Things You Must Do To Prepare Before A Hunting Trip

Hunting is simply the art of locating, trapping and killing animals. It could be domestic or wild animals. Back in the day, human beings have been hunting for survival. People hunted to put food on the table for their families. Some people hunt for protection as the adage, “destroy an enemy before it destroys you.” was in play. Today hunting has been assimilated to a hobby or sports. Many people plan for hunting trips for fun all the time. Some derive pleasure in killing animals or predators while others do it for business.


If you are planning to go on any hunting trip, there are things you must do to prepare before a hunting trip. You can’t just wake up one day and decide that it is going to be a day for hunting an alligator or killing a turkey, for instance. It is always important to make plans on how the entire procedure or adventure is going to go about. So here are the things to consider and do before going for a hunting trip. This will ensure that you are all set when the hunting season begins.

1. What type of hunting are you planning to undertake?

Killing of any kind of animals anyhow without a permit is a crime in its own. It is called poaching. Some states require a hunter to acquire a hunting license first. Every country or state might as well have the hunting rules and regulations that need to adhere to the latter. It is always advisable to do some research on the rules and licensing of each and every hunting site first then getting all the necessary licenses before you decide to go.

Again, different sites have different kinds of animals. Don't expect to find a beer on a turkey habitat. So establishing what species can be found in a certain location is vital. This will enable you to make a choice on the kind of animal you are going to hunt.

2. A must have Emergency Equipment.

Sites can be situated far away from your destination. You might decide to go hunt for doves, but then they can only be found in a certain state. This will require you to drive a car. There is nothing worse than traveling to some place and you get into minor mishaps like a flat tire. Sleeping on the road is a traumatizing ordeal especially if you are on a hunting trip. This is one of the many reasons why it is always advisable to carry with you a tire inflator just in case this happens.

There are many types of tire inflators in the market today that can sooth your fancy. Husky tools tire inflator is one of the all-time favorites because it is small and portable which enables anyone to carry it anywhere and wherever they go. A mobile phone is also important to have in case of an emergency.

3. A good insurance coverage

Hunting is done in the wilderness which can be pretty dangerous as you might encounter dangerous and wild animals that will hunt you even before you start hunting them. You should consider having a good insurance policy just in case. Travel insurance policies are the best in case of medical emergencies.

There are affordable policies that you can get and will suit such an activity, so it is always better to shop for the best insurance cover that meets your needs, preferences, and of course, budget.

4. Accessories

For people who have been in the hunting game for long, there are accessories that are a must to have during such trips. One of them is a simple first aid kit for simple emergencies. You also need accessories like:

  • Browning knife
  • GPS
  • Chargeable flashlight
  • Map
  • Bottle of water
  • Tactical Backpack
  • Toilet paper
  • Camera
  • Latex gloves
  • Hunting boots
  • Hunting Knife
  • Tactical Pen
  • Necessary weapons

All of these can be customized in a bag pack that you are going to carry when you are hunting. I have seen hunters carrying an extra load in their bag packs of up to 20 pounds.

5. Weather

This is an important health and traveling factor to consider. Hunting seasons vary. Availability of animals to hunt depends hugely on the weather. Some people get sick due to colds. Others function well during summer. Animals too are simply like human beings to an extent. Some species may be easier to trap and kill during certain weather conditions.

As a hunter, you also need to understand the weather patterns before you set to hunting. This, in turn, will enable you to know which type of clothing will suit the occasion and how many clothes you are going to need during the trip.

6. After the Hunt. What next?

You may get lucky and be able to make a killing or variety of killings during the adventure. Celebrations tend to begin at this juncture. But don't be happy yet because the job of returning to your RV begins and if you know the way back then good for you. But if not, you need a map. This is where a partner also comes in because interpreting maps can be pretty hard at times. Carrying a killing also requires help. If it is a turkey, for example, you also need disposable carrying bags.

If you succeeded in getting back to the RV, well and good. But there is an issue of smell and flies when it comes to dead animals. Car air fresheners come in handy at such desperate times when you have to deal with driving with the smell of a dead killing and flies all over. Do make sure that you have a car air freshener inside your RV.


Taking into consideration of the above Do's will ensure that you have an exciting hunting trip and adventure. Happy hunting!

Joseph Gleason

With a dedicated respect to the environment, I understand the importance of being an informed hunter who learns as he goes. I truly recognize the value in how things were done before and how things are done today. Born and raised in upstate New York, I grew up exposed to skilled hunters who taught me the importance of what responsible hunting can provide both to myself, my family, and to the environment. I continue today to work towards refining my craft and finding new ways to practice the time honored traditions that were passed down to me from those who came before.

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