Want to Be a Bow Expert in Hunting Turkey?

Killing turkey with a rifle is as popular as hunting turkey using a bow. When using a bow, a killing zone of a turkey is so small. It is considered to be a traditional method and it requires a diverse set of skills. Since it is quite difficult, hunters should know where to shoot a turkey with a bow. The location is important in order to effectively execute the kill.


Sometimes, because of the lack of experience and information about hunting turkey, instead of killing the bird, the hunter instead cause injury to the turkey. Therefore, inhumane killing happens. So, why then would you seize your prey without sufficient knowledge when you can know how to hunt them in the most efficient manner?

Prepare the Right Equipment

Without the right equipment, even if you are aware where to aim your kill, you won’t achieve your goal. With bows, the right choice will be to use a high let-off type because it gives you a chance to hold your weight for an extended period of time and allow you to adjust your shot since you will be holding a lighter load.

broadheads for turkeys

Broadheads for turkeys - Photo credit: www.realtree.com

You should also consider getting the right type of arrow tips. The most popular and efficient arrow is the broadhead. However, many hunters do not know how to identify which broadhead will be useful.

You should choose a broadhead that has sharpened edges. Its tips should measure around 4 inches in diameter. Through the finely sharpened blades, it will allow you to cut through skin immediately upon contact – even the slightest ones.

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Properly Set Up at Your Ideal Location

Another thing you should consider is using attractive decoys. This will draw the turkey near you so that you can aim for a close range shot. The recommended setup consists of 2-3 hens, followed by a jake (single male). You can also place a number of hens in feeding position and at the same time, the jake follows the remaining hen. Through this, the turkey will be attracted and it will challenge the decoy jake. As a result, you will know where to shoot a turkey with a bow in your ideal spot because you have a clean line of sight.

For the last tip, you have to establish a proper blind. It is a must to buy a man-made blind instead of hiding in a nearby vegetation. Blinds can be sold in a tent-style or open top. Ten yards is the recommended distance to position the blind. In addition, you should also consider positioning it opposite the sun in order to prevent unnatural shadows cast in the foreground and prepare a small platform to help you in aiming at the turkey.

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Shoot at The Bird’s Spinal Cord

The top way to shoot a turkey is on its spinal cord. When you shoot a turkey in the spine, it causes their backbone to break therefore immobilizing them immediately. After this, the turkey will die at a fast rate.

However, it is rare to shoot them this way because it requires the turkey to stand erect. You’ll have to wait if you want to kill them this way. The turkey should turn its back towards you so you can successfully do the kill.

Not too Low When Aiming for The Broadside

If there’s one rule you should remember, never ever aim too low because the bird will definitely fly. A lot of hunters think that the vitals of birds are located in the lower spot along the spine.

When aiming for a broadside shot, the spot you should focus on is the straight up from the back side of the forward-facing leg and one-third of the way up from the bottommost of the chest. After this shot, the wings will break and will damage the bird’s lungs or heart – executing a perfect kill.

If you accidentally shot at its wing, expect the turkey to run at full speed.

How to Kill When It’s Facing You

It may seem impossible to kill the turkey when it’s directly facing your direction but when you aim your shot four inches under the base of its neck, you can strike the turkey.

In effect, the bird will have a damage back and its vitals will be severely injured.

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Where to Shoot Turkey with A Bow

Striking a turkey might take a long time but be patient ‘cause you won’t reach your goal overnight. Do not feel weary because this is the challenge and at the same time reward of bowhunting. Just follow the right equipment and make sure you take your cover well.

As mentioned, the spinal cord is the best aim so if you have a chance to do that, go for it! You also have the option to do a broadside shot and it’s also a good choice because it immediately kills the target.

Another shot will be when the turkey is faced directly at you. It may be a one shot thing but in doing so, you damage the turkey’s back and kill it.

In the different tips, the best I can tell you is you are going to feel a different kind of fulfillment even if you waited long for it.

Do you have any questions about the tips or would you like to share more tips on where to shoot a turkey with a bow? Don’t hesitate to leave comments below.

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