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Effective Ways to Use Natural Smells to Attract Big Deer

It is no secret that animals in the wild have a far sharper set of senses than your average hunter. Deer are especially well adjusted to their environment and are put on high alert the very moment they detect anything out of the ordinary in the world around them. An odd twig snap or some suddenly startled birds is the only catalyst needed to turn a potential target animal into nothing more than a distant memory.

One of the key elements that can cause a deer to stay far from your area is any odd smell they detect regarding you and your presence in the woods. There are certainly some things you can attempt to do to minimize your smell, but there are also other smells you can incorporate that can help to improve your chances of bagging a deer.

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How to Find the Best Spots to Hunt Whitetails

One of the most crucial elements to finding deer when you are hunting is knowing where to look. Just because you saw a deer in a field one day does not, by any means, guarantee that this particular deer will be there again tomorrow or even next week. You may have witnessed a deer striking out on its own from the herd or one that is attempting to avoid a predator.

In each case, the particular deer you just saw may in fact have no connection to this particular field and may not be there when hunting season comes around. If what you are after is an almost certain guarantee of venison in the freezer, you should take a few needed steps to all but secure your prize once the season sets in.​

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Reasons for Changes in White Tail Deer Behaviors

Whitetail deer behaviors can change for any number of reasons. Predators and hunters can force deer to behave strangely as can food availability and weather concerns. If an animal is placed under stress in their current environment, it will surely do its best to either remove the stress or to remove itself from the environment.

One of the greatest reasons for changes in deer behavior is in regards to the shift in seasons. Many deer behave in predictable patters based upon the season. This is an especially important piece of information to consider when not only hunting, but when doing preseason spotting as well.

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