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What Are Some Ways to Successfully Call A Deer?

Have you ever been out in the woods hunting and just had no luck at all? Maybe you are wondering how to attract the big deer? You could be hunting in the perfect spot, wearing the perfect camouflage and using the right rifle or bow and still not see a deer the whole hunting trip.  If you were relying on luck to get that big deer to come to you, then chances are you could benefit from learning some basics on calling deer.

A successful deer call can convince deer in your vicinity that there is either a potential mate or, worse yet, a challenger to an alpha deer’s domain. Either way, using the proper deer call at the proper time can help ensure you get the deer you are after.

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How to Hunt Quail Like a Pro? Follow These Tips

Hunting may seem like an out-dated hobby to many, but for those with experience on a hunt of any variety, it is an unrivaled recreational activity which offers participants a chance to exercise, commune with natural habitats, and occasionally, dine on the fruits of their labor. If you are interested in hunting but have little experience, we suggest you begin by learning how to hunt quail, a ubiquitous and delicious species found across the United States and the World.

To hunt quail successfully, you must know the most common varieties of quail, their appearance, their habitat, and what to do with the appropriate equipment once you have located a covey, a group of quail, in the wild. As we will describe below, the properly equipped hunter can locate and bait quail according to their preferred method and safely operate a shotgun loaded with the appropriately sized ammunition. Then, with a touch of luck, you may watch a delicious dinner flutter to the ground.

The Types Of Quail

In the United States alone, there are many varieties of quail you may encounter depending on which region of the country you are planning your hunt in. We have briefly described the most common types of quail along with some helpful information regarding their appearance and habitats below.

The Bobwhite Quail

This is by far the most common type of quail in the United States. Its population is concentrated in the Midwestern states but it can also be found throughout the American South and in Mexico. The bobwhite quail is easy to identify as its brownish body is topped off by a telltale white streak along the length of their heads. They can be found in sparsely wooded areas with easy access to grassy fields in which they feed across the country.

The Button Quail

Button quail are native to Asia, Australia, and sub-Sharan Africa, but they are being bred more often in North America in the 21st century. Button quail prefer a sandy habitat with access to wooded areas as opposed to the grassy terrain preferred by the bobwhite quail. Their appearance varies by region but generally includes brown and black tones perforated by yellowish spots.

The California Quail

As the name implies, the California quail is concentrated in the Western United States with some populations extending over the Rocky Mountains into the Midwestern states. It prefers a habitat similar to that of the bobwhite quail and can be distinguished primarily by the bluish tint found on its stomach.

The Japanese Quail

Like the button quail, the Japanese quail is not native to the United States, but it is being bred in North America at this point. Japanese quail look very similar to button quail but they have a rounder body and a whitish stomach.

How To Hunt Quail: Where And When

Unfortunately, quail populations have been on the decline in recent decades as the species' habitat has become more and more sparse. This situation makes opportunities to hunt quail less abundant and hence more valuable. If you look carefully, you will still have the opportunity to learn where and how to hunt quail most effectively.

Quail Habitat

When to Hunt Quail


Your Gear

Quail bird standing in a piece of wood

Image by Manu Bird from Pixabay

No hunt is successful without the necessary preparations. Before you set out to hunt, especially if you are new to the sport and just learning how to hunt quail, ensure you have checked the weather report, researched the terrain in which you will hunt, and brought enough provisions to perform in the field comfortably.



Avoid Rifles and Bows

Protective Clothing



Quail standing at the square rock

Image by JAdamsID from Pixabay

If you are eager to learn how to hunt quail, you are taking the first steps toward a thrilling recreational journey which often morphs into an obsession. To ensure your first experiences are rewarding and successful, you must know to look for quail in their unique habitat: areas that feature grassy fields and wooded hiding spots. Once you know where to look, you must be prepared with the proper clothing, equipment, and firearms. If you internalize the advice above, then you now know how to hunt quail.

Featured Image: Image by Sean Echelbarger from Pixabay

The Best Duck Calls to Buy on Amazon Today

When you think about it, it’s incredible that we can communicate with ducks. Granted, we’re not yet at the point where we can have full conversational exchanges with these birds, but we can use the best duck calls around to mimic the sounds that ducks naturally produce to lure them toward us.

Anyone who has been duck hunting knows just how essential the duck call is to the whole process. But we can’t pretend there is a single, end-all-be-all duck call out there. The modern hunter has myriad options when calling ducks, and it’s for that reason that we put together this guide on the best duck calls on today’s market.

Having a good aim and a steady hand only helps to seal the deal when it comes to duck hunting. So much of the process requires knowing where to find ducks and them luring them in. A duck blind and a decoy will go far to helpyou get the drop on these flying fowl, but the addition and use of one of the best duck calls to your game will greatly increase your hunting success.

How Can You Evaluate The Best Duck Calls Around?

In order to discover which are the best duck calls for you to purchase, you need to know a bit about duck calls and what makes them differ from one another. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to bagging your limit and bringing home the dinner. For that reason, we have tackled two major issues in this article.

First, it is our aim to give you all the facts and factors that will allow you to choose the best duck calls for your hunting style and your pocketbook. Secondly, we have listed a number of duck calls that we have shortlisted as members of the “best duck calls on Amazon today.”

duck call from duck commander

Image from Amazon

By the end, you will have all the tools you need to make a decision, and we will even provide links to the best duck calls on the market to help streamline your shopping process.

To do this, we need to start at the beginning and answer the question: “What are Duck Calls?”

What Are Duck Calls?

duck commander duck calls

Image from Amazon

A “duck call” is either the animal mimicry process whereby duck hunters lure ducks towards them, or the device itself that the hunter uses to produce the sound of a duck. The best duck calls are quite adept at producing sounds that ducks are attracted to. They share much in common with woodwind instruments, as anyone who has heard an oboe understands.

The original duck calls were basically types of simple woodwinds that happened to produce sounds within the range that a duck does. Later developments led to some of the best duck calls being constructed out of plastic and rubber. These often allow the duck hunter to adjust the tone and volume of their specific call.

Types of Duck Calls

Today, the best duck calls usually fall into two categories. They are usually either single or double reed calls. There are triple reed duck calls, but these are rare and few of the best duck calls use this method. Double reed duck calls are considered a bit easier to master, even if less versatile than single reed duck calls. The goal of all three types of duck calls is to imitate a live duck and convince other ducks that a decoy is actually alive.

Beyond whether the call has one reed, two reeds, or three, duck calls can be further categorized by their material. Today, the most common types of duck call materials are wood and acrylic. In general, acrylic duck calls tend to produce a louder call that can carry its signal much further than its wooden counterpart. Volume is not everything, however. Many hunters find that their best duck calls end up being wooden, especially if they favor hunting in swampy areas.

Does The Type Of Duck Call Matter?

duck commander duck call

Image from Amazon

The type of duck call definitely matters. Among the many considerations one needs to make when picking out a duck call is their own ability to imitate a duck. The calls go far to help lure ducks into your crosshairs, but ultimately the hunter needs to know the “magic words” to speak into the device.

These “magic words” vary depending on the style and construction of each duck call, but some general guidelines can be followed. Using air from your diaphragm, you can press air into your duck call while saying either “wuit,” “hut,” or “oak” which produces a sound quite like a duck’s quack. If you wish to imitate the sound of a duck’s feeding call, you can quickly repeat “tiki-tika” or “duga-duga” into your duck call.

The more experience you have hunting, the better these calls will get. There are many magic words to learn when it comes to manipulating your anatine prey. Let’s explore what your options are when choosing between the different types of the best duck calls around.

Single Reed vs Double Reed

There is no rule of thumb as simple as “____-type reeds are the best calls you can buy.” Instead, choosing between a single reed or a double reed duck call boils down to a matter of personal preference.

Single reeds tend to have more range and more versatility than double reeds. This makes them ideal for calling over long distances. It also means that if the hunter is advanced enough to use a wide variety of calls to manipulate the ducks, the single reed will be more accommodating. That said, for beginners, a single reed can end up making many more un-duck-like noises compared to double reeds.

The double reed has a sweet spot that will almost always sound duck-like if you can hit it. It usually takes a bit more lung power to get a double reed sounding right, but we still consider double reeds to be better for the beginner duck hunter.

Acrylic vs Wood

Acrylic duck calls tend to be much louder and produce a much sharper sound than wooden duck calls. That is because acrylic is very dense when compared to wood. This means that some of the best duck calls for open water and long distances are made of acrylic. Remember that you are also part of the equation when it comes to picking the best duck call for your hunting adventures. If you find the call too sharp, you will annoy yourself, and an annoyed hunter is a poor hunter indeed.

Other duck hunters opt for wooden duck calls. These produce a softer, more mellow sound than the acrylic versions. Wooden duck calls excel in closer range scenarios, and many duck hunters find that they prefer the quality of the sound. Both acrylic and wooden duck calls can do a great job of imitating birds if you choose among the best duck calls on the internet.

Another factor to consider is that acrylic duck calls are much easier to maintain than wooden duck calls. This is because acrylic is dense and wood is porous. Since you constantly blow into a duck call there is always a risk of it retaining moisture from your mouth. The wooden calls will absorb this moisture, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

As with all parts of your hunting gear, maintenance is a must. Know that you will have a little more maintenance on your docket if you favor wooden duck calls over their acrylic cousins.

4 Best Duck Calls You Can Purchase On Amazon

The duck call comes in a real tree camo pattern, designed not to give you away when you are hunting in the New Zealand bush or even in the swamps of Louisiana.

With only a little experience, this one duck call can be used to do haling calls, feed calls, quacks, comeback calls, … the sky’s the limit. Ideally, the Camo Max call is used for the finishing call when the ducks are closing in on the blind.

If you buy this duck call, then you will have it for a long time to come. It is made of high impact plastic which takes a long time to degrade even when exposed to weather. Further perks of the call include its low price point.

The duck call for both casual and experienced hunters, the call combo pack has some serious advantages compared with the competition. For starters, the pack has two calls, comes in at half the price of most other single pack calls, and is easy to use for anyone, young and old.

The Duck Gardner combo pack comes with two calls. One of the calls is a Buck Gardner 6N1 Pintail Whistle made for shy and late season ducks that you do not want to miss. The second call is for a more dynamic and versatile call.

Designed with a new type of reed, which sustains a more dynamic call, the Buck Gardner is a whistle perfect for Mallard Drakes, Pintail and Widgeon Drakes, and Wood Duck Drakes.

While the price on this duck call may be a bit shocking, there are a few advantages of a more expensive call compared with the competition. The Zink Hunting Game Duck Call is a great buy for a hunter who wants to blow their call really hard and loud. Due to the design of the Zink Duck Call, there is no chance of the reed sticking when you blow.

The other major advantage of this call over the others on our list is the design. Most duck calls are, let’s face it, a bit on the ugly side. If you want a call with pizzazz or flare, then a call from Zink is really the only way to go.

Another duck call by Duck Commander that made our list, the Jase Robertson Pro Series has a bit more design choice and durability than the other model that we reviewed, however, either is a good choice for a starter duck call.

The Jase Robertson is loud enough for open water, but the manufacturer emphasizes its ideal nature for finishing. The versatility of the call is due to the precision cut acrylic cast rod design, making it easy to blow loud or soft.

This call is great for beginners because it has a double-reed system and comes custom tuned from West Monroe.


The best advice when looking for one of the best duck calls on the internet is to know yourself and your duck hunting style. Odds are that you already favor one type of duck call over the other, whether that means single reed over double reed, or acrylic over wood. For that reason, the best deal concerning the best duck calls around has to be awarded to the Buck Gardner The Finisher Duck Call Combo Pack.

This pack not only costs less than many of the other calls which make a claim to be one of the best duck calls around, it also provides you with options. Both experienced and casual hunters will find something to love with the Buck Gardner The Finisher Duck Call Combo Pack.

We were really impressed with its state of the art reed in the more dynamic of the two calls in the pack that allowed for a greater amount of variation on our calls. And while one half of the pack grants you a high degree of customization, the other half makes for a great stand-by. The Buck Gardner 6N1 Pintail Whistle is simply one of the best duck calls around in terms of bagging those late season ducks and it is only one half of this pack that barely costs more than two Big Mac meals.

Best Deer Hunting Rifle – Available In The Market Today

Whether it’s your first big hunt or you’re a seasoned veteran, there are few things more important than your rifle. Finding a deer-hunting rifle is easy, but finding the best deer-hunting rifle can be a challenge. As you do for any other tool, you want to carefully research each option before choosing the best rifle for the job. Each rifle is specifically designed for a particular purpose. Whether you are hunting big game on the open plain or chasing smaller animals through the woods, you’ll want the right gear for a safe, enjoyable and successful hunt. Here is a list of some of the best hunting rifles on the market today. It’s by no means all of the rifles available, and there are many great options that didn’t make this list. Look through the FAQs to better appreciate each of these finely crafted rifles, and get to know your gun and its safety features before going out on your next big hunt. If you want your rifle to last a lifetime, make sure to take proper care of your equipment.

Comparison Table Of The Best Deer Hunting Rifle





Remington Model 700 Sendero SF II

Remington Model 700 Sendero SF II best deer hunting rifle
  • 7mm Remington Mag
  • 3-round capacity
  • 26-inch barrel
  • Stainless steel barrel

Vanguard Safari

Vanguard Safari best deer hunting rifle
  • .30-06 Springfield
  • Bolt action
  • 24-inch barrel
  • Cold hammer forged

Ruger American Rifle Magnum

Ruger American Rifle Magnum best deer hunting rifle
  • .300 Win Mag
  • 3-round capacity
  • 24-inch barrel
  • Stainless steel barrel

H&R Synthetic Handi-Rifle

H&R Synthetic Handi-Rifle best deer hunting rifle
  • .22 Hornet
  • 3-round capacity
  • 22-inch barrel
  • Stainless steel barrel

Tikka T3x Hunter

Tikka T3x Hunter
  • .308 Win Mag
  • Bolt action
  • 22-inch barrel
  • Steel barrel

Sako 85 Finnlight

Sako 85 Finnlight best deer hunting rifle
  • .308 Win Mag
  • Magazine
  • 16-inch barrel
  • Fluted barrel


DPMS GII AP4 best deer hunting rifle
  • .308 Win Mag
  • Magazine
  • 16-inch barrel
  • Chrome-lined barrel


 rifle on the blue cloth

What Makes a Great Hunting Rifle?

Which Caliber Do I Need For a Deer Hunting Rifle?

What Length Barrel Should I Use?

What Do I Need Before I Hunt Deer?

How We Reviewed

Man in the lake holding Best Deer Hunting Rifle

Each of these rifles was selected based on a number of factors. First, they are all highly rated by professional reviewers. Next, they are best sellers and popular among buyers. These rifles are well priced, rugged and able to meet all your deer-hunting needs. Because of the number of factors that go into choosing a great rifle this isn’t a complete list of all the top-rated rifles, but it’s a good snapshot of some excellent-quality choices. Depending on your hunting style and caliber preferences you may or may not find the best hunting rifle for you on this list.

Price Range

For deer-hunting rifles the sky's the limit for price range. You can easily spend several thousand dollars on an exquisitely crafted rifle. However, for a balance of practicality and cost effectiveness the rifles. This represents a good investment without extravagant features that aren’t necessary. Determine how much you are willing to spend, and look for a rifle that suits both your style and wallet. There are a few factors that affect the price range. The caliber and barrel length can dramatically increase the price so less expensive rifles may not necessarily be of lower quality. The type of material the upper, lower and stock are built with also affect the price.

Best Deer Hunting Rifles

Remington Model 700 Sendero SF II

Remington Model 700 Sendero SF II best deer hunting rifle

Made for accuracy, this bolt-action 7mm rifle is an excellent choice for long-range kill shots. It has an ambidextrous grip and can be equipped with a bipod for additional accuracy and support. With a 26-inch barrel it’s the longest rifle on this list. The fluted barrel helps with heat dissipation, and the sleek look gives you no-nonsense power and performance. For a calm, steady hunter who likes to line up the perfect long-range shot, this is a great rifle.

Vanguard Safari

Vanguard Safari best deer hunting rifle

This stylish rifle has a beautiful European walnut stock and hand-rubbed oil finish. It’s another bolt-action, accurate rifle. The adjustable trigger ensures you get a clean shot, and you won’t have to worry about tugging the trigger or any delay in action. With a powerful .30-06 you’ll be thankful for the comfortable recoil pad. The bolt body is also fluted which gives you smooth action and eliminates resistance. It only has a 24-inch barrel, but it’s significantly less expensive than the Remington Model 700 Sendero SF II. It’s a great rifle for a balance between long range, lightweight and cost-effective hunting.

Ruger American Rifle Magnum

Ruger American Rifle Magnum best deer hunting rifle

One of the more inexpensive rifles, the Ruger American Rifle Magnum is a straightforward choice. Its .300 Win Mag won’t sacrifice any power for affordability, and the single-column magazine gives you a 3-round capacity. It comes with a scope rail so you can add a scope for greater accuracy. It has a more modern look and can also come with .338 Win Mag.

H&R Synthetic Handi-Rifle

H&R Synthetic Handi-Rifle best deer hunting rifle

The least-expensive rifle, the Handi-Rifle is one of the only small-caliber rifles on this list. The .22 Hornet gives this rifle far less recoil and weight than other, larger-caliber choices. Because of this it’s a great rifle for young hunters. The 22-inch barrel is still long enough for mid-range shots, and the overall length of 38 inches is good for easy carrying. Of course it won’t have the stopping power of a high-powered rifle, so you’ll want to line up the perfect shot. If you’re a casual hunter looking for a great deal or if your teenager is looking to join your next hunt, this is a great choice.

Tikka T3 Hunter

Tikka T3 Hunter best deer hunting rifle

This rifle has an incredible amount of customization. While the .308 is a popular choice, you can choose anything from .243 Win, 7mm Rem Mag or .30-06. You can also purchase a variety of barrel lengths for this versatile rifle. This rifle has a wide and angled ejection port which is convenient for feeding and ejecting cartridges correctly every time. The stock is specifically designed to lower the noise so you’ll be able to take your time. If a .308 gives you too much recoil, you’ll enjoy the comfortable recoil pad. This particular option comes with a slightly shorter barrel which is great for a compact, stalking design. If you prefer a longer barrel, there are several options available. It’s a great rifle for the avid hunter if you know the exact caliber and barrel length you prefer.

Sako 85 Finnlight

Sako 85 Finnlight best deer hunting rifle

This durable, high-quality rifle is designed to be used in a variety of climates and is compact enough for long treks, tired arms or younger hunters. It’s got plenty of power with .308 Win Mag. The fluted barrel helps cool it much faster and also gives it less weight. The stock is comfortable and efficient. The overall look is a bit plain, but the subtle style creates a sturdy, no-nonsense feel. It’s great for someone looking for an affordable, lightweight rifle that still provides a powerful and accurate shot.


DPMS GII AP4 best deer hunting rifle

This award-winning rifle has a tremendous number of features and high-quality craftsmanship. It won the Golden Bullseye Award from the NRA which means you can trust it’s an excellent product. It’s designed to be compact, lightweight, durable and accurate. This tactical rifle isn’t as long-range as some of the other more traditional deer-hunting selections. However, it’s designed for efficiency and has an extraction system that avoids ejection malfunctions. The magazine is beveled which is easy to change and comfortable to hold. Its heavy-duty construction includes an upper and lower that is forged. The steel feed ramp has excellent ammunition-feeding functionality. If you are looking for a professionally designed rifle with excellent features and a lightweight package, this is a great choice for you.

The Verdict

Hunter and his dog

Now that you’ve reviewed some of the best deer-hunting rifle options on the market, carefully consider the type of hunting you most enjoy. Whether you are looking for a long-range mule deer hunt on the plains or stalking elusive whitetails through the woods, there are many options when it comes to deer hunting. Once you have decided the type of hunting, you need to consider which options will best suit your style. A long-barreled, accurate model like the Remington Model 700 Sendero SF II works well for a smooth, careful kill shot. On the other hand, if you need to hike long distances and have low visibility, the DPMS GII AP4 or the H&R Synthetic Handi-Rifle would be great choices. Whichever model you choose, any rifle on this list will give you a durable, accurate choice for deer hunting.                                            

27 Reasons Why Hunting Is Good For The Environment

why hunting is good

Man has been hunting wild game since the dawn of time. An animal’s carcass provides meat, pelts, bone and other items that hunters used for survival. Modern man does not normally hunt for survival anymore, but some do. There are estimated to be over 15 million hunters in the United States alone. In this article, we offer 27 reasons why hunting is good for the environment.

What Is Hunting?

hunter holding a rifle

Hunting has been defined as the ending of an animal’s life for food or sport. However, many activists include fishing as a form of hunting.

Who Hunts?

Two men practicing rifle

Men, women, and children of all ages across the world hunt each year. Currently, there are an estimated 50 million hunters across the planet, with 15 million in the United States alone.

Why Is Hunting Important?

hunter holding rifle

For some, hunting provides food. For others, hunting is a sport. Both are economically important to many people, such as family members, retailers, and governmental agencies. Large amounts of monies are spent each year on camping gear, hunting weapons, survival food, and outdoor clothing to provide the hunter with what they need for their trek. Hunters also provide a great deal of money to state and government agencies in the form of taxes and fees, which puts in place an amazing amount of environmental protections.

Hunting also preserves forests and wild areas. High densities of any animal can destroy the ecosystem and can have a huge environmental impact for many years after. If forest trees are destroyed by deer, for example, runoff of soil could result in decades of damage to farm lands just below the forested areas. As the trees die off, the carbon dioxide would grow and expand, and the seed trees would be unable to grow in the barren soil because of the now hot and unfriendly environment. Hunters can control the deer densities and keep carbon dioxide out of the environment.

Furthermore, the more an individual hunts, the closer they become to the land. They become the first to see recovery, disease, or pollution. They are also the first to report these signs to specialized agencies that can take the necessary steps to bring the land back or protect the beginning of recovery.

Do Animals Become Extinct Because of Hunters?


While some people vilify hunters, most hunters follow a strict code of ethics and rules that allow them to continue to enjoy their desired recreation. Hunters are often blamed for the extinction of various animal species, but the truth is that most of the extinct creatures died off after environmental changes occurred. Hunters had nothing to do with their demise.

How Do Hunters Impact the Environment?

hands holding globe

Modern hunters recognize that protections for land and animals are one of the few ways to help maintain a balance and keep nature preserved. They understand that the money they donate and provide in licensing fees is vital to the maintenance of wetlands, deserts, forests, and rainforests across the globe. Most hunters are staunch environmentalists because protecting their favorite playground will let them enjoy their favorite recreational activity as well.

As hunters become more aware of habitat destruction and urban sprawl, they are also growing closer to, and often joining with, the public environmental activists and ecosystem green leaders. Hunters love their wild environments and strive to protect and improve the land.

27 Reasons Why Hunting Is Good

hunters holding animals

When humans take care of themselves, they also take care of the environment around them. Hunting can offer individuals the chance to improve upon themselves, take care of their surroundings, and improve the economy. Each of these factors is intertwined with one another to provide humanity with a positive reason to promote hunting as environmentally necessary and sound. Hunting is good for the environment for the following 27 reasons.

1. Improve Mental Health

Waiting for a game animal to appear can sometimes take hours. There are no cell phones to answer, no document deadlines, and no meetings to prepare for. For that reason, individuals find it can be very therapeutic to sit among the sounds of nature and let the gentle rush wash over them as they develop a deep connection to the land. The more connected they are, the more they will try to save the environment.

2. Exercise

Hunters often walk for miles off the beaten path to get to a blind or well-hidden spot in the shrub. In addition, they must carry a weapon (usually 10 or more pounds), food, water, and personal gear. Not only does the walk improve their stamina, but the trudging about on uneven ground also lets hunters become aware at the first sign of any problems with the flora or fauna within their area. Without this information, disease and overpopulation could run rampant.

3. Build Social Skills

For hundreds of years, parents have taken their sons and daughters out into the wilderness to teach them to hunt. While the activity can be physically exhausting, it can also create a bonding as few other experiences can. Walking along with family or friends gives individuals teaching moments that are far away from the hubbub of city life. When bonding occurs within the confines of outdoor spaces, that environment becomes important to all participants, and the ecosystem must be protected.

4. Relax

Many hunters treasure the time they spend in nature during their hunting expeditions. They may complain about the rain, snow, and cold, but when pressed to explain why they make the trip out into the wilds every year, hunters will almost unanimously explain that they love the peace and relaxation the hunt provides. With the intake of all that almost pure air, it would be difficult not to relax in the pristine areas hunters seek. Why wouldn’t they want to protect that environment and help develop more areas just like it?

5. Eat Healthy Food

Hunting game meat is typically the quest of the hunter, and that means bringing home food that is free of man-made chemicals and antibiotics. That is why wild game meat is considered healthier for consumption than commercially bred meat. For those seeking a lean-meat hunt, protecting the environment becomes an important part of their daily life in order to protect their future hunts and their food source.

6. Experience Survival

Although it can be difficult for some to understand, there are individuals who push themselves to survive off the land. Their desire is to take responsibility for their own food by hunting the animals they eat. Those individuals do not like the separation found between the grocery store and the table. Peace comes to them when they take down that buck or bear on the land they strive diligently to protect and improve.

7. Acknowledge Kinship

Hunters often believe they have a kinship with wildlife. Many even have rituals they perform to honor the life given up by the animal at their feet. This doesn’t make them silly; it reconnects them with our ancestors who performed those same rites long ago. Those hunters don’t leave debris after a hunt, because they respect the land and want to improve it. They also bury the carcass or take it with them instead of polluting the land.

8. Participate in Life

Hunters wander through trees, scrubs, waterways, and worn paths. They venture into rain, snow, and dangerous winds. They choose to take these adventures because they want to create the next chapter of their life instead of letting someone dictate how they can spend their next hours. Hunters are strong individuals who want to be their own persons and improve their environment while doing so. For them, knowing the pristine area will be there next year is as essential as their next breath.

9. Control Overpopulation

Maintaining animal population control is a key component in maintaining a well-balanced ecosystem. An example is the elk in North American that became overpopulated and upset the ecosystem by stripping the available vegetation. As the natural grasses disappeared, so did other populations of smaller animals. By removing the excess number of deer, the smaller creatures were able to return and bring nature back into balance.

10. Cull Invasive Species

Many times throughout history, humans have unknowingly added invasive species of animals into nature. The results are often devastating. Hogs, pythons, and rabbits are all examples of good intentions gone wrong. Without the culling of these dangerous, quickly multiplying predators, the balance of nature would be broken, and many at-risk species would disappear.

11. Preserve Ecosystems

As man expands, the uninhabited spaces available for wild animals slowly disappears. But hunters must purchase licenses and pay special taxes that provide much needed monies to continually support and rebuild wild animal habitats. This helps maintain the balance of the ever-shrinking ecosystem.

12. Restrict Hunting

Because each hunter must purchase a license, the area being hunted is traced, as is the species being tracked within the hunt. Additionally, all hunters do not get animals during their allowed hunting period, but those who do must report which animal they shot, and where. This helps conservationists to track herds and limits hunting in areas seen as unbalanced.

13. Protect Vehicles and Lives

When a population of any animal gets out of control, the first sign is what some often call “road kill.” These are animals that have been killed by speeding vehicles. As populations grow, the need for food expands, and human roads get into the way of the herd’s food source. Millions of dollars are spent each year to repair vehicles damaged by large and small animals that are hit crossing busy roads. Sometimes those accidents can become fatal. Hunters can help reduce the population sizes and thus keep the animals in secluded habitats. By doing this, they can also protect human life.

14. Protect Property

Sometimes populations grow so rapidly that the animals can do excessive damage to homes, crops, and stored food supplies. This is true of elephants, rabbits, and mice. While hunters don’t search for mice, the money they spend each year does maintain habitats for the predators of both rabbits and mice. The healthy and abundant habitats for elephants are also important to protect both human life and food.

15. Protect the Land

As populations of animals grow, so do their appetites, and the grasses, flowers, and herbs that allow the increase of birds, insects, and small animals are quickly depleted. As the grasses disappear, the rains can cause severe soil erosion and even landslides. By keeping animals in check, the land’s grasses are allowed to take root and protect the soil.

16. Protect Flora

Hungry animals can deplete a field of wildflowers within hours. As the wildflowers disappear, so do the bees and butterflies, and with their disappearance comes implications about human survival. In a viscous circle, the smallest of creatures pollinate our food to keep us alive, so hunters work to keep them alive.

17. Increase Tourism​​​​

Hunters often travel far from home to find that special animal. That means they often need somewhere to sleep, food to eat, and entertainment. Small towns near popular rural hunting sites can benefit greatly by the influx of hunting money.

18. Increase Employment for Services

Hunters receive information and permission to hunt from state and government agencies that employ park rangers, guides, game wardens, and numerous other specialists who help keep the ecosystem in balance. The agencies also employ analysts, forecasters, and specialists to account for the numbers of animals in various habitats.

19. Increase Employment for Goods

Hunters need equipment such as bows, guns, tents, blinds, tree stands, fishing poles, and camping gear. Of course, each of these items must be manufactured, which means employment. As each of these employees becomes curious and aware of the natural world, they will understand how it is affected by humans and that it must be protected.

20. Increase Funds Received

As previously mentioned, hunters pay taxes. These excise taxes are used for animal surveys, wildlife studies, animal management, habitat rebuilding, and sanctuary development. Last year the tax amounted to over $800 million in the United States alone.

21. Support Conservation Groups

Hunters donated $250 million to conservation groups last year in an effort to develop strategies to protect endangered species. Whitetail deer, grouse, pheasants, and ducks are among the many species that have had their numbers depleted. This donation money helps to focus on the health and populations of those depleted animals.

22. Restore Wetlands and Forests

Hunters have donated enough money in the last decade to restore 45,000 acres of wetlands. They have also helped replant forests, restore grasslands, redevelop watersheds, and purchase property to establish protected environments for wildlife development.

23. Improve Education

In 2017 officials, paid by hunter’s donations, were able to oversee 200,000 volunteers who focused their time and energy in helping with efforts to protect endangered wildlife. These same officials were able to go to schools, non-profits groups, and religious meetings to educate non-hunters about wildlife conservation and the need for hunting programs.

24. Create Habitats

Hunters provided the government with enough money to purchase and maintain 4 million acres in the United States. Also, 40 million acres have been set aside by private individuals as wildlife habitats. This is about the size of the state of Washington and has allowed for ducks, deer, wild turkeys, and buffalo to come back from the brink of extinction to herds of millions.

25. Renew Wildlife

State wildlife agencies get approximately 60 percent of their funding from hunter-paid taxes, fees, and licenses. With this money, trees are planted, waters are protected, and dwindling animal populations are renewed.

26. Control Predators

Bears, wolves, coyotes, and cougars often keep to themselves and exist in their ecosystem. As their populations explode, they can harm humans. Hunters keep predators under control by regulating their food source; therefore, their numbers rarely surge out of control any more.

27. Expand Senses

Hunters are not spectators; they are participants in nature. While out there in the wild, they learn how to track, what scat means, how to read the land, and which animals are active when. They learn to observe, listen, and feel. They can tell the difference between the rustling wind and a scurrying rabbit. All this comes by expanding a sense of acuity. As their acuity grows, so does their need to protect the precious area and animals they have grown to love.


hunter setting in the tree

In today’s electronic lifestyle, there is often a disdain for hunters and the sport of hunting. A few people even vilify the hunter and want to force their own personal beliefs and feelings about hunting on others. It is important to be dispassionate when discussing hunting and its benefits. Without the money gleaned from hunters, many delicate ecosystems would be at the mercy of encroachment by man, poachers, or other environmental disturbances.

Hunters provide the means to create wildlife sanctuaries, to conduct research, and to bring endangered species back to life. The next time a trophy photo comes across your phone, tablet, or laptop, try to remember that without legal hunters putting money into your ecosystem, some wildlife you know and love might become extinct.

Hunters are good for the environment. They protect the lands they love by providing the money necessary to shelter, rebuild, and improve the precious acres. If anyone ever asks you why hunting is good for the environment, you now have 27 answers to give them.


Hunting 101: Hunting Safely and Effectively

Hunting101 Hunting Safely and Effectively

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Best Hunting Knife Review: Ideal Knives For Hunting With Confidence

Different forms of hunting require a vastly different set of gear. However, there’s one particular tool that every hunter should have in his person: a hunting knife. Well, if you’re going to be outdoors in general, it’s always best that you carry a knife. And if you do, don’t settle for anything less than the best hunting knife. With a high-quality knife, you will be able to dress game, cut branches, and twigs, and it can even be used as a weapon in a survival situation.

Shopping for a good hunting knife is easier said than done. There’s just so many brands and models on the market that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Lucky for you, we are here to help. Today, we have made a shortlist of some of the best hunting knives that you can use as a wilderness companion.

Product Name




No products found.

No products found.

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No products found.

No products found.

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No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We aim to list the best knives that will provide the combination of performance, quality, and value. Thus, it’s important for us to be accurate and honest about our recommendations. We have taken the liberty to research and test these knives so you don’t have to. For shortlisting these knives, we have taken into account several factors like quality, reliability, performance, features, price, and value. We have also checked the user feedback for these hunting knives and taken them into consideration.

With that said, you can trust that you can’t go wrong with our selection of hunting knives. Hopefully, this buyer’s guide will help you choose the right knife for your hunting needs.

Let’s get to it!

Top 5 Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives

No products found.

No products found.


No products found.

The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife is considered to be a classic in the hunting community.

The knife features a tough as nails chromium vanadium drop point steel blade and a formidable profile, making it a reliable tool whenever you are on the trail or setting up camp. The overall length of the knife is 10.5 inches which are quite imposing but still manages to be lightweight and well-balanced.

I’ve been using this knife for the longest time and it can make short work of even the biggest game. The 5.25-inch blade is enclosed with the Grivory handle that just feels good on the hand. The slip-proof grip will not fail you regardless of the task and weather. The pommel is also a tough one which should get you through emergencies like breaking the car window.

You’ll love how the knife looks and feels in your hand.



1.0 lb

Blade type:



Blade length 5.25"; Overall length 10.5"


1095 Cro-Van

Handle material:


Key features:

Full tang, Comes with a hard shell black nylon sheath, Versatile 20-degree blade angle

No products found.

No products found.


No products found.

The Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife is another iconic knife that’s worth anyone’s attention. The 124 Frontiersman is a high-quality and durable knife that should meet the needs of beginners and veteran hunters alike. The 6 ¼-inch blade is made from high carbon 420 stainless steel which has excellent strength, displays superior edge retention, and is resistant to corrosion.

We have the classic straight spine blade complemented with a hollow grind profile and black Micarta handles, so it’s easy to see why this is a knife after every hunter’s heart. Out of the box, the blade is razor sharp and well balanced. The aluminum cross guard will keep your hand safe and the pommel is a formidable blunt instrument that you can even use for self-defense. Plus, it comes with a beautiful leather sheath.

It’s hard to go wrong with this knife.



13.3 oz (377.0 g)

Blade type:



Blade length 6.25" (15.9 cm)


420HC stainless steel

Handle material:


Key features:

420HC Steel Blade, Full Tang Construction with Integrated Finger Guard, Black Micarta Handle

No products found.

No products found.


No products found.

As you can see from the name, the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife is more than just a hunting knife but an overall survival tool.

This 10 inch knife has a stainless steel blade which should give you an edge on your gutting and dressing game. The blade is also serrated which means that you can use it to cut a rope and other fibrous materials. It is a full tang construction knife so it’s highly durable and tough – perfect for the outdoors. The handle is rubberized grip, so there will be no slippage even if the conditions are not ideal. The handle also comes with two holes that can be used for attaching the knife into a stick, giving you a makeshift fishing spear. As with most heavy-duty knives, the pommel can be used for hammering and pounding.

However, one of the main draws of this package is the nylon sheath. It can be used as a fire starter rod, a diamond sharpener, and even a pocket guide.

This is one of the most versatile knives around, especially considering the price.



11.2 oz

Blade type:



Blade Length 4.8", Open length 10"


 High carbon stainless steel

Handle material:

Textured rubber handle

Key features:

 ½ Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade, Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip, Stainless Steel Pommel, Emergency Whistle

No products found.

No products found.


No products found.

The Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife is another compact knife with a total length of 6 1/3 inch and a blade of 2 2/3 inch long. Don’t let the stunted nature of the knife fool you because its long curved blade will allow you to make clean passes when skinning a game.

Weighing only about 3 ounces and a half, this is a knife for anyone who’s looking to save on weight. The blade is made from CPM-S30V stainless steel blade which offers stout performance and resistance to corrosion. The stabilized wood handle not only looks good but it’s surprisingly comfortable as well. It comes with a leather sheath that gets the job done.

The Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife is all about comfort and convenience, just the way I like it.



3.53 oz. (100.07g)

Blade type:



Blade Length 2.67" (6.78cm)


CPM-S30V stainless steel blade

Handle material:

Stabilized wood

Key features:

Compact size, CPM-S30V stainless steel blade, Large-radius blade

No products found.

No products found.


No products found.

SOG is known for their quality knives and the SOG Trident Elite Assisted Folding Knife is no different.

As you can see, this is a folding knife but don’t knock it off yet. Its 6.4 inch blade should be more than enough to handle anything you throw at it. The black TiNi coated straight edge does a great job of handling tricky tasks like carving and batoning. The knife uses a trademark opening mechanism which makes it easy to use. If you have the anniversary edition, you’ll see that it has stripes and a nice finish. Overall, this is a really good-looking knife with some nice details.

The Trident also features a slot cutter for cutting belts and ropes. It also comes with a stylish leather sheath for storage and protection. It really is one of the better folding knives for hunting.



 3.9 oz

Blade type:

Folding knife


Blade length 3.7", Overall length 8.7 inch


 Stainless steel blade

Handle material:

Glass-reinforced Nylon handle

Key features:

Super Fast one-hand opening SOG Assisted Technology (SAT 2.0), Black TiNi coated straight edge AUS8 stainless steel blade, Glass-reinforced Nylon handle, Trademark SOG reversible low-carry pocket clip

Buyer’s Guide

hunting knife

The basic technology of hunting knives has not changed much within many years. However, there are still a number of factors should be considered when shopping for the best hunting knife.

  • Blade shape – there are many different types of blade used in hunting knives. The most common are the clip and drop point blades. The clip point is ideal for the more delicate or detailed work due to its sharper end. However, clip points are more susceptible to breaking due to the sharper blade. On the other hand, drop points are more durable and are more suited for heavy-duty jobs. Other blade shapes include Spear, Tanto, and Trailing point.

  • Steel type – there are two main types of steel that are used for hunting knives: HC (high carbon) steel and stainless steel. Between the two, HC steel is more expensive since it’s easier to sharpen and features better edge retention. However, stainless steel blades are still fairly popular since they are durable and relatively low maintenance.

  • Tang – many people ask, “what exactly is a full tang?” Basically, full tang means that the full length of the blade does not stop at the handle. The blade extends from the tip all the way to the butt end of the knife. Full tang knives are ideal because most hunting knives are subjected to vigorous use. A full tang construction allows equal distribution of pressure throughout the knife lessening the chances of the blade coming off.

  • Handle – the handle is important for the safe operation of the knife. The handle should allow you to have a firm and non-slippery grip regardless of the conditions. Some of the popular handles include Micarta and G10 but natural wood is still pretty much in style these days. My advice is that you try different handles from different knives to get a good feeling of what you like.

  • Sheath – the sheath is essential for the safe storage and transport of your knife, so it’s a little more than an afterthought or accessory. Sheaths come in many forms and materials but at the end of the day, you want one that will enable you to carry your knife securely.

  • Pommel – in some hunting knives that double as a survival tool, the butt end can be used as a ram-type object which can be used to break windows and such. In most cases, the pommel or butt is very hard and is pretty much a solid self-defense tool when the need arises.

Wrapping Up

That wraps up our list of the best hunting knife that you can find on the market.

When shopping for a hunting knife, keep in mind that they are not toys and may not even be legal to carry depending on the state you’re in. So before you go out and buy one, it’s always best to do your research and check your local ordinances.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you have an informed decision and end up with a knife that best suits your needs. If you have any questions about this guide or hunting knives in general, feel free to ask via the comments section below!

Rocky Hunting Boots Review: Are They Footwear Options Hunters Can Trust?

Humans have hunted for as long as we’ve existed. For many people, it’s a pastime. For some, it’s a way to put food on the table. For others, it’s a competitive event they wait for each year.

While hunters have been around for generations, things have changed throughout the years. One of the biggest changes is that the technology and gear used for hunting is much more advanced now.

That is to be expected – generations of innovations and breakthroughs in hunting gear have given way to new options. But when we think of hunting gear, what exactly comes to mind? Sure, there are things like firearms, stands, and even travel gear to help us get to the perfect location and be ready to go.

But what about clothing? And more specifically, footwear? Even if your jeep or ATV takes you into the woods part of the way, you’ll likely be depending on your own two feet to carry you toward your prey. That means the way you care for your vehicles will play a big role in your trip.

That’s why it is a good idea to get the best hunting boots possible. But when you’re shopping for your options in hunting footwear, how do you know what is best? Today we’ll take a look at Rocky hunting boots.

Who is Rocky? What Are Rocky Hunting Boots?

Rocky hunting boots are some of the most popular types of hunting footwear in the industry. While the brand name of a product itself isn’t what makes it good, big brands usually got their status by providing quality products their customers can depend on.

These boots come from Rocky, a company that was established in 1932, giving them over eight decades of experience in the industry of hunting equipment. Shoes are the specialty, and this has been true all the way back to the company’s origins.

Two brothers, William and F.M. Brooks lived through the Great Depression where they decided to move from Columbus to Nelsonville, Ohio to begin a shoe company. Soon they had employed hundreds and begin pushing out thousands of pairs of shoes per day.

Their success continued to swell through the 1940s and 1950s, culminating in relationships with many successful businesses such as JCPenney, Reebok, and more. Even after the company was sold to Irving Drew Shoe Co. in the 1950s, the progress continued.

By the 1970s, after other company initiatives had proved lackluster, the brand was reborn with the rugged name of Rocky – it echoed the sentiments of the brand as a durable outdoor choice that hunters could depend on. This led to more decades of progress.

The introduction of new products followed and, eventually, the company went public. Rocky boots have developed a good reputation. These boots are designed to hold up to intense use, tough terrain, moisture, and all the other hazards hunters may encounter.

They look the part, too. Brandishing the appearance of a rugged type of gear that fits in just fine at the forest, these boots are a top choice for many hunters.

What Makes These Boots Unique?

If we’re going by the content on Rocky’s website, we have three reasons why their boots are unique. They’re promoted as being ruggedly durable, unbelievably comfortable, and built for hunting.

This high-performance type of hunting footwear is designed specifically for the task itself. There are a lot of people who simply by regular boots from generic brands for their hunting expeditions. And while these may suffice, they can’t provide the true level of comfort, protection, and style as a boot made for hunting specifically.

Let’s look at a few of the specific characteristics that make Rocky’s hunting boots such a popular choice among outdoor types.

  • Insulation: Insulated boots provide better protection from the cold and from moisture such as dew in the air. This can help people keep their feet dry during long hunts, thus allowing them to prevent conditions like itching or burning which can occur in lower-quality boots.
  • Waterproofing: While some boots are built to prevent light moisture from seeping in and irritating the feet of the wearer, not all of them are built to hold up against high amounts of water. Whether you’re caught in heavy rain or trudging through streams to your destination, Rocky’s waterproof quality can prove very helpful.
  • High Tops: There’s nothing like a little bit of extra ankle support to guard your body when you’re walking down trails or up mountains on your way to hunt. If you live in snake country, this added bit of protection could even save your life.

These are just a few of the characteristics that make Rocky’s hunting boots unique. While these certainly aren’t the only boots that offer such qualities, most Rocky hunting boots are built with these as standard features.

These boots aren’t just good for hunting – they’re made primarily for such a task and such an environment. Anyone who is going hunting and wants boots made to withstand the elements and threats therein should consider Rocky’s impressive lineup.

How is the Pricing Structure Set Up?

While everyone has a different financial situation and thus a different budget for boots, it is always good to have some pricing variety.

That is to say, boots that come in different pricing tiers can provide something for everyone. They can also give a buyer an easy option to try for an entry level model, while providing other pairs they can save up and aim for if they find the brand offers them what they look for in a product.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular models from Rocky and see how exactly they are priced in comparison to the features they offer.

Rocky Sport Utility Max 1000G – $139

This is a classic example of a middle-tier type of boot that offers a great look, nice features, and a reasonable price. One of the company’s middle-of-the-road options, this one gives you insulated, waterproofed material built for improved traction and foot protection.

Rocky Core 800G – $109

Another option with the same level of waterproofing and insulation, this one comes at a more affordable price. It is one of the cheaper models in the inventory, and thus has a little less padding and support than the others. But for those who favor lightweight and flexible construction, this could actually be a better option.

Rocky Arctic Bearclaw Gore-Tex 1400G – $219

One of the more expensive models in Rocky’s inventory, this pair shows off just how much work and attention can be given to boots by the company. Full-grain leather and nylon material allows for cushioned fitting and good airflow while still giving wearers the benefit of insultation and waterproofing. For the hunter who doesn’t want to spare an expense when it comes to protecting their feet during the hunt, this is a good pair to consider.

As we can see, the pricing structure of Rocky hunting boots offers something for everyone. Think of it this way – your hunting experience isn’t just directly proportionate to your ability to bag a big catch on your trip. It also influences how much money you’d like to spend on your gear.

If you’re a beginner hunter who doesn’t like to go too often, there’s no real reason for you to invest in a very expensive pair of boots. Likewise, a veteran hunter who hunts as a regular hobby may want to spend a little extra on boots since they will be used much more often.

What’s the Public Perception of Rocky Boots?

One glance at Rocky’s website will provide some insight into how their products are perceived. Star ratings have been implemented to show the experience buyers have had with these boots.

Many of their products have a rating of four stars out of five or higher. This shows they are a reliable option that lives up to their claims. Customers who have bought the products received something that was in line with the claims made on the site and the expectations for a hunting boot.

There may be concerns about going off the reviews a company receives on their own site. But one look at the Amazon listings for Rocky hunting boots shows similar ratings. Four stars or above on most products means the company takes a consistent approach to their manufacturing and knows what their customers want.

How Do They Compare to the Competition?

There’s no question that Rocky is one of the biggest names in the hunting boot industry. They have got that status through years of innovation and a willingness to listen to their customers.

However, there are a lot of hunters in the world. The demand for quality boots is big, and more than just one company can satisfy. This means there are plenty of options out there – and a lot of competition usually means a better end result for the consumer.

So how do Rocky’s boots compare to those of competitors? Let’s take a brand like Bogs. Bogs’ men’s hunting boots have received some high reviews as well. They’re designed to remain warm and dry even in harsh climates conducive to the opposite effects.

Then there are boots like those from Guide Gear, which provide a great level of insulation and padding similar to Rocky’s. All these boots could be lumped into a similar category – high-quality hunting boots made for specific tasks that have all received good reviews from buyers.

It is difficult to say whether one brand is definitively better than another. Everyone has a certain preference, and for those who have used Guide Gear or Bogs before, they may say those brands are superior simply because said brands have served them well in the past.

Rocky isn’t the only good brand of hunting boot out there and, in some ways, their competitors may have advantages over them. However, on average, Rocky has the features, pricing structure, and good feedback to hold up against any option in the industry.

What’s the Final Verdict on These Boots?

Rocky hunting boots are a great option if you like going out into the wilderness to track your prey. Offering the unmistakable rugged and outdoorsy look hunters love, they check all the boxes in the aesthetics category.

But that’s not all – they have the features you need when it comes to hunting. From padding to ankle support to breathability, these boots offer it all. They’re built to withstand moisture, tough terrain, and more, giving you a great level of protection against anything that could bring your hunting efforts down.

Given they are available in a variety of styles and at multiple price levels, these boots can be a great option for any hunter. Regardless of their stylistic preferences and their budget, any hunter can benefit from a pair of Rocky hunting boots.

Are There Any Coupons or Special Deals Available?

Everyone loves a deal, and Rocky sometimes runs special deals to give hunters a chance to save some money.

Coupons can also sometimes be found from other hunting outlets or outdoor-themed companies, as they sometimes work together to help promote themselves. Coupons can also allow people to get discounts on boots when they buy other hunting gear or apparel.

There are many ways to save money on products like hunting boots, and staying on the lookout for special deals or coupons is a great strategy.

What is better than a high-quality hunting boot that is designed for the toughest of environments? The same boot for a lower price!


How to Choose the Best Hunting Boots

As a hunter, you are undoubtedly aware that you need a variety of gear to ensure that every hunt is successful. One of the essential pieces of equipment every hunter has to invest in is their boots. There are a lot of options regarding hunting boots, so how do you choose the best hunting boots to buy?

For us hunting wasn’t a Sport. It was a way to be intimate with Nature

Ted Kerasote

A hunting trip can be a treacherous and downright tricky experience for most of us. And sometimes, what stands in between sweet success and utter failure of your trip is the level of comfort and support that your hunting boots can give you.

However, there is only one problem: Finding the best hunting boots that suit you and functions well is quite a difficult job.

That is why I have created this list to help my fellow hunters out: The best hunting boots.

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