How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack in the Woods

Although wild animal attacks are relatively rare, all hunters and campers still need to take extra precaution to avoid an attack. In this article, we’ll be talking about how to survive a wild animal attack. And better yet, we will discuss the tips on how to avoid an animal attack altogether. This article will come in handy if you’re an unexperienced survivalist and are planning to camp in unfamiliar territory. So, read on, even if you feel that you are already prepared.


How to Avoid a Wild Animal Attack

How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack in the Woods

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Well, you won’t need to survive a wild animal attack if you prevent it head on. This section will tell you all about the precautions you need to take to avoid a wild animal attacking you.

Know the area

Of course, the first thing you need to do is ask the locals or park ranger if there are any known cases of wild animal attacks in the area. This is done because you should know what you could be up against, just in case. Moreover, if the risk of an attack is high, then consider looking for another camping spot.

Keep your camp clean

Wild animals are generally attracted to food lying around. You’re lucky if only a deer or other gentle creature approaches your camp, but wild animals such as coyotes, bears, and cougars can also be attracted to the smell of your human food.

Thus, to avoid any of these animals going anywhere near your camp, make sure you don’t leave food lying around. As much as possible, keep food in sealed containers if they are not to be consumed immediately. The same goes for garbage and food waste. Either place them in a bear-proof container or hang them in an area far away from your camp.

For used utensils, make sure you wash them immediately to get rid of food debris which can attract both bugs and animals. The same goes for your clothes, if you are the one who cooked. Since the smell of food can cling to the fabric, it’s important you either wash your clothes in a nearby water source or keep them away.

Do not feed other animals

You may be tempted to feed a cute squirrel, bunny, or deer, but presence of these prey around your camp can attract hungry wild animals to your area. Thus, refrain from feeding small animals no matter how cute they are.

Do not wander off alone or let other people to do so

If you would be faced with a wild animal, chances of survival are lower if you are alone and helpless. As much as possible, employ a buddy system when leaving camp. If you are hunting alone, then you should have someone know where you are and what time you are coming back; just in case.

How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack

Surviving a wild animal attack employs different steps which depend on the type of animal. Here are the few animals you may encounter out in the woods:


How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack in the Woods

Scare it away if you can - Photo credit:

Bears are dangerous, and mother bears more so. For black bears, you should make yourself appear larger to make it think you are not prey. Here are important tips to follow just in case you find yourself face-to-face with a black bear:

  • Wave your arms around and stand as tall as you can
  • Make loud noises
  • Do not go near the black bear or run away
  • Move slowly
  • Do not corner the bear
  • Pick up children and pets so they won’t be seen as prey
  • Move upwind of the bear so it can perceive your human scent

Grizzly bears

How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack in the Woods

Do not come between a momma bear and her cub - Photo credit:

Grizzly bears are considered more dangerous than black bears and are known to eat humans. The best way to survive a grizzly bear encounter is to avoid it or make yourself appear submissive. These are the best tips to survive a grizzly bear encounter:

  • Remain calm and keep your breathing even
  • Do not turn your back on the bear or run away from it
  • Back away slowly and keep a calm voice; show it you are submissive
  • Do not make direct eye contact with the bear
  • Lie down, cover your head with your arms slowly, and play dead
  • If the bear attacks you even if you play dead, aim for its eyes and nose with any weapon you can find

Mountain lion

How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack in the Woods

These are dangerous stalkers - Photo credit:

Mountain lions are known to stalk their prey, so if you are in the woods alone, there is a bigger chance of a mountain lion attack. In case a mountain lion takes interest in you, follow these steps to survive the attack:

  • Do not run away
  • Make yourself appear larger; stand tall
  • Do not turn your back on it
  • If it appears aggressive, make loud noises, shout, and throw rocks at it to drive it away
  • Aim for the eyes in case of an attack
  • Do not let yourself fall down and get tackled by the cougar

Wolf and Coyote

How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack in the Woods

Stay away from packs most especially - Photo credit:

Wolves and coyotes are very dangerous. They contribute to most attacks on humans by wild animals. Like the mountain lions, they also like to stalk their prey, and very relentless when they find you very appealing.

In case you are face-to-face with a wolf or coyote, here is what you need to do:

  • Do not try to run because they are faster than you
  • Make loud noises or yell at it
  • If you are pursued by a pack of wolves, fend them off with weapons and stay in a circle back-to-back if you are with a group
  • Shoot them in fatal spots if you are surrounded


How to Survive a Wild Animal Attack in the Woods

Keep away from a moose’s territory - Photo credit:

Despite their usually calm nature, moose can be very dangerous as well. They are very territorial and needless to say, their strength lies in their huge size. If you threaten a moose or trespass in its territory, it may attack you. Here’s what to do if that happens:

  • Back away slowly, put as much space between you and the animal
  • Do not attempt to approach a calf
  • Break into a run
  • Find cover or climb a tree to evade an attack
  • If you are knocked over, curl up into a ball, cover your head and wait until it stops
  • Do not attempt to get up while it is still in attack mode
  • Go back to the direction where you came from


Wild animals are just some of the threats you may come across while camping. It is important that you know how to fend off an attack, or at least prevent one from happening before you go camping or hunting. Before you leave this article, here are some general tips to stay stafe:

  • Camp/hunt in groups if you can; chances of an attack lessen if you are with other people
  • Carry a weapon with you at all times, be it a hunting knife or a gun
  • Keep children and pets safe; keep an eye on them at all times- Do not panic in case of an attack; follow the aforementioned steps
  • Find help as soon as possible
  • Alert the authorities if you have been attacked or if you sighted a wild animal in the area; so they can warn other people
  • Know how to defend yourself in case of an attack
  • Be vigilant of your surroundings; always be alert

That’s all we have on how to survive a wild animal attack, so if you learned a lot, share this with your friends who can use it as well. Thanks for reading!

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