibration and noise
  • Weight
  • Length

The length, at 12 inches, makes it a nice addition to any bow used for a lot of target shooting, which makes it a recommendation for tree stand hunters.


  • Features an ultra-rigid 100% carbon rod with SIMS internal harmonic dampener
  • Has powder-coated end caps with stainless steel mounting bolts
  • Has adjustable weights​
  • Fast removal and installation


  • Can be a little longer for most bow hunters

#4 - Limbsaver AWS modular stabilizer

If you’re looking for a straightforward bow stabilizer with all the features that you need for bow hunting, then it’s time to take a look into the Limbsaver stabilizer. This product features weight adjustment, durability, and NAVCOM material to do its job well.

  • Vibration and noise
  • Weight
  • Length

With the technology highlighted above, this bow stabilizer makes it the best bow stabilizer for hunting. Its superb dampening materials takes almost 90% of the vibration, hand torque, and shock, leaving you with a comfortable hunting experience


  • Contains proprietary NAVCOM material to reduce vibration, torque, and shock
  • Features a sliding weight for adjusting the balance point
  • Easy installation
  • Can be used in all types of weather


  • Subpar finish quality

#5 - Limbsaver s-coil bow stabilizer

This bow stabilizer is unique in design and very affordable. That’s two advantages down. What also makes it a great bow stabilizer is its easy installation, lightweight feature, and short length.

  • Vibration and noise
  • Weight
  • Length

The bow features an s-coil design that increases the surface area that can absorb shock and vibration, which is an innovative design for hunters who want to keep their stabilizers short.


  • Affordable
  • S-coiled design increases the surface area for shock and noise absorption
  • Features NAVCOM material to reduce recoil and shock
  • Easy installation which is handy in harsh weather
  • Reduces bow torque and noise


  • This bow stabilizer is not recommended for target archers due to its short length

#6 - Cartel Doosung Carbon Pro

This product is most likely one of the best compound bow stabilizer on the market. Along with its advantage in length, this product is also customizable in terms of weight. A great addition to your hunting trip if you want your aim to be down pat.

  • Vibration and noise
  • Weight
  • Length

This product is of just the right weight to provide the user with adequate balance when out hunting. Balance, as always, will result in a much better aim even when the weather is not taking too kindly.


  • Will provide good balance
  • Easily adjustable weight
  • The length will slow down unintended movement


  • It is likely to get caught in something while out hunting because of its length


As for this best bow stabilizers reviews, it is apparent that one product is much more preferable than the others. Now, I only speak for myself and don’t speak for other hunters, but this is just my opinion.

Our Top Choice

The best of this list is the Trophy Ridge Static Bow Stabilizer.​

This product has surpassed expectations too many times for it not to be the best.

It provides excellent balance, vibration and shock cancellation, customization, braided wrist sling, and many other features that make it such a good purchase (affordable, too!)

Best Value

Now, if you’re looking for something that is a great value product, then you’re ought to be looking at Limb Saver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer.

This nifty product is recommended for beginners who don’t want to waste money on other stabilizers until they’re experienced enough.

And what more, this product, although cheap, possesses the qualities of a good bow stabilizer:​Easy to install, dampens vibration and noise with NAVCOM, has an innovative design, and costs way less than other stabilizers—this product is definitely worth your money.​

And that concludes our review for best bow stabilizers of the year. Surely, there is something that caught your eye?

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