The Best Way How to Build a Green-Wood Grill for Camp Cooking

Camping can be a great experience for both those who are inexperienced and those who are not. That is, if you know how to camp properly. Yes, there is a proper way to camp; you can’t just throw a few supplies into your trunk and head on out for adventure. To be able to make your camping experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible, you have to make adequate preparations. One challenge you can encounter while camping is the cooking part. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to build a green-wood grill for camp cooking. In this way, you would know how to whip up a hot meal in the midst of the woods.


Camp cooking doesn’t need to be hassle. In fact, with the correct preparations, you can find camp cooking to be quite enjoyable. Of course, you can use an actual grill to cook your food during camping, but that requires carrying the grill from your car all the way to your camp site. This can prove to be a hassle and impractical when you’re out camping, especially if you’re going to cook for a more than one family.

Instead of a heavy and traditional grill, you can use a green-wood grill to cook your food during camping. Not only will you get the feel of real camping, but you would also get to save resources if you use this method. This article will hopefully teach you all you need to know about how to build a green-wood grill for camp cooking.

Best Way How to Build a Green-Wood Grill for Camp Cooking Easily

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What You’ll Need:

Before you head out to your camping site, make sure that you have these items packed in your trunk:

  • Coal
  • Fuel
  • Lighter or matches
  • Tongs, skewers, fork
  • Food

See how lightweight your load can be if you opt for green-wood grilling? Other than these necessary items, you should also bring basic cooking and eating items. The rest of the materials you will need for a green-wood grill will come from the camping site itself.

You can also bring a best tactical knife or foldable saw which you can use to cut branches and green sticks.

How to Build a Green-Wood Grill for Camp Cooking

How to Build a Green-Wood Grill for Camp Cooking

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This is a basic tutorial on how to build a green-wood grill for camp cooking. The other parts of your grill would come from nature, which is a great resource-saver. Consequently, you need to be a good gatherer.

Step 1: Prepare your materials

As always, you should make sure that you have all your materials ready. Once you get to the camp site, look out for flat stones, forked branches, and green sticks that you can use for your green-wood grill. These green sticks should be made free of debris and other dirt that can contaminate your food.

Set your cooler near the grilling area, ready for easy access. It’s also best if you place your grill site away from the general area where you would set up your tents, so that the smell of smoke doesn’t stick to your clothes or tent.

Step 2: Build your green-wood grill

How to make a green-wood grill for camp cooking

How to make a green-wood grill for camp cooking

A green wood-grill is essentially a crude version of an actual grill. With the materials you’ve gathered, you can set up your own with just a few easy steps. In this part, you may feel like a primitive caveman, but that’s part of the whole experience.

The first thing you need to do is to set up the “legs” of your grill. Use forked, stout, and thick branches of preferably the same heights. Place them in a rectangular formation and support them with flat stones so that they stand upright sturdily. Make sure they won’t fall over or break down when you are building your grill “legs.” This will serve as the base of your green-wood grill.

Then, use your green sticks to make the “grill” part. This is a proxy for the metal rack on a real grill. Place four sticks on your “legs” (if you’re making a rectangular grill), which would serve as the “frame” and support for the other green sticks on the center of your green-wood grill.

With the rest of the green sticks you have gathered, line them up such that they are supported by the “frame”. You should set them up so that they are about 2-3 inches apart from each other. It’s best if you make sure that they make up an almost even surface.

Step 3: Light your green-wood grill

Best Way How to Build a Green-Wood Grill for Camp Cooking Easily

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Douse your coals with fuel or other igniting fluid. Make sure you do not spill the fuel on any other surface, especially not on yourself. Then, proceed on lighting your fire with either a lighter or matches. Make sure that the fire underneath does not reach the green sticks. Otherwise, the sticks can catch fire.

Once you get your fire going and have a steady amount of smoke going up to the “rack” part of your green-wood grill, place your food on the direction where the smoke is going. While placing your food on the grill, you should also be cautious of the weight. Ensure that your grill can support the weight of the food especially if you are cooking heavy meats and sausages.

A good tip to avoid the collapse of your green-wood grill is to build it with sturdy branches and support the base or legs with heavy stones. In this way, the grill can support the weight of the food.

TIP: Place your food directly where the smoke is going for more heat, and place it away from the smoke if you want less heat.

Generally, you would want to place meats near or on the smoke. Vegetables and other types of food should be placed away from it so you don’t overcook it.

Step 4: Cook your food

Best Way How to Build a Green-Wood Grill for Camp Cooking Easily

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As the smoke is going, you should not leave a green-wood grill alone. The number one reason is for safety. There is a chance that it would collapse and possibly set fire to other things. Secondly, you should be careful not to burn your food or overcook it.

While you are cooking your food on a green-wood grill, there is a chance that one of the green sticks will catch fire. If this happens, simply take out the burning stick carefully, extinguish the fire, and replace it with another green stick.

Once you’ve cooked your food through, take it from the grill carefully as to not disturb the sticks underneath. Then voila! You have cooked using your own green-wood grill.

This cooking method is good for fresh catches of fish and fresh kills. After cleaning and gutting the fish or skinning and cleaning the animal, you can toss it on the grill for the freshest taste that nature has to offer.


Generally, camp cooking is an enjoyable part of camping. It is a skill that is learned with experience and is an important part of camping trips. But if you want to up your survivalist and camping skills, you can learn how to build a green-wood grill for camp cooking just as this article taught you how.

As you’ve seen, a green-wood grill requires minimal tools that you need to bring. Thus, the best hunting backpack can fit all of your essentials with more room for additional gear. Building your own green-wood grill only requires simple skills on gathering and improvisation. It’s really quite a simple process and requires no strict step-by-step tutorial.

This tutorial only serves to give you the basic instructions on how to build your green-wood grill for camp cooking. While you’re out in the woods, you can improvise for yourself and see what you can build from the materials around you. The size and shape of your grill can also vary depending on your needs and preferences. And another advantage of a green-wood grill is you can build one that is large enough for the whole family!

I hope you learned a lot from this tutorial. If you enjoyed this article, please do take the time to share this with your friends, as well as your camping buddies so you can try this out for your next hunting trip. Don’t forget to leave a comment as well. Thanks for reading!

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