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Danner Hunting Boots Reviews, Feedback, Features And More

Any hunter knows that having wet feet just plain sucks – having a cold, wet feet sucks even more.

A good pair of hunting boots should be light, durable, breathable, and waterproof. However, there are a few pairs that can claim high marks from these said qualities. Finding the right pair of boots for hunting can be a tough task especially when you’re a beginner. With so many different styles and brands out there, shopping for a pair can be downright confusing.

If you are open to suggestions, we have a pair that might just be right for your needs. Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Danner hunting boots.

About the Danner Hunting Boots

About The Danner Hunting Boots

Danner is considered to be one of America’s most trusted names in heavy-duty footwear. Many of their boots have seen extensive use in the military, law enforcement, work, and outdoor activities like hunting. The company was first founded in 1932, so it’s not exactly a new brand.

When it comes to hunting, Danner has become a widely known name within the hunting community. Their boots are known for having quality materials, advanced waterproof features, and innovative design. Basically, a pair of Danner boots should be able to handle anything that you throw at it.

On top of selling footwear, Danner also offers other products like boot care products, socks, accessories, and clothing.

Reviewing the Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boot

Danner Men's Pronghorn 800G Hunting Boot

The Pronghorn line of boots is one of the most popular products by Danner. For this review, we’re going to mainly talk about the Danner Men's Pronghorn 800G Hunting Boot.

First, let’s take a look t the key specs of the pair:

  • Weight: 64 oz per pair
  • Height: 8"
  • Color: Brown
  • Insulation: 800G Thinsulate Ultra
  • Camo Pattern: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
  • Shank: TPU
  • Last Type: DPH-1
  • Lining: Waterproof
  • Liner: GORE-TEX
  • Outsole: Danner Pronghorn
  • Recraftable: No

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Notable Features

So what makes these Danner hunting boots special? Here are some of its most noteworthy features:

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The boots are made from full-grain leather that has been struck through with Danner’s patented marbling called CamoHide. Full grain leather is of the of the finest quality materials that you can use for a pair of boots. What I love about full grain leather is that it’s not buffed, sanded or snuffed. This may keep the imperfections intact but it gives an all-natural beauty and not to mention, incredible toughness.

Over time, the leather of these boots will get a desirable “patina” which can only be achieved through age, use, and exposure to sunlight. This gives the boot a unique look.

True enough, the Danner Pronghorn Boots are tough and beautiful to look at. Even after continued use while outdoors, my pair is still going strong.

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The Pronghorn is highly waterproof and breathable, thanks to its Gore-Tex liners. This makes the pair ideal for the extreme weather conditions and intensive activities like hunting. Gore-Tex is also highly breathable which gives superior comfort while keeping your feet nice and dry.

I thought that Gore-Tex was nothing more than marketing hype but I was proven wrong with the Pronghorn.

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Some models of the Pronghorn feature a camo design that really completes the look of the boots. However, I am skeptical if this helps with concealing my silhouette in the woods but I must that it looks great.

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Maybe the single highest praise that I can give to the Pronghorn is that it became my new “go-to” elk boot. I used to spend an ungodly amount of time agonizing which boots to wear during my yearly elk hunts.

This is mainly because the Pronghorn features an amazing insulation technology.

First off, the pair feels really warm even during the colder months. This can be attributed to the excellent 800G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation that the boots have. I’ve been testing the Pronghorn in -20 degrees and never once got cold feet. Despite the heavy-duty insulation, the boots are still considerably lighter than my other hunting pairs.

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5. Pronghorn Outsole

The Pronghorn 800G Hunting Boot features the fourth-generation outsole which does a great job of handling a wide range of terrains. The outsole feels sufficiently rugged which gives you the confidence that it can get the job done.

The outsole provides the much-needed grip which is good for muddy conditions. Plus, the outsole fits seamlessly with the Pronghorn’s streamlined design.

Is It Comfortable?

Although it’s a very heavy-duty boot, the Pronghorn is still surprisingly comfortable.

Normally, I’d expect a feature-packed pair of boots to cut corners and it’s usually the comfort the goes into the chopping block. That’s not the case at all with the Pronghorn.

The pair provides great support and comfort, even when the conditions are less than favorable. The boots are also quite comfortable out of the box. This means that I don’t have to break in the pair for hours in a rocky mountain just to achieve optimal comfort.

As mentioned, the Pronghorn stands out for its insulation which means that my feet were kept warm and dry during most of my outings. It really is the warmest pair in my collection. The Pronghorn is also a very lightweight pair which I really appreciate when I’m out in the wild for hours.

How’s the Fit?

Overall, the boots offer a great fit.

I love the fact that the Pronghorn has a roomy toe box. However, I feel that the roomy toe box is a bit of a double-edged sword. The roomy toes allow me to throw on a thick pair of wool socks and not feel too constricted.

On the flip side, wearing a thinner pair of socks would have the ball slide around too much within the toe box. This is one of the main downsides of a versatile pair like the Pronghorn.

For the most part, you will need to wear tall socks since these pairs are true to size.

Worth the Price?

The Danner Men's Pronghorn 8" GTX 800G Hunting Boot will cost you around $140 - $210 on Amazon which is a fairly good price for such a high-quality pair. If you buy it straight from Danner, be prepared to pay at least $220.

This might seem to be an expensive pair but you’re getting a very durable and versatile pair of hunting boots. I’ve been to several hunting trips with this pair and it still looks good, despite the muddy exterior. It still feels comfortable and solid with no signs of any significant wear and tear.

Also, for a full grain leather, the Pronghorn is actually quite affordable. Well, I do care for my pair properly by using a leather conditioner so it’s in a pretty good condition. It also won’t hurt to use a waterproof spray whenever you head out.

Danner sells some pretty good boot dressing, leather conditioner, and waterproofing spray for a good price.

Pros and Cons

So to summarize, here are the pros and cons of the Pronghorn Danner Hunting Boots.


  • Made of full grain leather for top durability
  • Very good waterproofing
  • Top-notch 800G insulation
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Speed lacing eyelets for easy wear
  • Versatile hunting boots


  • Toe box is too roomy
  • Might be too bulky for some people
  • List Element

​User Reviews and Feedback

So how did the Pronghorn fair with other buyers? As of this writing, the Pronghorn has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with 67 customer reviews. It’s safe to say that it’s a fairly popular and well-reviewed product.

On the positive side, many users enjoyed the tough look of the pair. It sure won’t look out of place while you are stalking elks in the wild. Another area that garnered high praise from the actual buyers is the comfort. Many users have been saying that there were no areas where it felt too tight or loose. They felt no pain, rubbing or pinching while testing out the pair.

Stable warmth is another aspect that many reviewers have enjoyed. A lot of the reviews state that the Pronghorn did a good job of keeping their feet nice and warm, even during the coldest of conditions. While I thought the spacious toebox was kind of a miss, many users thought that it was a wise design choice.

Here are some examples of the positive reviews that we have found on Amazon:

Been tested in -20 degrees and the feet never got cold once. You do need to wear tall socks that are not too thick as they are true to size. No need for those thick wool socks. A little sung/stiff in the ankle area towards the foot more but not restricting. - Crimson

Fit really well and as expected. I have a size 10.5 work book (Redwing). And ordered a size 11 in these because I was hoping to have a little extra room and they have just what I expected. My brother has the same boot and says his feet never get wet or cold. We do a lot of rabbit hunting in deep snow for hrs and creek crossing and sitting in steel deer stands all day. - Hambone

Comfortable out of the box. I walked for hours hunting on a very rocky mountain and at the end of the day, my feet did not hurt a bit. Also kept my feet warm when hunting out of my tree stand. Great boot! - Keith

Comfortable out of the box. I walked for hours hunting on a very rocky mountain and at the end of the day, my feet did not hurt a bit. Also kept my feet warm when hunting out of my tree stand. Great boot! - Keith

On the flip side, there were some users who were not so impressed with the Pronghorn. One of the main complaints is that the pair is too wide which left much room for the feet to slide inside. This can be rather uncomfortable and can lead to an injury. One reviewer said that comfort is not that good as some reviews have said.

Check out the negative reviews below:

Extra wide is not wide enough to fit hubby who needs a true 4E width. Does any company make a good, insulated high hunting boot? Tried Redwing, Danner, and a host of other brands -- Unsuccessfully! Hubby welcomes any input! Thank you. - G. Culverwell

Wider than normal boots. Not as comfortable as the reviews said. - Lucius C Frye Jr

Great boots just sizing was off these were way too big – Amazon Customer

Comparable Products

In case the Pronghorn turns out to be not your cup of tea, here are some other boots that you can check out:

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The Irish Setter Men's 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8" Hunting Boot is a top-seller on Amazon, so it’s hard not to recommend this one.

The boot features the UltraDry construction which combines a moisture management lining with waterproof components. This gives you a dry, long-lasting comfort. The RPM technology boasts a breakthrough composite material that greatly reduces the weight of the boot.

A worthy alternative to the Pronghorn at around the same price range.

No products found.

No products found.

If you prefer a more traditional pair of rubber hunting boots, the Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1600G Hunting Boot is worth checking out.

The boots are made of rubber and neoprene which makes it highly waterproof and naturally insulated. The material also lends itself to be a great all-terrain pair. The inside is lined with neoprene liner which provides top comfort and air circulation.

What We Think

Danner Hunting Boots

This pair of Danner Hunting Boots is easy to recommend.

It is tough, durable, waterproof, and well-insulated. The toe box and the fit can be a little too wide but it’s not enough to be knocked down a peg.

This is a very high-quality pair of hunting boots for the money.

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