Finding The Perfect Place To Hunt

As briefly discussed in the last article, there are several ways to ensure hunting success. Choosing the perfect hunting area is clearly the most important step in finding and killing the game you wish to hunt. Today we will examine three easy steps to finding that perfect hunting spot.

  • Contact a good hunting guide
  • Find a friendly face and ask
  • Quiz local hunting equipment salespersons



Acquiring a great place to hunt can be as easy as finding a local hunting guide. These are experienced men and women who know your area and have hunted the same type of game you are dreaming of. They know the animal’s range habits and the best time of the year for hunting them.

They are also knowledgeable of local game laws and the types of weapons you are allowed to use on any particular parcel of land. Local hunting guides may also have special relationships with area land barons.

The guides are often allowed to offer guided hunts on those lands to remove pests animals such as rabbits or hogs. This may be just what you are looking for.

Locating a guide is simple. Review your area newspaper and look for key words such as “Hunting Guide”, “Hunting Outfitters”, or “Outdoor Guides.” They are sometimes listed under the “Sports” section.

And of course, the yellow pages or internet is always a good source of information to contact a guide using those same key words.

Be mindful there are fees required when using a hunting guide.


Asking general people about local places to hunt can be an excellent source of information. Walking around your grocery store or shopping mall, you may notice a man in camouflage looking at a sporting magazine. Strike up a conversation and tell him you are looking for a place to hunt.

He will more than likely be glad to introduce you to a place or even other contacts where you may gain entrance to chase your favorite game. Hunters are known to be engaging and always ready with a hunting story or two.

Do not be shy, just ask around. Did you notice a nice buck deer strapped across the hood of a truck? Have a conversation with the owner and he will be sure to give tips on where to hunt in your area. A successful hunter will be a wealth of information and you may just make a new friend too!

Another great source on where to hunt is your local Game Warden. They can be found in the white pages under “Government” or “County.” They will be an excellent source of knowledge concerning free hunting areas, such as National Forest, too.

Wildlife Management Areas are often open to hunt during certain seasons for a small fee. Your Game Warden can provide you with rule pamphlets, maps, and resource guides for these areas.

Friends and neighbors are also a wonderful source of hunting information. They may own land or have family that are willing to allow you to hunt on their property. These can sometimes be the best opportunities for hunting, especially if the land is not frequently hunted or used by very many people.


Everyone that loves to hunt will naturally gravitate to places that sell hunting equipment. Stores that sell new equipment, resale shops, or hunting extravaganzas are all great places to meet salespeople that interact with multitudes of hunters.

Because of their constant interaction with hunters like you, salespersons can be a good source of information concerning areas to hunt. Depending on the game you are looking for, they can lead you to good pastures, forests, or brushland that provide opportunity for a kill.

As hunting guides, land owners, and other hunters purchase goods and services too, these salespersons often have calling cards, phone numbers or brochures with hunting land information available for other customers.

Entire booklets, known as lease guides, can also be found in shops that sell hunting equipment. These paperback guides offer locations with pictures, prices and other information for purchasing a lease to hunt on. They are offered as daily hunts or seasonal leases depending on the seller.

Resale shops often carry hunting accessories. The friendly people there may have knowledge of local hunting areas or land owners that frequent their sales items and can pass that contact information on to you.

Hunting Extravaganzas or large sporting equipment/services events will have an amazing array of hunter information available. They are usually held in large venues to accommodate huge crowds. Their entire purpose is to offer everything a hunter may need, from guns and bows to land leasing and even guided hunts.

Extravaganzas are generally well advertised when coming to your area. Be mindful of this excellent opportunity for you to visit these fun-filled events and gain valuable information on places to hunt.


Utilizing these methods can land you in perfect position for hunting your favorite game animals. Whether you are looking for open land or a forest, finding your perfect place is not as hard as you think. A little footwork and good conversation over a cup of coffee will present you with some ideas of where to set up.

Money constraints may be a factor as to whether you purchase a lease for hunting or follow the hunting trail to a free domain, but there are many areas available to offer great hunting opportunities.

Making the connections and scouting the lands offered will ensure you of a good hunt. Although luck is surely a factor in any hunter’s success, finding a great location to hunt is definitely an important key.


Tawn Roddey

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