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Gun Dog Guide: How to Train Your Dog to Hunt

Dogs are always considered to be the best companions of humans. And that’s undeniable. The most common place today, for a dog, is a house where they live as a pet. But a dog is a great working animal too. Since ages, dogs have been used as an assistant in hunting big game animals and birds. Me as a hunter and many of my hunter fellows are using dogs for hunting. But any dog that you find can’t make a good hunting partner. You must know how to train your dog to hunt first.

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How To Hunt Wild Hogs In The Most Accurate Way

Planning to hunt for a big game animal? Let me help! If the purpose behind your expedition is adventure and a lot of meat, hunting a hog would serve it well. With each passing year, hog hunting is becoming more and more popular in US. A hog is the second favorite big game animal after a white tailed deer. Also known by the names like wild boar or feral pig, these are quite interesting animals to hunt. Before discussing about how to hunt wild hogs, it would be good to discuss the psychology and behavior of these wild animals.

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Wing Shooting Guide | How to Hunt Doves?

Hunting down doves is the simplest (in preparation and equipment and not in technique) and most loved social sports. It is considered the best hunting option even for the beginners. The ratio of dove hunting is far more than any other form of shooting. As you don’t need to spend a lot on the hunting equipment, it’s quite inexpensiveness. Maybe that’s the reason why people are more attracted towards it. Many of them even don’t know how to hunt doves down but they still go for it.

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The Backpack Hunt Gear List – Best for Your Hunting Trip

A hunting trip is no doubt a challenging and downright grisly experience. With a well-packed hunting backpack, you can take on the trials of the wilderness and the hunt with maximum ease. Here, we give you a useful checklist on what to bring when going out to hunt, or also known as, the backpack hunt gear list.

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Turkey Hunting Guide | How to Hunt Turkey Effectively

Thanksgiving this year, is not too far. And it’s an occasion when I am often asked about turkey hunting. So I thought to share my own way of turkey hunting. Wild turkey, a big sized game bird is farmed on a larger scale across the US. Family occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving are incomplete without it. Most of the people do not have any idea of how to hunt turkey. They take it as a simply effortless adventure. Let me make it clear, it is not easy to hunt turkeys.

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How to Skin a Fox Perfectly | 8 Steps for a Flawless Hide

When a hunter catches his prey, it gives him great pleasure to extract the prize. But only a wise hunter knows how to take his trophy proficiently and in its full glory. Skinning a fox is a tedious but rewarding task, requiring patience and skill in order to separate fur from body as neatly and efficiently as possible. Thus, in this article, I’ll be giving you a tutorial on how to skin a fox in this very manner.

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How to Hunt a Mountain Lion | Getting Your First Kill

Although attacks are rare, mountain lions can be a frightening sight for a camper or hiker. But to hunters like you and me, a mountain lion can be seen as an object for the sport with the promise of an exhilarating hunt. These amazing animals can sprint fast, jump high, and are excellent hunters themselves—qualities that make them quite challenging to catch or hunt. Nevertheless, this article will be teaching you how to trap or hunt mountain lions step-by-step.

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The Fundamentals of Catching Coyotes | 5 Useful and Effective Tips

First thing’s first, what are coyotes and why do you want to get rid of them? Coyotes are canids native to North America that are very much like wolves and are considered predatory. Why do you want to trap them? Although it can happen, coyotes rarely attack people. However, coyotes can be a problem for livestock and domestic pets, especially if you own a farm with animals. In this article, I will be talking about how to trap a coyote in the most efficient way possible.

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How To Hunt A Fox – Step By Step Guideline

If you know anything about foxes, then you probably know that they are the most widespread dog species across the world. They live almost everywhere, from the forests, grasslands, mountains, and countryside. These foxes are also known to be intelligent, and they have sharp hearing. Due to these facts, they can be quite difficult to hunt.

Fox hunting needs to be carefully planned and involves a lot tracking, chasing and sometimes even killing the animal. If you have been wondering how to can successfully hunt down a fox, then you have come to the right place, as we are about to spin out a perfect step by step approach on how to hunt a fox.

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