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Learn How to Aim a Slingshot with This Quick Article

When you think slingshot, then you probably remember all the good old days of your childhood when you used to use the slingshot to hit cans or birds. Although it seems like a childish thing, a slingshot is also a useful hunting weapon. Now, you probably weren’t expecting that, were you? Well, maybe it’s time to lay down the hunting rifle or bow for now and try your hand at a classic slingshot. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to aim a slingshot.

What Is a Slingshot?

 A slingshot is a useful hunting and survival weapon. Basically, it’s a wooden piece in the shape of a fork where an elastic band is attached. With this elastic band, you can use it to propel a marble or stone at your target.

It shoots the stone in a projectile motion, and if you’re going for longer distances of targets, you may need more knowledge on how to aim it properly.

What Type of Slingshot to Get

There are a lot of commercially available slingshots at hunting shops. You can find different types of frames and elastics, as well as different kinds of slingshot ammo. If you’re going to ask me which type of slingshot to get, then I will find it difficult to tell you which the best one is.

It all depends on your preference. However, I can provide a general description of the type of slingshot I recommend. You might want to get one that has a sturdy frame, yet is ergonomic so your hand won’t feel too tired. Moreover, a slingshot with a strap can help ease the hand fatigue.

A good elastic will also help you get a good pull weight. You want to get a high quality slingshot with this type of elastic in order to maximize your potential with the slingshot.

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How to Aim a Slingshot

Using a slingshot may have seemed pretty easy if you’ve experienced it back in the day. It’s essentially a small catapult that allows you to shoot objects in the air. Now, using your slingshot for something other than shooting cans off a fence may need more than just amateur aiming.

For this article, we are going to learn how to aim a slingshot like a pro so in no time, you can use the slingshot to hunt.

Get the feel of your slingshot

Once you’ve got your new slingshot, it probably won’t feel familiar in your hand at first. Thus, the first thing you have to do is get the feel of your slingshot. To do this, hold the slingshot in your hand and learn how to hold it properly.

If you’ve gotten an ergonomic slingshot that has a hand mold, then it’s much better. You can probably get the feel of the slingshot much better and get acquainted with it quicker.

You should also practice extending the elastic and see how far it will go. Chances are, your elastic needs to be broken in so that it will perform to its utmost when you start practicing.

Set up your targets and goals

After you have your hands acquainted with your slingshot, you can start setting up your goals. What distance do you aim for? It’s best if you start with short distances before moving on to longer ones, especially if you’re a little rusty. And if you haven’t used a slingshot in a long time, you’re probably going to start with short distances first.

Once you’ve set your short-term goals and long-term goals, you can choose your targets. Still targets are the best ones you can practice with in the beginning. Maybe go through the recycling and use a few cans as your targets?

After you’ve chosen your targets, set them at the appropriate distance congruent to your goals. When you get better and better as time passes by, you can start going for long distances and even moving targets.

Load up your slingshot ammo

The first step you’re going to have to do is load up your slingshot ammo onto the elastic’s pouch. It’s imperative that you place the ammo, which can be a small pebble, marble, or metal ball, at the center of the pouch.

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Hold your slingshot

To aim, hold your slingshot at arm’s length towards the target. Then, place your thumb and index finger on the pouch of the elastic. Hold it firmly and pull back the elastic until the pouch reaches your cheek.

Aim your slingshot at the target

Aiming the slingshot can be more difficult for first timers since it doesn’t have a sight or crosshairs. However, you can get the hang of aiming the slingshot if you always envision the target to be in the middle of the fork.

You should also remember to not misalign the pouch since the ammo needs to fly straight. Moreover, you should also learn how to estimate the angle of your slingshot relative to the distance of your target.

You need to be consistent with your angles so you will learn properly. Here’s a diagram on how to do just that:

Release your slingshot

The release is also important in shooting a slingshot, as in how to shoot a compound bow. You need to release the ammo without moving the hand that’s holding the slingshot. If you do, your aim will be misaligned at the last second.

Practice, practice, practice

You’re not going to get better if you don’t practice. As always, practice will help you aim better and estimate your angles better. Other than that, practice will let you move onto longer distances. As I’ve said before, once you’ve got the shorter distances done, you can move on to longer distances.

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The slingshot is a very simple and useful weapon that can be used for hunting and survival. It’s relatively cheap and easy to maintain, and once you’ve gotten the hang of using it, it can serve as a good weapon for you. Other than that, it holds a lot of nostalgia, doesn’t it?

In this article, we’ve discussed how to aim a slingshot, which is a pretty fundamental part of using the slingshot. The aim is everything. And your aim is not going to get better if you don’t work on it constantly. But let me tell you, once you’ve got the slingshot mastered, the skill is going to prove itself useful over time.

I hope this article shed light on the dying art of slingshot shooting, and I hope you’ve learned a lot. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below. Don’t forget to also share this with your friends who might be interested. Thanks for reading!


The Best Belly Band Holsters: Comfortable and Practical

For us people who own guns, it is very important that we have a holster which will suit our personal needs and allow us to carry our gun comfortably. If we have many guns of different types, usually, having only one type holster is not enough. Owning a couple of holster which will fit our gun type and size is necessary. This is not until belly band holsters come in the picture. Since belly band holsters are very stretchable, it can accommodate any type and size of guns.

Thus, you don’t need to purchase holsters which are specific for each of your gun types. In addition to this, belly band holsters also have extra pockets where you can put your extra magazines. Nowadays, belly band holster have become popular, and thus, different designs have been out in the market. With all those product designs, choosing the best ones can be very tricky. Thus, after careful consideration, I have made my list of the best belly band holster to help you in choosing. Before moving on to that list, let us have a look of some things that you should know first.

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How to Sight in a Rifle for More Accurate and Precise Shots

Efficient hunting requires an equally as efficient hunting rifle to carry out the task. For novice hunters, using a hunting rifle may be an entirely new experience. That is why I, a fairly experienced rifle hunter, am sharing this tutorial with you: how to sight in a rifle, a very simple step-by-step technique that will get you zeroing in on your targets in no time.

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How to Shoot a Handgun | The Most Accurate Way of Shooting

Things in real life are quite contrary to what they seem on the big screen. I have many students and novice shooters. They all have chosen this field only for their love and craziness for Hollywood action adventures. I always try to make things clear to them. And today I am going to guide my readers as well (if you think shooting is that easy). Those of you who seriously want to pursue the career as a hunter or shooter, must not take things so lightly. You should have the most accurate knowledge about how to shoot a handgun.

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How and Where to Shoot a Deer Instantly

Many times I am asked numerous interesting questions by friends, strangers and novice hunters about my obsession for hunting. Each time I end up on the same reply; hunting for wild meat is my passion. Not just because of the thrill and adventure it gives but also because wild meat is what I am crazy about. Unlike other sources of meat, wild meat is hormone-free and natural. My personal favorite has always been venison (deer meat). It’s a great source of protein. To get the full benefits of it, the hunter must know how and where to shoot a deer. Many of you must be thinking why I said so? Let me explain.

If a fresh and tasty meat is what you are looking for, you must learn to gun down the animal in the first shot. The sooner you down the animal, the better taste it promises. The animal killed in more than one shots can easily produce lactic acid and adrenaline. Both of these may affect the taste of the meat. All of you out there, whether you are a beginner hunter or an experienced one, your first priority should be to be a responsible hunter. Do not let the animal suffer a lingering death. Let me guide you on how to kill a deer in a single shot.

Steps to Follow Before Hunting

Before going into the details of the right way of shooting a deer, the hunters must follow these few necessary steps to make sure they have the best hunting experience.

Step 1: Season of Hunting

Doing things legally is what I always recommend. It’s not that you can hunt for deer in any season you like. Each hunting area offers a different season. That you must inquire before planning the hunt. Simply log in to the website of Department of National Resources of that state, to get the basic information about the hunting season there.

  • Note: Out of season hunting of animals is illegal as it may endanger the wildlife population in that area. Anyone committing this illegal activity may face penalty defined by the state law.

Step 2: Get Your Hunting Permit

Before deciding about how and where to shot a deer, get all the information about hunting permit from the state Department of Natural Resources.  Without a hunting permit, no one is allowed to hunt legally.

Step 3: Hunting Dressing Tips

  • Your hunting clothes are commonly determined by the weather. For summer, hunters should wear light weighed dress and cold weather gear for winter hunting (Wear the clothes in layer for keeping yourself warm in freezing temperature).
  • Choose the camouflage pattern keeping in mind the type of area you are hunting in.
  • Your personal safety also matters. For that I would advise you to wear men’s blaze orange vest over the hunting suit. It would help distinguishing you against the foliage and other hunters (if any) would easily detect you in the wild.
  • Choose the most suitable type of hunting boots from insulated, uninsulated and rubber boots for hunting.
  • Make sure that your clothes are washed in a scent-free soap. Any strange odor may alert the animal of your presence and you may miss the target. In addition to it, do not forget to wear a face mask and gloves. That would also help in controlling your scent.
  • Note: Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks, eating fatty edible items, using scented soaps, deodorants and perfumes for about 24 to 48 hours before the final hunt.

Step 4: Right Weapons for Hunting the Deer

I have always preferred using a rifle in deer hunting. And got the best results. So I personally would suggest a rifle as the best weapon for deer hunting. Rifles come in different calibers. Starting from 243, up to a 30-.06 or 30-30, are some of the best ones for hunting all type of deer. Deer slugs are another great option to kill the deer at one shot. You can give it try.

Lastly, using a bow for hunting the deer is yet another great option. But the hunter must be skilled enough for using it. It’s not my personal favorite as it comes with a legal limit of about 45 pounds draw weight. And that would allow you to aim your target for 20 to 60 yards of distance maximum. And in hunting, you never know how much distance you would have to face.

How and Where to Shoot a Deer?

Once you are done with all the above mentioned steps, now is the time to reach your hunting destination. Sometimes, it takes many hours in waiting for the deer. You have to sit quietly and wait. As deer are more likely to appear in the silent areas of the wild. Once you have located the deer somewhere around you, make sure to take the right position to get it killed in a single shot.

What I have learned from my personal experience is that you can’t hunt a deer in a single shot so easily. There are many factors associated with it. These may include;

  • The distance between you and the animal
  • Angle of the deer
  • Type of weapon
  • Your shooting skills
  • Meat retention

Hunter’s Position

You can shoot the deer in a standing position but my personal recommendation is a crouching position where your knee and thighs give a nice support to your elbow of the arm, holding the rifle.

Right Shot Placement for a Deer Hunt

Check out a few best placements for hunting down the deer.

#1 – Above the Front Leg

The highly recommended area for a deer hunt in a single shot is just behind the shoulder. It includes the heart and lungs. The most accurate position for shooting is 5 to 7 inch above the chest. For that you must be in a position where you can have the broadside view of the prey. Just like in the image below.

  • Note: There are great chances that the animal is not killed immediately. Sometimes it recovers and runs away. And hunters have to chase it through the wild. So be prepared for that too.

#2 – In the Head

For getting the deer down in the first kill, shooting directly in the head is the best option. The perfect area to shoot is right behind the eye of the deer. Only experienced and skilled hunters can deal with such a tricky shot. This way also ensures lesser or no damage to the meat (quite contrary to other ways). But again, there are equal chances of missing your target, especially for the beginners. So be prepared.

#3 – Shooting in the Neck

Another common method is shooting the deer in his neck through the spine. Many of my fellow hunters opt for this method. But I hesitate in trying it. The reason is simply the torture; the deer has to face. Most of the deer are not dead instantly with this method. Rather they are left paralyzed and hunters have to shot it again or simply slit its neck. Like I already told that I dislike a lingering death of the prey, I do not go for this lethal option. But you are free to make your choice.


Hunting down a deer without the right placement and positioning of the shot is quite tough. It should be the first and foremost responsibility of every hunter to save its prey from suffering and pain. And try to kill it instantly. It would not only ease the misery of the deer, but would also save your time. And that is simply possible from practicing, experience and knowing well about how and where to shoot a deer.

You may well want to seek out training like THIS to further hone my shooting skills.

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How to Grip a Handgun Accurately?

Action movies have been fascinating us since long about weapons and ammunition. Deadly action sequences using handguns and pulling the trigger, it all seems so simple and effortless. But in real life most of us do not have even the basic idea of how to grip a handgun. Using a handgun involves a tricky method and technique. A lot depends on tactfully gripping and holding the weapon.

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The Best IWB Holsters | Conceal Your Weapon Comfortably

If you are a legal gun owner who practices concealed carry, an inside the waistband (IWB) holster can be a very good pick for you. Are you planning to buy an IWB holster but still have no idea on which to choose? Still can’t decide which to buy with the many kinds and styles of IWB holsters out in the market? Let me help you with that. In this article, I have listed the best IWB holsters to satisfy your needs and taste. But before we proceed to that, let us know about IWB holsters first.

Advantages of IWB Holsters

1. Easy to conceal

Compared to outside the waistband (OWB) holsters, IWB holsters conceals your gun easier since you can just simply tuck it inside your pants and cover its handle with your shirt.

2. Fast to draw

IWB holsters allow you to quickly draw your gun compared to other holsters like ankle holsters, pocket holsters, or shoulder holsters because it is placed in the part of your body where you can easily access it.

3. Secured

IWB holsters will be hard to be snatched away from you in case you happen to have a brawl with someone because it is not only tucked inside your pants; it is also secured in your belt.

Materials Used in IWB Holsters

The type of material used in holsters has its advantages and disadvantages. Mostly, the material used in an IWB holster affects the comfort of the person using it and the durability of the holster.

1. Leather

This material is durable and conforms to the shape of the gun overtime. Also, the look and feel of leather is really appealing. However, humid or moist environment will allow it to absorb moisture which may not only damage your holster but also induce rust-formation in your gun. Also, it has a tendency to collapse when the holster is not properly made.

2. Plastic

This material is strong and durable. It does not collapse easily from the regular drawing and tucking of your gun. It also allows smoother drawing of your gun. However, this material has a stiff design and gives a rough feeling, thus, it may be uncomfortable.

3. Nylon

This material is softer compared to the others so it is also more comfortable to wear. The actual material has an abrasive texture but in holsters, it is usually covered in a different material on the outside to make it more comfortable to wear. This material is not as durable as plastic but it is still stronger than leather.

4. Hybrid

As the name implies, this is a combination of the materials mentioned above that was blended to attain comfort, durability, and effectiveness. If this material will have its downside, it would be that it may lack visual appeal.

Ways of Securing IWB Holsters

1. Clips

Clips are wrapped around the belt and are connected to the holster which allows it to hang inside your pants. It can be made of plastic, metal, or leather. This type of attachment allows you to easily put your holster on and off. However, it can also be easily removed when you draw your gun too carelessly.

2. Straps

Straps allow your IWB holster to be slipped into your belt. It may be less convenient to put on and take off but it prevents your holster from being detached from your belt.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best IWB Holster

It is a given that we should consider our hand orientation when choosing our holster. Some holsters don’t offer a left-handed option, so if you are left-handed, always make sure to check if there is one available for you. We don’t want our gun positioned on the wrong side. But, aside from that, here are the basic factors that you should pay attention to when choosing your best IWB holster.

1. Comfort

Comfort is a very important factor in choosing the best IWB holsters. This may affect your decision of whether to carry your gun with you or just leave it at home. You don’t want your rough holster scratching your skin all the time. You don’t want your firearm digging into your side. For a comfortable holster it is good to use a soft but durable material. Examples of this are leather or nylon.

However, these materials are still less durable compared to plastic. To feel more comfortable in using IWB holsters, I recommend that you use pants or shorts with slightly larger waist sizes to provide some space for your gun.

2. Security

The best IWB holsters secure your gun in its position and prevent it from moving around your belt. You don’t want to constantly fix your gun’s position while walking or doing your everyday activities.

3. Size

Of course, every gun has a holster size that it fits into. Holsters have different shapes and sizes. Not all holster models may fit to your gun size. Some holsters are even specific to some gun models. An example of this is glock 26 holsters. So, before choosing the IWB holster of your type, consider the size of your gun first. Check if there is an available size of that type of holster for your gun. A good holster can accommodate different gun sizes.

4. Retention and Accessibility

Not all gun owners consider retention as an important factor, but if you are someone who greatly values safety, might as well consider it. Your IWB holster must be able to secure your gun so as to avoid accidents like accidental firing. However it must also allow fast access to your gun when you need it. The key is to find the right balance between these two.

Seven Best IWB Holsters

1. Ultimate Belly Band Holster – for “One Size Fits All” Concealed Carry

Ultimate Belly Band Holster (Black, Medium and Large Pistol)
  • AVAILABLE IN LARGE AND XL - Large neoprene band is adjustable and fits up to a 44" belly. XL fits up to a 54" belly....
  • ONE SIZE HOLSTER IS COMPATIBLE WITH MOST FIREARMS - Surgical grade elastic holster is compatible with small subcompact,...
  • CARRY IN ANY POSITION - Can be worn inside the waistband IWB, outside the pants OWB, cross draw, appendix, 5 O'clock...

This holster has a belly band which stretches to fit up to a 44″ belly so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting your waistline. It has a spare magazine pocket which you can use when you go hunting and you need more bullets. It is also available in both right hand and left hand draw.

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Size
  • R & A

This holster is made up of a neoprene material which is soft and comfortable enough to wear directly against your skin. Unlike other elastic materials, it does not pinch your skin and body hairs. Also, this holster does not limit you to clothes which use belts. This is one of the best IWB holsters for ladies who love wearing different types of clothes.

The neoprene material of this product is thick enough to allow your holster to handle the weight of your gun very well. It also provides great support for your gun. I like this product because it really tucks my gun in place because the holster is part of the belly band which does not freely move in my waist.

This model fits small subcompact, compact and even full size pistols and revolvers. It can fit Glock 19, 17, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and other similar-sized guns. If you own many types of guns, this is the best IWB holster for you since you can use it in any of them.

This model has a retention strap which you can use optionally. Since it has a flexible, elastic holster, it is also easy to draw.


  • Neoprene material is sift and comfortable
  • No need for a belt so it can be used in different types of clothes
  • Handles your gun’s weight very well
  • One size fits all
  • Has optional retention strap
  • Has spare magazine pockets
  • Has a belly band which stretches to fit up to a 44″ belly


  • Clip of the retention strap might be blocked if worn under your pants
  • Needs getting used to

2. Cloak Tuck 3.5 Holster

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster for Concealed Carry - Custom Fit...
  • Custom fit to your specific pistol to ensure for proper fitment and retention. Select your pistol for correct size!
  • Fully Adjustable: Get the ride height and cant exactly the way you want it all without any tools! Allows you to carry...
  • Conceal in Comfort: Soft neoprene backing that is flexible to move and form to your body while retaining shape for...

This holster features a custom-molded retention shell available in right- or left-handed orientations. The sweat-wicking Neoprene backing fabric ensures that this holster remains comfortable throughout hours of wear.

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Size
  • R & A

The Cloak Tuck 3.5 Holster features a breathable Neoprene backing for added comfort. Available in right- or left-handed orientations. Fabric-covered edges for wearing against the skin. Holster conforms to fit your body, no matter where you wear it.

With a custom-molded retention shell, your firearm is guaranteed to never budge when housed in this holster. Despite a snug, confident fit, you can easily and quickly withdraw your firearm when needed.

Available in an extremely wide range of custom-molded retention shells for the perfect fit every time.

This holster features a fully adjustable retention.


  • Soft Neoprene fabric for more comfortable wear
  • Custom-molded retention shell for a perfect fit
  • Adjustable height, cant, and retention
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent draw speed


  • Plastic material can be uncomfortable
  • Retention shell only fits one firearm

3. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster – with Adjustable Cant & Retention

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster fits Taurus G2 / G2C | Left |...
  • INSIDE THE WAISTBAND KYDEX HOLSTER fits: Taurus G2 / G2C (ONLY unless Specified). Our minimalist IWB holsters are...
  • EXCLUSIVE HOLSTER FEATURES: Undercut Trigger Guard keeps the KYDEX from interfering with your draw. Over-Cut Open-Face...
  • ADJUSTABLE ‘POSI-CLICK’ RETENTION & CANT: When you holster your Taurus G2 / G2C, you'll hear a satisfying...

This product is made of a plastic material which is thick enough to maintain its rigid structural integrity for a lifetime. It has an easily adjustable Carry Angle (Cant) from 0-15 degrees which allows you to position it at your convenience.

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Size
  • R & A

This product is comfortable to use because it only adds minimal weight and size to your gun. You don’t have to worry about additional bulk inside your pants.

This product is custom made so it perfectly fits. Thus, you don’t have to worry of losing your gun in place.

This product is only specifically molded for Taurus 111 140 Millennium G2 pistols.

This model fully covers the trigger area so you can avoid accidental firing. Its retention pressure is also easily adjustable so you can regulate it so that you can also easily draw your gun. Another is that it has an audible retention lock system which lets you know when your weapon is properly holstered so you can trust its safety.


  • Rigid structure for durability
  • Custom made so it perfectly fits
  • Minimal weight and size thus, more comfortable
  • Fully covers trigger for safety
  • Easily adjustable retention pressure and cant


  • Limited to Taurus 111 140 Millennium G2 pistols
  • Plastic material can be uncomfortable

4. S&W M&P Shield 9/40 IWB Holster – has High Impact and Temperature Resistance

CYA Supply Co. Fits S&W M&P 9/40 Shield M2.0 Inside Waistband Holster...
  • Fits Only: Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm/.40 S&W Shield & Shield M2.0 - 3.1" Barrel - No Light/Laser Attachments (Right Hand...
  • IWB Holster - Inside The Waistband - Easily Adjustable Retention Pressure & Carry Angle (Cant) 0-15 Degrees
  • Precision molds from CAD milled in house on our CNC. Made of .08" Thickness Boltaron Material - Belt Clip 1.5" wide -...

This product uses a plastic material that allows it to withstand high impact and resist temperature changes.

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Size
  • R & A

Like the Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster, this product is also comfortable to use because it only adds minimal weight and size to your gun so you don’t have to worry about additional bulk and weight. Also it has adjustable cant which allows you to position it at your convenience.

This holster gives a good grip to your gun. It also has a wide clip that prevents your holster from moving around your belt.

This holster is for S&W M&P Shield 9/40 pistols.

This model fairly retains your gun while allowing easy drawing by minimizing friction points.


  • Has high impact and temperature resistance
  • Perfectly fits
  • Minimal weight and size for more comfort
  • Minimized friction points for easier drawing
  • Easily adjustable retention pressure and cant


  • Limited to S&W M&P Shield 9/40 pistols
  • Plastic material can be uncomfortable

5. The Defender Leather IWB Holster – for Optimum Performance and Comfort

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster - Made in USA -...
  • HANDMADE BY AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN FROM GENUINE USA BULLHIDE LEATHER! American made with American Pride! No synthetic...
  • BACKED BY RELENTLESS TACTICAL’S LIFETIME WARRANTY! Carry the best IWB Holster on Amazon with confidence for the rest...
  • FITS MOST FULL SIZE & COMPACT HANDGUNS IN 9MM, .40 & .45! Glock 17 / 17L / 22 / 31 | Glock 19 / 19X / 23 / 32 | Glock 26...

This product is made of genuine leather which gives a satisfying feel and appearance.

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Size
  • R & A

Compared to plastic, this leather holster feels more comfortable to the skin. It also adds minimal size to your gun so you don’t have to be uneasy because of bulks inside your pants.

This product has a strap that allows you to slip it into your belt so you don’t have to worry about it being detached.

This holster fits lock 17, 19, 21, 23, 26, S&W M&P, S&W Shield, Sig P239 and all Similar Guns.

This product fully covers the trigger to avoid accidental firing. It is also form-fitted so you can be sure your gun is in perfect fit. This holster also allows quick access.


  • Leather feels more comfortable to the skin
  • Form fitting
  • Strap secures holster in belt
  • Allows quick access
  • Fits many different types of handguns


  • Leather material is less durable than plastic and can absorb moisture

6. The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster – for Maximum Comfort

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster - Made in...
  • HANDMADE BY AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN, FROM GENUINE USA SUEDE LEATHER! American made with American Pride, No synthetic...
  • FITS MOST FULL SIZE & COMPACT HANDGUNS IN 9MM, .40 & .45! Glock 17 / 17L / 22 / 31 | Glock 19 / 19X / 23 / 32 | Glock 26...
  • BACKED BY RELENTLESS TACTICAL’S LIFETIME WARRANTY! Carry the best IWB Holster on Amazon with confidence for the rest...

This product is almost the same as the Defender Leather IWB Holster except that it is made of suede leather instead of defender leather. Being made of genuine leather, it gives a satisfying feel and appearance.

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Size
  • R & A

Compared to plastic, this leather holster feels more comfortable to the skin. Compared to defender leather, it is more comfortable because of its velvety texture. It also adds minimal size to your gun so you don’t have to be uneasy because of bulks inside your pants.

This product has a strap that allows you to slip it into your belt so you don’t have to worry about it being detached.

This holster fits lock 17, 19, 21, 23, 26, S&W M&P, S&W Shield, Sig P239 and all Similar Guns.

This product fully covers the trigger to avoid accidental firing. This holster also allows quick access.


  • Leather feels more comfortable to the skin
  • Strap secures holster in belt
  • Allows quick access
  • Fits many different types of handguns


  • Leather material is less durable than plastic and can absorb moisture
  • May be hard to re-holster

7. Uncle Mike’s Nylon Open Top Style Inside-The-Pant Holster – with Internal Moisture Barrier

Uncle Mike's Off-Duty and Concealment Nylon OT ITP Holster (Black,...
  • Quality materials used for all Uncle Mike's products
  • 100% designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments
  • Whether you are a professional, recreational user, or even casual, Uncle Mike's will fit the mold for all types of...

This product has an internal moisture barrier which prevents perspiration or moisture to be transmitted to your gun. This can be one of the best IWB holsters for you if you are someone who lives in a place with high humidity or if you are someone who perspires a lot.

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Size
  • R & A

This model has ultra-thin, four-layer laminate which is no thicker than conventional suede leather holsters which makes it comfortable to use. The material used is also soft so you won’t feel uneasy as it touches your skin. You will not be uneasy of extra large mass inside your pants because this holster takes up minimal space.

This product has a belt clip that will be slipped over your pant top and belt to hold your gun securely.

This product has different sizes that you can choose from to suit your gun size.

This holster fully covers the trigger so you can avoid accidental firing. It also has a smooth lining that allows you to draw your gun more easily.


  • Has internal moisture barrier
  • Has ultra-thin, four-layer laminate for comfort
  • Soft material
  • Has good belt clip for security
  • Has different holster sizes
  • Has smooth lining for easier drawing


  • May not perfectly fit on all gun types
  • Can be unsteady if not fit perfectly


Now that we have laid you the options for the best IWB holsters, let us now pick the best choice of them all.


Before we end, I’ll give you the top choice and best value for this selection. If you’re really looking for durability and comfort, select the Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster.

Why is this my top choice?

This particular brand is tried and tested for me: it’s sturdy, comfortable to wear in any position and any angle, and securely fits my weapon without being too heavy.


On the other hand, if you really want to get the best value for your money, select the Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster.

It fits a wide range of handguns, which means you can use it for a lot of your collection.

Furthermore, this holster also features great quality material (original leather), comfort, and excellent fit for your gun.

And we end at that. Did you find this article helpful? If you did, leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Don’t forget to share with your friends, too!

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