The Best 5 Early Season Squirrel Tips

Are you itching to hunt bushy tails for this season? If you are up to early season squirrel hunting, then you came to the right place. An advantage to early season hunting is that of course, you will be able to catch them off guard since not too many hunters have spooked the lot. However, shooting a squirrel will require more than just luck—here are 5 early season squirrel tips that can help you get your first kill stat.


5 Early Season Squirrel Tips

Squirrels are cute, cuddly animals that are skittish, quick, and quite sensitive to sight and sound. They are pretty hard to hunt if you have no clue what you are doing. But as most things in life are, squirrel hunting is always difficult at the beginning. If you get the hang of a proper technique, then early season squirrel hunting will be a breeze for you.

Here are five tips that can immensely help your hunting cause along the way:

1. Use a squirrel call

The Best 5 Early Season Squirrel Tips

Using a squirrel call may prove to be effective. - Photo credit: http://www.atticpestauthority.com

There are different types of squirrel calls available in hunting goods stores. Using a squeaker call may work if you do it right and if you strategize the time of day where you’re going to use it. A squeaker can allow you to find other squirrels, because if you use the call, other squirrels in the area may respond with a bark.

The bark of other squirrels may alert you to their presence, and thus further help you in finding them. However, the call may not always work. In this case, walk a few paces and try again until you hear those resonating barks.

There are more types of squirrel calls other than the squeaker call. If you want, you can check them out a hunting goods store and decide which call would be most appropriate for you. If you can, try to experiment with different kinds of calls and see which one works best for a particular area.

2. Learn how to wait

The Best 5 Early Season Squirrel Tips

Squirrel hunting takes a lot of patience - Photo credit: https://img.huffingtonpost.com

It’s no secret that squirrel hunting is a waiting game. Since squirrels can be wary of hunters’ movement and sounds, just like other game, you need to learn how to be silent on your feet. In early season squirrel hunting, a good tip is to catch the squirrels off guard. As I’ve mentioned before, hunting during the early season has its advantages, and this is one of them.

Waiting for squirrels to pass by would be a waste of time if you don’t scout the area first and gather information. Even if you have the best bow sight or best rifle sight, you probably wouldn’t see a lot of squirrels unless you find out where they are firsthand.

It’s also good to know that squirrels usually clump together when the food supply is running low. Otherwise, squirrels are spread out throughout the woods and there’s a lower chance you’ll see a group. Thus, it’s also a good strategy to hunt when their food supply is low, as in winter. As opposed to early season hunting when nuts (main food source of squirrels) are usually high up in trees.

3. Move to a new area after firing

The Best 5 Early Season Squirrel Tips

A loud gun blast can make the animals wary - Photo credit: assets.wired.com

The sound of a gun blast will alert squirrels of about a hundred yard radius of your presence, and they will flee the area almost immediately. After you shoot your shot, do not waste time by hunting in the same area again. Pick up and walk to a new place at least 150 yards away.

Wait a few minutes so that the animals settle down before resuming your hunt. As we’ve always said, squirrel hunting requires lots of patience and lots of waiting time. So don’t rush, especially if you are using a firearm to hunt.

Using a bow and arrow for squirrel hunting may be advantageous in this case, since it would make far less noise than a firearm. However, it may be difficult to master and the sound of the bow string after firing an arrow may alert the animal in target, causing it to scurry away. Nevertheless, both weapons have their own advantages so you can weigh out your options.

4. Try boat hunting

The Best 5 Early Season Squirrel Tips

Squirrels are less wary of hunters on boats - Photo credit: mdc.mo.gov

Boat hunting is both relaxing and challenging at the same time. Based on the accounts of boat hunters who have targeted squirrels, hunting small game on a boat is more advantageous since animals are less suspicious of you as you float along. What’s more is that boat hunting will allow you to make much less noise than when walking on foot.

Moreover, the bottoms of creeks or streams house more squirrels than deeper in the woods. Squirrels can make an appearance along the lining of trees, which can provide you with an easy target from your boat.

5. Stalk your preyThis will truly test your skill as a hunter.

The Best 5 Early Season Squirrel Tips

This will truly test your skill as a hunter- Photo credit: i1.wp.com

Just like any good hunter, you must be able to stalk your prey effectively. Stalking requires more than just physical endurance, you would also need stealth, patience, and enough skill to stalk your prey until you get the best shot.

Early season squirrel hunting will mostly consist of you stalking along the treeline, walking slowly so you can hear and see moving leaves, giving away the location of squirrels. In this early season where nuts can be find up high the trees, you can also wait for nuts falling on the ground as it may indicate that a squirrel will be coming down to retrieve it.

However, this method can be time-consuming especially if the squirrel population is low in that particular area. With the method of stalking, you can also practice hunting for deer, which is like hitting two birds with one stone, isn’t it?


In this article, we talked about early season squirrel tips particularly on the best hunting methods for the early season. Just like in how to hunt deer effectively, there are varying strategies and techniques that would allow you to kill a squirrel much easier as opposed to mid-season or late-season hunting.

What are you waiting for? Gather up your gear and head on out for early season squirrel hunting. With these tips that you can also share with your friends, you are surely bound to get your first kill quick.

If you have any questions or comments, post them in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends, too. Thanks for reading!

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