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Cricket 22 Rifle Review: A Staple Of The Youth Shooting Experience

People often ask us which type of gun parents should get for their kid’s first firearm. In my case, we went with a cheap BB gun for my kid’s first gun. The BB gun was nothing fancy but it tremendously helps the kid learn the mechanics of shooting like loading, cocking, aiming, and firing. Before long, my son “graduated” and we looked into getting a proper gun. We decided on a .22 rifle.

Personally, I am a fan of single-shot bolt action rifles for the youngster’s first gun. If you are looking for a gun that will suit your young one, a .22 rifle is not a bad choice. Today, we’ll be reviewing a fairly popular 22 youth’s rifle, the Cricket 22 Rifle. Is this a good starter gun for your son or daughter? We’re about to find out!

Choosing A Child’s First Gun

Buying a kid’s first gun is a decision that comes with a lot of weight, thus it requires plenty of thought as well. Before you go out and buy your kid’s first rifle, here are some guidelines that you have to keep in mind:

Set realistic expectations

If it’s not there, don’t force it. Forcing a kid to shoot or hunt is a surefire way to create a resentment towards you. After all, kids just want to have fun. So, make the shooting experience as fun as possible. Again, if they’re not having any fun, don’t force or rush it.

If you can manage to associate fun with their early shooting experiences, you are setting a solid foundation for a fruitful outdoor experience.

Starting small

So, they have consented and ready for their first trip to the range, what’s the next step? This probably means that you should get him a .30-06, right?

Absolutely wrong!

For a kid’s first trigger pull, a BB gun or a rimfire is just about right. A relatively light rifle with a soft kick is the best way to ease him or her. Plus, you are likely preventing the ultimate accuracy killer: flinching.

The youth model

The best-fitting rifle can make a world of difference in making your kid feel more comfortable behind the gun. Nobody likes the awkwardness of handling a poorly-fitted gun. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of manufacturers that make production-grade rifles for shooters with a smaller stature.

A gun that best fits your kid might just even be passed down to their own kids one day.

Reviewing the Cricket 22 Rifle

Before we proceed to the meat of the review, let’s first take a look at the specs of the Crickett Youth .22 LR Single Shot Bolt-Action Rifle:


.22 Short, Long or Long Rifle standard or high velocity or 22 WMR

Action: Manually cocking single-shot bolt action
Trigger Pull: 2 1/2 – 3lbs. (approx.)
Safety: Rebounding firing pin automatically blocked to prevent accidental discharge.
Length Of Pull: 11.5 inches
Sights: Adjustable Rear Peep sight, Fixed front sight / Drilled and Tapped to accept Crickett™ scope mounts
Barrel Length: 16.125 inches
Overall Length: 30 inches
Stock: Synthetic with Hydro dipped options
Weight: 3 lbs.
Key Features:
  • Single shot bolt action
  • Fiberglass and polymer-filled stock with a blued finish
  • Ramp front and a peep rear sight
  • Manual cocking with a sear block for safety

First Impressions

My first impressions about the Crickett 22 is honestly not that great.

The chances that you’ll mistake it for a real gun is quite low. It looks like a toy and that’s not surprising for a gun that’s marketed towards young shooters. However, I was expecting some semblance of quality and reliability which I didn’t when I first held the gun in my hands. There are way too many plastic parts and many of which are quite cheaply made. By replacing some parts with metal, the overall quality of the gun would have been greatly improved.

Fortunately, the Crickett 22 does feel like a real rifle despite the difference in weight and size. It is a fairly small gun which is just around the measurement of the legal limit for rifles.

Keystone sells the Crickett 22 in a wide variety of stock colors from Mossy Oak Duck Blind to Muddy Girl. I especially like these stock options since they accommodate both genders.

Loading the Gun

Despite the rifle’s small size, it is quite easy to load and shoot which is a good thing for most youth shooters.

To load the rifle:

  • You need to push the bolt handle upwards from its bottom position, then you need to bring the bolt back in order to expose the chamber.
  • Place a cartridge into the chamber and close the bolt and turn it back down.
  • Now, you have a loaded 22 rifle but you still can’t fire it. When you’re ready to fire, pull back the cocking knob at the end of the bolt and shoot.

The main safety feature of the Crickett 22 is the bolt that controls the cocking mechanism of the gun. The knob must be pulled back to cock the gun. The loading mechanics are quite easy but it takes a lot of getting used to.

Shooting the Gun

During the tests, the Crickett rifle was fired at numerous targets up to 100 yards. Considering that it’s a bolt action rifle, it can digest just about any ammo I’ve used without fail and I’ve still yet to experience a malfunction which is really impressive.

The short stock does require some getting used but I’ve found that it has a not-so-obvious boon. The short stock allowed me to help my eye get closer to the aperture for a better picture of the target. Although it’s a single action firearm that requires manual cocking, it’s not at all difficult for me to spend about 15 rounds per minute. I must say that the Crickett rifle is quite accurate and shoots exactly as expected. You can mount a rifle scope on the gun but for my needs, the iron sights worked just fine.

Overall, it’s a very well-behaved gun which earns it a lot of points as a rifle for beginners. If there’s a drawback, it has to be with the trigger. I found the trigger to be quite harsh and rugged. It’s a bit of a shame especially when the rest of the gun feels great.


I really enjoyed shooting the Crickett especially when it has little to no recoil. Once the fun is over, I’m pleased to report that cleanup is just as easy.

All you need to do is pull back the bolt, press the trigger, and it will just come off exposing the barrel and breech for easy cleaning. This is just one of the best examples of why this gun is a staple for young shooters.


The Crickett 22 Rifle is available, depending on the barrel type, caliber, and stock you choose.

It’s a fairly inexpensive gun. The build quality of the Crickett 22 is, admittedly, not the best. However, for a gun that is marketed to youngsters, this is quite expected. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t use some improvements in terms of build quality.

In terms of performance and ease of use, this rifle is a solid choice. It’s a fairly accurate gun which can really put some confidence in your aspiring plinker. It’s also light and easy to use, making it a perfect newbie firearm. This gun offers a good foundation for any young shooter. Definitely a worthy update to your son or daughter’s BB gun.

Pros and Cons

So what are things that we did like and didn’t like about the Crickett 22 rifle? Here’s a quick summary:


  • Impressive accuracy with little to no recoil
  • Light and easy to operate
  • Cycling feels great
  • Good safety feature
  • Reliable and utilitarian


  • Plastic parts give the firearm a “toy” feel
  • The trigger can be a bit hard
  • Loading and cocking require some getting used to

User Feedback

So, did some other people appreciate what this weapon has to offer?

Overall, the Crickett 22 has been received well by customers, especially those who are looking for a good starting gun for their child. Most of the reviews state that the gun is light and easy to use. Plus, they have been saying that the firearm is very robust and reliable. Many bought the rifle as a gift for their son or daughter, and many were pleased that it was such a great learning tool.

What We Think

The Cricket 22 Rifle has all the makings of a top-notch beginner first gun. However, I have to say that it’s not just for beginners and young shooters.

This gun is affordable, reliable and very utilitarian in nature. It’s not the most tactical option out there but I can rely on it to work and its lightweight profile and small size mean that I can go with it anywhere. I really enjoy the simplicity of the Crickett to the point that I would consider it a survival weapon. What do you think of the Crickett 22? If you have used it before or you’re using it currently, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle
  • caliber: 0.177
  • velocity: 1000.00 ft/sec
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty
SaleBestseller No. 2
Gamo Swarm Magnum G2 .177, Multi
  • Up to 1,650 FPS with alloy .177 Cal. Pellets. Rapid Reload 10 Shot Technology Break Barrel Air Rifle
  • 10X GEN 2 technology includes our revolutionary horizontal inertia fed magazine integration.
  • 10 shot Magazine: Simply break the barrel and fire for lightning-quick follow-up shots.
Bestseller No. 3
Gamo 611006325554 Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Cal
  • .22 Cal pellet single cocking break barrel, 1020 fps with PBA Platinum
  • Powerful, quiet, accurate. Thanks to the IGT MACH 1 gas piston that delivers higher muzzle velocity, less vibration, and...
  • Gamo 3-9x40 scope with RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail) - Absorbs the recoil of the rifle increasing the lifespan of the...

Best Hunting Knife Review: Ideal Knives For Hunting With Confidence

Different forms of hunting require a vastly different set of gear. However, there’s one particular tool that every hunter should have in his person: a hunting knife. Well, if you’re going to be outdoors in general, it’s always best that you carry a knife. And if you do, don’t settle for anything less than the best hunting knife. With a high-quality knife, you will be able to dress game, cut branches, and twigs, and it can even be used as a weapon in a survival situation.

Shopping for a good hunting knife is easier said than done. There’s just so many brands and models on the market that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Lucky for you, we are here to help. Today, we have made a shortlist of some of the best hunting knives that you can use as a wilderness companion.

Comparison Table

How We Chose Our Top Picks

We aim to list the best knives that will provide the combination of performance, quality, and value. Thus, it’s important for us to be accurate and honest about our recommendations. We have taken the liberty to research and test these knives so you don’t have to. For shortlisting these knives, we have taken into account several factors like quality, reliability, performance, features, budget, and value. We have also checked the user feedback for these hunting knives and taken them into consideration.

With that said, you can trust that you can’t go wrong with our selection of hunting knives. Hopefully, this buyer’s guide will help you choose the right knife for your hunting needs.

Let’s get to it!

Top 5 Hunting Knives

Top 5 Hunting Knives

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade KnifeBuy on Amazon

The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife is considered to be a classic in the hunting community.

The knife features a tough as nails chromium vanadium drop point steel blade and a formidable profile, making it a reliable tool whenever you are on the trail or setting up camp. The overall length of the knife is 10.5 inches which are quite imposing but still manages to be lightweight and well-balanced.

I’ve been using this knife for the longest time and it can make short work of even the biggest game. The 5.25-inch blade is enclosed with the Grivory handle that just feels good on the hand. The slip-proof grip will not fail you regardless of the task and weather. The pommel is also a tough one which should get you through emergencies like breaking the car window.

You’ll love how the knife looks and feels in your hand.


Weight: 1.0 lb
Blade type: Fixed-blade
Measurements: Blade length 5.25″; Overall length 10.5″
Steel: 1095 Cro-Van
Handle material: Ultramid
Key features: Full tang, Comes with a hard shell black nylon sheath, Versatile 20-degree blade angle

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife with Leather SheathBuy on Amazon

The Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife is another iconic knife that’s worth anyone’s attention. The 124 Frontiersman is a high-quality and durable knife that should meet the needs of beginners and veteran hunters alike. The 6 ¼-inch blade is made from high carbon 420 stainless steel which has excellent strength, displays superior edge retention, and is resistant to corrosion.

We have the classic straight spine blade complemented with a hollow grind profile and black Micarta handles, so it’s easy to see why this is a knife after every hunter’s heart. Out of the box, the blade is razor sharp and well balanced. The aluminum cross guard will keep your hand safe and the pommel is a formidable blunt instrument that you can even use for self-defense. Plus, it comes with a beautiful leather sheath.

It’s hard to go wrong with this knife.


Weight: 13.3 oz (377.0 g)
Blade type: Fixed-blade
Measurements: Blade length 6.25″ (15.9 cm)
Steel: 420HC stainless steel
Handle material: Micarta
Key features: 420HC Steel Blade, Full Tang Construction with Integrated Finger Guard, Black Micarta Handle

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife

Gerber Knives 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife,...Buy on Amazon

As you can see from the name, the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife is more than just a hunting knife but an overall survival tool.

This 10 inch knife has a stainless steel blade which should give you an edge on your gutting and dressing game. The blade is also serrated which means that you can use it to cut a rope and other fibrous materials. It is a full tang construction knife so it’s highly durable and tough – perfect for the outdoors. The handle is rubberized grip, so there will be no slippage even if the conditions are not ideal. The handle also comes with two holes that can be used for attaching the knife into a stick, giving you a makeshift fishing spear. As with most heavy-duty knives, the pommel can be used for hammering and pounding.

However, one of the main draws of this package is the nylon sheath. It can be used as a fire starter rod, a diamond sharpener, and even a pocket guide.

This is one of the most versatile knives around, especially considering the budget.

Weight: 11.2 oz
Blade type: Fixed-blade
Measurements: Blade Length 4.8″, Open length 10″
Steel:  High carbon stainless steel
Handle material: Textured rubber handle
Key features:  ½ Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade, Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip, Stainless Steel Pommel, Emergency Whistle

Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife

Benchmade - Hidden Canyon Hunter 15016-2 Compact Fixed Hunting Knife...Buy on Amazon

The Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife is another compact knife with a total length of 6 1/3 inch and a blade of 2 2/3 inch long. Don’t let the stunted nature of the knife fool you because its long curved blade will allow you to make clean passes when skinning a game.

Weighing only about 3 ounces and a half, this is a knife for anyone who’s looking to save on weight. The blade is made from CPM-S30V stainless steel blade which offers stout performance and resistance to corrosion. The stabilized wood handle not only looks good but it’s surprisingly comfortable as well. It comes with a leather sheath that gets the job done.

The Hidden Canyon Hunter Knife is all about comfort and convenience, just the way I like it.


Weight: 3.53 oz. (100.07g)
Blade type: Fixed-blade
Measurements: Blade Length 2.67″ (6.78cm)
Steel: CPM-S30V stainless steel blade
Handle material: Stabilized wood
Key features: Compact size, CPM-S30V stainless steel blade, Large-radius blade

SOG Trident Elite Assisted Folding Knife

SOG Pocket Rescue Knife - Trident Elite TacticalBuy on Amazon

SOG is known for their quality knives and the SOG Trident Elite Assisted Folding Knife is no different.

As you can see, this is a folding knife but don’t knock it off yet. Its 6.4 inch blade should be more than enough to handle anything you throw at it. The black TiNi coated straight edge does a great job of handling tricky tasks like carving and batoning. The knife uses a trademark opening mechanism which makes it easy to use. If you have the anniversary edition, you’ll see that it has stripes and a nice finish. Overall, this is a really good-looking knife with some nice details.

The Trident also features a slot cutter for cutting belts and ropes. It also comes with a stylish leather sheath for storage and protection. It really is one of the better folding knives for hunting.


Weight:  3.9 oz
Blade type: Folding knife
Measurements: Blade length 3.7″, Overall length 8.7 inch
Steel:  Stainless steel blade
Handle material: Glass-reinforced Nylon handle
Key features: Super Fast one-hand opening SOG Assisted Technology (SAT 2.0), Black TiNi coated straight edge AUS8 stainless steel blade, Glass-reinforced Nylon handle, Trademark SOG reversible low-carry pocket clip

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Gu​​​​​Ide

The basic technology of hunting knives has not changed much within many years. However, there are still a number of factors should be considered when shopping for the best hunting knife.

  • Blade shape – there are many different types of blade used in hunting knives. The most common are the clip and drop point blades. The clip point is ideal for the more delicate or detailed work due to its sharper end. However, clip points are more susceptible to breaking due to the sharper blade. On the other hand, drop points are more durable and are more suited for heavy-duty jobs. Other blade shapes include Spear, Tanto, and Trailing point.
  • Steel type – there are two main types of steel that are used for hunting knives: HC (high carbon) steel and stainless steel. Between the two, HC steel is more expensive since it’s easier to sharpen and features better edge retention. However, stainless steel blades are still fairly popular since they are durable and relatively low maintenance.
  • Tang – many people ask, “what exactly is a full tang?” Basically, full tang means that the full length of the blade does not stop at the handle. The blade extends from the tip all the way to the butt end of the knife. Full tang knives are ideal because most hunting knives are subjected to vigorous use. A full tang construction allows equal distribution of pressure throughout the knife lessening the chances of the blade coming off.
  • Handle – the handle is important for the safe operation of the knife. The handle should allow you to have a firm and non-slippery grip regardless of the conditions. Some of the popular handles include Micarta and G10 but natural wood is still pretty much in style these days. My advice is that you try different handles from different knives to get a good feeling of what you like.
  • Sheath – the sheath is essential for the safe storage and transport of your knife, so it’s a little more than an afterthought or accessory. Sheaths come in many forms and materials but at the end of the day, you want one that will enable you to carry your knife securely.
  • Pommel – in some hunting knives that double as a survival tool, the butt end can be used as a ram-type object which can be used to break windows and such. In most cases, the pommel or butt is very hard and is pretty much a solid self-defense tool when the need arises.

Wrapping Up

That wraps up our list of the best hunting knife that you can find on the market.

When shopping for a hunting knife, keep in mind that they are not toys and may not even be legal to carry depending on the state you’re in. So before you go out and buy one, it’s always best to do your research and check your local ordinances.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you have an informed decision and end up with a knife that best suits your needs. If you have any questions about this guide or hunting knives in general, feel free to ask via the comments section below!

Rocky Hunting Boots Review: Are They Footwear Options Hunters Can Trust?

Humans have hunted for as long as we’ve existed. For many people, it’s a pastime. For some, it’s a way to put food on the table. For others, it’s a competitive event they wait for each year.

While hunters have been around for generations, things have changed throughout the years. One of the biggest changes is that the technology and gear used for hunting is much more advanced now.

That is to be expected – generations of innovations and breakthroughs in hunting gear have given way to new options. But when we think of hunting gear, what exactly comes to mind? Sure, there are things like firearms, stands, and even travel gear to help us get to the perfect location and be ready to go.

But what about clothing? And more specifically, footwear? Even if your jeep or ATV takes you into the woods part of the way, you’ll likely be depending on your own two feet to carry you toward your prey. That means the way you care for your vehicles will play a big role in your trip.

That’s why it is a good idea to get the best hunting boots possible. But when you’re shopping for your options in hunting footwear, how do you know what is best? Today we’ll take a look at Rocky hunting boots.

Who is Rocky? What Are Rocky Hunting Boots?

Rocky hunting boots are some of the most popular types of hunting footwear in the industry. While the brand name of a product itself isn’t what makes it good, big brands usually got their status by providing quality products their customers can depend on.

These boots come from Rocky, a company that was established in 1932, giving them over eight decades of experience in the industry of hunting equipment. Shoes are the specialty, and this has been true all the way back to the company’s origins.

Two brothers, William and F.M. Brooks lived through the Great Depression where they decided to move from Columbus to Nelsonville, Ohio to begin a shoe company. Soon they had employed hundreds and begin pushing out thousands of pairs of shoes per day.

Their success continued to swell through the 1940s and 1950s, culminating in relationships with many successful businesses such as JCPenney, Reebok, and more. Even after the company was sold to Irving Drew Shoe Co. in the 1950s, the progress continued.

By the 1970s, after other company initiatives had proved lackluster, the brand was reborn with the rugged name of Rocky – it echoed the sentiments of the brand as a durable outdoor choice that hunters could depend on. This led to more decades of progress.

The introduction of new products followed and, eventually, the company went public. Rocky boots have developed a good reputation. These boots are designed to hold up to intense use, tough terrain, moisture, and all the other hazards hunters may encounter.

They look the part, too. Brandishing the appearance of a rugged type of gear that fits in just fine at the forest, these boots are a top choice for many hunters.

What Makes These Boots Unique?

If we’re going by the content on Rocky’s website, we have three reasons why their boots are unique. They’re promoted as being ruggedly durable, unbelievably comfortable, and built for hunting.

This high-performance type of hunting footwear is designed specifically for the task itself. There are a lot of people who simply by regular boots from generic brands for their hunting expeditions. And while these may suffice, they can’t provide the true level of comfort, protection, and style as a boot made for hunting specifically.

Let’s look at a few of the specific characteristics that make Rocky’s hunting boots such a popular choice among outdoor types.

  • Insulation: Insulated boots provide better protection from the cold and from moisture such as dew in the air. This can help people keep their feet dry during long hunts, thus allowing them to prevent conditions like itching or burning which can occur in lower-quality boots.
  • Waterproofing: While some boots are built to prevent light moisture from seeping in and irritating the feet of the wearer, not all of them are built to hold up against high amounts of water. Whether you’re caught in heavy rain or trudging through streams to your destination, Rocky’s waterproof quality can prove very helpful.
  • High Tops: There’s nothing like a little bit of extra ankle support to guard your body when you’re walking down trails or up mountains on your way to hunt. If you live in snake country, this added bit of protection could even save your life.

These are just a few of the characteristics that make Rocky’s hunting boots unique. While these certainly aren’t the only boots that offer such qualities, most Rocky hunting boots are built with these as standard features.

These boots aren’t just good for hunting – they’re made primarily for such a task and such an environment. Anyone who is going hunting and wants boots made to withstand the elements and threats therein should consider Rocky’s impressive lineup.

How is the Budget Structure Set Up?

While everyone has a different financial situation and thus a different budget for boots, it is always good to have some pricing variety.

That is to say, boots that come in different pricing tiers can provide something for everyone. They can also give a buyer an easy option to try for an entry level model, while providing other pairs they can save up and aim for if they find the brand offers them what they look for in a product.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular models from Rocky and see how exactly their budgets compare to the features they offer.

Rocky Sport Utility Max 1000G

Rocky Men's 10" Sport Utility Max Insulated Waterproof Boot-7481...
  • Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction.Rubber outsole with Molded EVA midsole
  • 1,000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation-Provide warmth
  • Full-grain dark brown leather and Mossy Oak Break-up Cordura nylon-Tear,scuffs,abrasion resistant

This is a classic example of a middle-tier type of boot that offers a great look, nice features, and a reasonable budget. One of the company’s middle-of-the-road options, this one gives you insulated, waterproofed material built for improved traction and foot protection.

Rocky Core 800G

Rocky Women's FQ0004753 Mid Calf Boot, Dark Brown, 11.5 Wide
  • Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof Construction
  • 800 Grams 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • Full-Grain Leather and 900 Denier Nylon

Another option with the same level of waterproofing and insulation, this one comes at a more affordable budget. It is one of the cheaper models in the inventory, and thus has a little less padding and support than the others. But for those who favor lightweight and flexible construction, this could actually be a better option.

Rocky Arctic Bearclaw Gore-Tex 1400G

Rocky Men's 9" Bearclaw 3D WP Insulated Gore-TEX Hunting Boot-9276...
  • BearClaw 3D outsole with exclusive ROCKY 3D welt construction
  • Cushioned Air-Port footbed is perforated allowing for maximum air circulation and comfort
  • 1000 Gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation

One of the more expensive models in Rocky’s inventory, this pair shows off just how much work and attention can be given to boots by the company. Full-grain leather and nylon material allows for cushioned fitting and good airflow while still giving wearers the benefit of insultation and waterproofing. For the hunter who doesn’t want to spare an expense when it comes to protecting their feet during the hunt, this is a good pair to consider.

As we can see, the pricing structure of Rocky hunting boots offers something for everyone. Think of it this way – your hunting experience isn’t just directly proportionate to your ability to bag a big catch on your trip. It also influences how much money you’d like to spend on your gear.

If you’re a beginner hunter who doesn’t like to go too often, there’s no real reason for you to invest in a very expensive pair of boots. Likewise, a veteran hunter who hunts as a regular hobby may want to spend a little extra on boots since they will be used much more often.

What’s the Public Perception of Rocky Boots?

One glance at Rocky’s website will provide some insight into how their products are perceived.

Many of their products have great feedback from customers. This shows they are a reliable option that lives up to their claims. Customers who have bought the products received something that was in line with the claims made on the site and the expectations for a hunting boot.

There may be concerns about going off the reviews a company receives on its own site. But feedback at retail stores that carry Rocky hunting boots shows a similar response from buyers.

Positive customer feedback on most products means the company takes a consistent approach to their manufacturing and knows what their customers want.

How Do They Compare to the Competition?

There’s no question that Rocky is one of the biggest names in the hunting boot industry. They have got that status through years of innovation and a willingness to listen to their customers.

However, there are a lot of hunters in the world. The demand for quality boots is big, and more than just one company can satisfy. This means there are plenty of options out there – and a lot of competition usually means a better end result for the consumer.

So how do Rocky’s boots compare to those of competitors? Let’s take a brand like Bogs. Bogs’ men’s hunting boots have received some high reviews as well. They’re designed to remain warm and dry even in harsh climates conducive to the opposite effects.

Then there are boots like those from Guide Gear, which provide a great level of insulation and padding similar to Rocky’s. All these boots could be lumped into a similar category – high-quality hunting boots made for specific tasks that have all received good reviews from buyers.

It is difficult to say whether one brand is definitively better than another. Everyone has a certain preference, and for those who have used Guide Gear or Bogs before, they may say those brands are superior simply because said brands have served them well in the past.

Rocky isn’t the only good brand of hunting boot out there and, in some ways, their competitors may have advantages over them. However, on average, Rocky has the features, pricing structure, and good feedback to hold up against any option in the industry.

What’s the Final Verdict on These Boots?

Rocky hunting boots are a great option if you like going out into the wilderness to track your prey. Offering the unmistakable rugged and outdoorsy look hunters love, they check all the boxes in the aesthetics category.

But that’s not all – they have the features you need when it comes to hunting. From padding to ankle support to breathability, these boots offer it all. They’re built to withstand moisture, tough terrain, and more, giving you a great level of protection against anything that could bring your hunting efforts down.

Given they are available in a variety of styles and at multiple budget levels, these boots can be a great option for any hunter. Regardless of their stylistic preferences and their budget, any hunter can benefit from a pair of Rocky hunting boots.

Are There Any Coupons or Special Deals Available?

Everyone loves a deal, and Rocky sometimes runs special deals to give hunters a chance to save some money.

Coupons can also sometimes be found from other hunting outlets or outdoor-themed companies, as they sometimes work together to help promote themselves. Coupons can also allow people to get discounts on boots when they buy other hunting gear or apparel.

There are many ways to save money on products like hunting boots, and staying on the lookout for special deals or coupons is a great strategy.

What is better than a high-quality hunting boot that is designed for the toughest of environments? The same boot for a lower budget!

Top 7 Best Barska Binoculars – Complete Guide And Comparison

The human eye can only see so far – it’s a limitation we have to live with, but not one we have to settle for.

That’s because options exist to extend our vision for miles. What seems like a spec or blur can be seen for what it is – a beautiful, detailed picture thanks to the clarity of binoculars.

Since most people don’t feel like lugging around a telescope with them, binoculars are the next best thing. They can be very helpful in a number of situations. From outdoorsy people who want to see nature up close to hunters who are trying to survey their prey without scaring it off, binoculars can benefit many people.

Today we’re going to look at binoculars from Barska, one of the most popular names in the entire industry. They have a lot of models on the market, but which is the best? Here we’ll rank them – the top 7 best Barska binoculars today.

How Do We Choose Our Top Picks?

For some people, product ratings are subjective. While it is hard to argue with dimensions and specs that are easy to quantify, we can go off some criteria to choose which options are better than others.

When we’re looking at binoculars, we’ll examine the specs and see which can offer the best experience. Viewing quality, compact size, and adjustability all count toward the quality of a pair of binoculars. There’s also budget to consider, but more importantly, value.

How is the product’s budget in comparison to the features it offers? Some people may consider spending a bit more on a pair of binoculars if it means getting a lot more in the way of features. Likewise, a person may consider changing their purchasing decision and getting a lesser model if it allows them to save a lot of money.

Finally, we’ll go by user feedback and sales. The amount of positive feedback a pair of binoculars have had and the rate at which they were sold all count toward how they are ranked. There’s no better metric to go by than this – after all, buyers should be able to hear the opinions of previous buyers before committing to a purchase.

Best Barska Binoculars: Which Ones Made Our Top 7?

Man holding barska binoculars

Barska Lucid View 20×32 Compact

Barska Lucid View 20x32 Compact Binoculars

Buy on Amazon

The best binoculars offer a perfect combination. A combination of what? The two things people look for in this type of product are functionality and compact design. This means the binoculars should provide a clear view of their target and also be small enough to pack around on various trips.

The Lucid View may not have a ton of reviews, but across multiple sites, the sales numbers are clearly high. And they’re one of the more affordable models you’ll find. With BK-7 roof prisms and coated optics, light transmission is maximized and therefore users can view bright targets with ease.

The rubber covering along the ergonomic design can absorb shock and protect the binoculars during transit while also offering a comfortable hold with shock resistance. Collectively, this makes them a great choice for hunting trips, vacations, sight-seeing expeditions, and more.

Based on value, this is easily the best option on the market from Barska. They are small enough to be carried in a purse, backpack, tacklebox, or another small container. Yet they have all the features you could want for a comfortable and detailed viewing experience.

Barska Compact

BARSKA Compact Binoculars Black, One Size

Buy on Amazon

Despite their simple name, this set of binoculars has a lot of attention given to the details of their construction. They’re one of the more affordable options you’ll find for a pair of binoculars with these features.

This pair offers 8x magnification – get ready to see the texture on tree bark from landscapes a mile off. There’s also a 21mm objective lens, helping to provide a clearer picture that offers more clarity. You also get the advantage of rubber down-folding eyecups. This means you won’t have to choose between using binoculars properly and wearing your glasses to see!

With a sleek design and contoured black rubber covering, these binoculars look the part as well. Add in a center focusing system, and you have a well-rounded product anyone would be happy to have.

This is another model that gets a perfect score. When you’re talking about value-based binoculars, it is hard to do better than this. And though it goes without saying given their name, this model is also compact. Just because it offers a great and detailed view doesn’t mean it has to take up a ton of space. Barska proves it with this model.

Barska Lucid 16×32 Compact

BARSKA Lucid 16x32 Compact Binocular (Black)

Buy on Amazon

This model is built for hunting – if you’re looking to spot your prey and survey an area before you close in, this is an option to consider. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful in other applications. Sightseeing, travel, and other applications also call for accurate binoculars, and that’s what is offered here.

Like the other compact models on this list, they offer a lot of functionality in a small package. With BK-7 roof prisms and coated optics, you can see clearly even in extremely bright conditions which could otherwise impede visibility.

A dual-folding hinge and centered focus knob provide users with options to see their target up close without having bulky components getting in their way. This makes them a great product in terms of both functionality and design.

When we’re talking about binoculars, there are a lot of things to look for. Good visibility, compact design, and affordability are all on the list. These binoculars are a great value buy for anyone. Whether a hunter, vacationer, or anyone who wants a closer view, these are a great pick. 

Barska Lucid 10×42 Compact

BARSKA 10x42 Lucid View Compact Binoculars

Buy on Amazon

Like the model above, this one is based in value. They are built with extreme care given to detail. The magnification capabilities are 10x, making them stronger than some options on this list despite the slightly higher budget.

There’s BK-7 prism glass and fully coated optics, making for a detailed view with comfortable usability. The folding prism design allows them to be carried and stored with ease. Combine this with the fact there is a carry strap and case included, and this is another model that is easy to cart along to your destination.

When we think of binoculars, we sometimes worry about the durability. After all, some of these components are very sensitive. This model has armor which allows it to remain stable despite the small size and fragile parts.

The Lucid 10×42 compact model is one of the more impressive models in this line. While it is slightly more expensive than certain others and has limited capabilities in some areas, it is still a solid choice that offers you a great level of performance.

Barska 10×25 Waterproof

BARSKA 10x25 Compact Waterproof Binocular (Yellow)

Buy on Amazon

This is the first waterproof model on our list. And while it may not have compact in the name and thus may not be a part of that line, it is still a very space-efficient pair of binoculars. Add in the fact that they are waterproof and it makes them a great option in this category.

Whether you’re hoping to view ocean landscapes from the comfort of your surfboard or you’re going hunting when there is a chance of drizzle, you’ll be set with these. There’s 10x magnification and 25mm objective lens, plus BK-7 roof prism design and fully coated optics.

Even the housing is waterproof and fog proof, effectively providing you with maximum protection against the elements. There’s also down-folding rubber eye cups, making it easy for you to use your binoculars even if you’re wearing glasses – or goggles.

A great option for waterproof binoculars, these are both affordable and highly reliable. They have all the features necessary to provide a great view of the world ahead of you and to help you keep your product secure even in the face of dew, rain, or waves.

Barska 12×25 Waterproof​

BARSKA Colorado 12x25 Waterproof Binocular

Buy on Amazon

Like the model above, this one is built for the watery environment. If you’re heading out on your boat for a cruise or checking out an outdoor concert where dark clouds are looming overhead, having a pair of waterproof binoculars Waterproof binoculars  is very handy.

This model offers a 12x zooming lens, but the budget is a bit higher. It only ranks lower because the higher budget can constitute a little less value, especially since you aren’t getting much more of a boost in visibility. But in spite of that, you still have a great pair of binoculars for watery conditions.

There’s the Barska classic BK-7 prism glass, rubber armor covering, and a 294/98 field of view. You’re getting a well-rounded pair of binoculars here, perfect for situations where moisture could be a factor.

Like the option above, this is a great solution if you want a waterproof set of binoculars. There’s a little more visibility here, and you can benefit from that if you don’t mind paying a little extra.

Barska Ab10115 16×32 Lucid View

BARSKA AB10115 16 x 32mm Lucid View Binocular

Buy on Amazon

This is another pair of binoculars built for hunting. If you’re looking to keep your eyes out for prey, even miles ahead and on the other side of the forest, this model is a great choice.

You can expect to get a great combination of features from this model. It offers 16x magnification with BK-7 roof prisms and fully coated lens design, providing a long degree of visibility and making them a great choice when you’re really looking to see what’s far off.

The compact folding dual-hinge design and center focus makes this model very easy to pack up and put in your backpack or purse. Add in rubber armoring, and you have a product that is as durable as it is functional.

While a bit costlier than some models on this list, this pair of binoculars is a very solid option and is great for hunters, outdoor vacationers, and anyone else who wants a solid midrange set of binoculars.

Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Binoculars

When you’re looking for a good set of binoculars, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you’re shopping for Barska, you’re likely going to get a good model no matter which pair you go with. While every brand can have duds, most of the products in their line are quality.

Look for zoom quality and optic lens design, as these will allow you to get more for your money. When it comes to durability, you should also look for rubber armor as you’ll be able to protect your investment even when it is in transit.

Compact design also comes in handy, as does folding functionality with a dual-hinge design. If you want binoculars you can put in your backpack or purse, this feature is a wise idea to consider.

Binoculars come in many shapes and sizes, and even in many brands. But Barska binoculars are almost universally affordable and built for performance.


How to Choose the Best Hunting Boots

As a hunter, you are undoubtedly aware that you need a variety of gear to ensure that every hunt is successful. One of the essential pieces of equipment every hunter has to invest in is their boots. There are a lot of options regarding hunting boots, so how do you choose the best hunting boots to buy?

For us hunting wasn’t a sport. It was a way to be intimate with Nature…

A hunting trip can be a treacherous and downright tricky experience for most of us. And sometimes, what stands in between sweet success and utter failure of your trip is the level of comfort and support that your hunting boots can give you.

However, there is only one problem: Finding the best hunting boots that suit you and functions well is quite a difficult job.

That is why I have created this list to help my fellow hunters out: The best hunting boots.

Quick Comparison of Some Good Choices

A Review of some of the Best Hunting Boots Today

1. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold Weather Boot,... Buy on Amazon

If heavy-duty boots are what you’re looking for, then I suggest buying a pair of Bugaboot Plus III. This stylish pair of boots is specially made for withstanding cold weather, with a well-insulated interior that can withstand severe temperature drops.

It’s also made of imported leather and textile, so rest assured that you can hike and hunt all you want without these boots giving in.


When it comes to durability, this boot scores a 10/10. Even for an avid hunter or hiker, this pair can withstand all kinds of terrain without the sole giving out. So if durability matters to you most, I suggest purchasing the Bugaboot Plus III.

The height and weight of these boots are made for hardcore hiking. The height of the boot offers optimum support for the ankle, which can be useful for hunters who will trek on high ground. As for weight, these boots are relatively heavy, due to their heavy-duty capacity to insulate and protect your feet.

As I’ve said, these boots were made for the extreme weather. If you’re going out hunting in zero or even below zero degree temperatures, this pair of boots can keep your feet warm and toasty with its superior insulation system.


  • Made of durable material
  • Thick rubber sole
  • Offers good insulation for cold weather
  • Is relatively comfortable


  • Not entirely waterproof

2. Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boot

Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot,Sepia/Black,10.5 M US Buy on Amazon

This Lowa pair is classified under hunting, hiking or trekking boot.

As it is, this pair of boots contains all the features that would make hiking up a trail or rough terrain a great experience as it can be, such as speed-lacing technology, padded tongue and collar, and seamless waterproof Gore-Tex lining.

Overall, this boot combines comfort and durability all in one.


This Lowa pair features a thick synthetic sole, high-quality leather, and premium nubuck leather uppers that make this pair a good option for rugged and gnarly terrains. With this pair, you get the value for your money with both durability and incredible foot support.

This boot is just the right height for heavy exercise such as running or walking, as the low height allows for a lot of movement. It also weighs only 1kg, a very lightweight pair of boots.

These boots are so exceptionally insulated that they will keep your feet warm in the winter but probably a bit too warm in the warm seasons. Nevertheless, this pair is an excellent option for the high country and hiking boots.


  • Padded collar and C-4 tongue for instep comfort
  • Can handle rough off-trail terrain comfortably
  • Waterproof lining to keep your feet dry and well in damp environments
  • Injected with a PU midsole for underfoot support; useful when carrying heavy loads
  • A no-slippage lacing system to keep your boot on at all times
  • Great insulation for cold weather


  • Not recommended for hot weather, as expected

3. Danner Men’s Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G

Danner Men's 45017 Pronghorn 8' 1200G Gore-Tex Hunting Boot, Realtree... Buy on Amazon

These boots are the type of boots that can get you through a rough hunting trip involving rough terrain and damp environments.

This variant of the famous Danner brand features durable and stylish material, breathable Gore-Tex liner, all-leather toe, and heel cap, and thick rubber sole to combine comfort and durability both into one pair of beautiful boots.


This pair of insulated hunting boots is made of dual-texture fabric; namely imported high-quality leather and camouflage pattern fabric. The bottom of the shoe features a thick rubber sole, and the toe and heel have an all-leather cap—all functioning to get your boot through all weather and terrain without cracking. It’s made of high-quality products that make sturdiness possible.

This boot’s height is just right for very shallow puddles and allows for a lot of walking and trekking. As for its weight, despite the added features and linings, the boots are surprisingly lightweight just like regular work boots.

As for function, these boots are a pair of high country hunting boots that are capable of taking on terrains at high altitudes when, say, hunting for elk. It also comes with a good insulation system that allows you to trek and hunt in the cold. Although, these boots will get very hot easily in warm weathers due to its heavy insulation.


  • Thick rubber sole to take on rough terrain
  • Dual-texture fabric and leather design
  • Includes a Gore-Tex waterproof lining that will keep your feet dry through all Environments
  • Features notched shaft with eyelets and speed lacing
  • 1.2 g insulation – perfect for very cold winter hunting trips
  • Comfortable and lightweight for multi-purpose function


  • The very heavy insulation will not be recommended for weathers that are not as cold as winter

4. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boot

LaCrosse Men's Alphaburly Pro 18' Hunting Boot,Green,6 M US Buy on Amazon

What LaCrosse has done is to create one of the most versatile rubber hunting boots today. They are made for not only comfort but with durability in mind as well.

It is no wonder that the LaCrosse’s Alphaburly Hunting Boots are considered among some of the best rubber hunting boots available today.


These rubber hunting boots will undoubtedly last you a long time with their high-quality imported leather material.

These boots are very tall, so be careful when selecting your pair and make sure they match your height. However, they are still foldable on the top. Being a rubber pair, these boots are also lightweight.

Comfort and fit are two of the main focuses of this boot. With a waterproof lining and outsole provides warmth and comfort for all types of weather — a good pair for hunting in wet or cold environments.


  • Boots contain a neoprene lining that helps to keep both your feet and legs cool throughout wear
  • Comes equipped with an adjustable gusset on the rear of each boot that allows for users with varying calf sizes to be able to wear the boots comfortably
  • The tops of these boots can fold down and reduce the total height when circumstances permit


  • Due to the lack of sufficient insulation, these boots are not designed to be worn in the colder portions of winter

Click here to see further reviews regarding some of the best rubber hunting boots available today.

5. Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme Ni Hunting Boot

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Non-Insulated Hiking Boot Brown Buy on Amazon

The Kenetrek Mountain Extreme hunting boots are an ideal boot if what you are after is game in the high country. They are designed to be used in some of the harshest climates where hunting boots need to be both sturdy and able to grip the challenging ground.

An excellent option for big game hunters, this boot can keep your feet un-blistered and comfortable even with high exercise, but without compromising the durability of the pair.

As seen from its sturdy leather material, you can bet that this pair won’t give out for a lot of years of hunting.​


The Kenetrek pair of this list is made of thick and sturdy leather that not only offers maximum support for the wearer but also provides a sturdy outer material that will make your boots last longer.

The height of the Kenetrek boots doesn’t make it snakeproof but these boots do offer extra support to the ankle, and weight is 2kg which makes it on the heavy side.

This boot is non-insulated so don’t expect it to warm up your feet at extremely cold weathers. This boot, however, can withstand wear and tear in a very efficient manner.


  • The uppers of these boots are made from a sturdy leather construction making them highly durable and supportive on a hunter’s ankles.
  • The tread of these boots allows for dependable traction control on steep terrain
  • A thick sole allows for extra support on the midsole of a wearer’s feet


  • These boots only provide a very basic layer of insulation and are not intended for continuous use in cold environments even when equipped with warmer than average socks

6. Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch Boot

Irish Setter Men's 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8' Hunting Boot, Realtree... Buy on Amazon

The Irish Setter Vaprtrek 8” boot has a unique feature in its design that makes it stand out among other hunting boots. These boots are just as waterproof and durable as the rest on this list, but they are as comfortable as a typical athletic shoe.

This pair is recommended for hunters that are always chasing their prey, with a lot of exercises that puts more expectation from the boots.


As observable from its thick outer layer and even thicker soles, these boots are a top-notch pair when it comes to durability. As per testimonials, this pair can last you a very long time without showing signs of wear and tear.

A bit on the lower side, this boot is made for a lot of movements and hiking. This brand also innovated its design to make the boots very lightweight.

The insulation in this boot offers warmth at freezing temperatures while also keeping you extra dry for added comfort.


  • The 8” Vaprtrek boots are designed to be 40% lighter than traditional hunting boots their same size thanks to the sole of each boot being constructed from a light, yet highly durable composite material.
  • These boots provide wearers with improved balance, traction, and mobility due to their design being closely related to athletic trainers.
  • Each pair of Irish Setter boots comes equipped with a Scent band installed at the top of each boot to prevent unnecessary scents from escaping your boots.


  • The soles of these boots are glued as opposed to stitched and can eventually come unstuck overtime.

7. Irish Setter Men’s Elk Tracker WP Insulated Boot

Irish Setter Men's 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof 1000 Gram 12' Big Game... Buy on Amazon

The Irish Setter Elk Tracker boots are by far one of the most durable and rugged boots reviewed in this list.

They are designed using with a sturdy leather upper along with a robust synthetic sole that allows for dependable use in all conditions you may encounter as you hunt elk.

A great high country pair of boots if anyone asks, and of great and long-lasting quality.


This handsome pair of Irish Setters is made from the sturdiest leather material, which makes it a great contender against rough terrains, obstacles, and all types of weather and the elements.

The shaft of this pair of hunting boots comes mid-shin, which makes it a great support system when hunting big game such as elk. However, it is on a bit of a heavy side so movement may be a challenge.

The core feature of this pair of boots is the exceptional insulation capacity at 1kg insulation, making it an excellent pair for ultra-cold temperatures when chasing big game.


  • These boots feature a Gore-Tex lining that gives them dependable waterproof capabilities
  • The solid leather upper construction gives hunters the confidence that when their boots are laced all the way up, their toes will keep from sliding around in the boot as they walk up and down steep slopes
  • The Irish Setter Elk Tracker boot features a Bulls-Eye Air Bob sole for greater traction in steep and challenging conditions


  • Each sole is constructed of three separate pieces and when one piece begins to wear, it will interfere with and could potentially damage the others

Click here now to read about further reviews of some of the best elk hunting boots for sale today.

8. Muckboots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boots

Muck Boots Arctic Pro Bark - Men's 11.0, Women's 12.0 B(M) US Buy on Amazon

Comfort and quality sum up what the Muckboots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot is.

These waterproof hunting boots are designed to keep your feet warm, comfortable, and protected in frigid winters.

This boot is made of synthetic and fabric with a molded synthetic outsole. With its well-designed build, it is certified to protect your feet in dangerous conditions. Also, having a neoprene shaft allows it to have a snug fit.


This boot is made of sturdy neoprene material which can withstand hard and messy conditions brought about by hunting. It has double reinforcements at instep, heel, and Achilles so it won’t be easily worn out or get torn. It is also 100 percent waterproof so you will rest assured that water will not seep in into your feet. This boot is very durable that it can withstand heavy use for a long time.

This hunting boot has a knee-high shaft which makes it suitable for crossing muds, swamps, puddles, or deep snows. However, it may be uncomfortable to walk with if it gets too high so make sure to pick one that is perfect for your height. It is also very lightweight which makes it very easy to walk with.

With its 8mm 4-way stretch CR Flex-Foam, fleece-lined boots, together with its neoprene shaft, and 2mm thermal foam underlay, this boot ensures to keep your feet warm even in frigid winters. With its toughness, this boot can withstand even the difficult conditions in agriculture, equine, gardening, and hunting. It also has a molded outsole that ensures good traction.


  • This boot has a well-designed build that is certified to protect your feet in dangerous conditions
  • 2mm thermal foam underlay ensures to keep your feet warm even in frigid winters
  • It has double reinforcements at instep, heel, and Achilles so it won’t be easily worn out or get torn
  • It is 100 percent waterproof
  • It is very lightweight
  • It has a very comfortable fleece lining
  • The neoprene shaft allows it to have a snug fit
  • It has a molded outsole that ensures good traction


  • The boot is so warm that you cannot use it in warmer weathers

9. Under Armour Men’s UA Speed Freek Bozeman

Under Armour Men's UA Speed Freek Bozeman Realtree... Buy on Amazon

Staying true to form Under Armour has made a high-quality hiking/hunting boot to their expansive shoe lineup.

The Speed Freek Bozeman boot is great all-purpose hiking boot that is both versatile and durable and can surely be considered as one of the top rated hunting boots.


The outer material of this pair is made of the top-notch materials that makes it a good pair to withstand all types of weather and terrain. Definitely a good snag if you want durability as a top asset.

This is one of the low boots, a good option when a lot of moving is required during hunting trips.

Nevertheless, ankles are supported with its height, but not safe against snakes. As for weight, this pair is lightweight and can get you through a lot of movement.

This pair truly pays attention to function and insulation, as it keeps warm even in the coldest of weathers—a great hiking/trekking class of boots.


  • The boots come with a memory foam insert the provides a hunter with a custom fit boot in only a short period.
  • The tread of the Speed Freek Bozeman series of boots uses a high abrasion rubber tread to help grip terrain while at the same time not collecting mud/debris on the bottoms of the boots.
  • The outer layer of the Bozeman boots is extremely durable and stands up to the harshest environmental conditions.


  • When the boots are laced too tightly, the excess fabric at the top can become uncomfortable and can hinder the mobility of the wearer.

What You Should Look for in the Best Hunting Boots

A good pair of boots has some very final details that make it stand out from its competition. When you are in the market for a new pair of boots, you need to ensure that the things you are most going to need are found in that pair of boots. It should be noted that you may need a different pair of boots according to the situation you are going to be wearing them in.

While there are some universal benefits found in all premium hunting boots, the differences according to needs can be quite significant. Why would you wear something with extra insulation if you are going to be trekking through a rocky desert? Are low fitting boots appropriate if you expect to have to walk in near knee deep water? These may seem like ridiculous examples, but the truth of the matter is that each pair of quality hunting boots reviewed here is designed for a particular purpose. Do your research and only buy what you need!

How tall of a boot do you need?

The height of hunting boots can vary immensely. Generally, this is the section of the boot referred to as the upper section. The height is measured from the base of the boot insole to the top of the boot. Some boots may only have a height of 9” while others may go all the way up to 17” or more.

When buying hunting boots, especially online, consider how tall you are and how far up your leg the boot will go. If they are too tall, you may find that your mobility will be severely limited. Depending on your height and needs, you may want ankle-height boots or knee-high boots. 

Best hunting boots

best hunting boots

Getting them on and off again

Another critical item to consider when selecting a pair of hunting boots is how they go on and off. Do you want a pair of boots with laces or ones that you can slip on and off? Depending on your needs, you may find that boots with laces are more practical and offer greater versatility. There is also something to be said about the ability to slip your feet into a pair of boots and be on your way.

One of the most common complaints about all hunting boots is that they can be a challenge to get off once they are on. This is a beneficial feature for most boots since the last thing anyone needs is to lose a shoe in the mud and be unable to retrieve it. If you find that boots are hard to remove once they are on, you may benefit from investing in a boot jack. This simple device allows you to remove your boots without having to bend over and wrestle each off your feet.

The Weight of a Good Boot

How much does a good pair of boots weigh? The truth is that boots can weight anywhere from as little as twenty ounces all the way to five pounds or more. This variation may not seem significant, but once you are in the field, it may make the difference between walking that next ridge and turning around. Add to this the idea that some boots tend to pick up mud as you go and may make them even heavier than their original weight.


One of the most excellent qualities of any right hunting boot is its ability to last over time. Every hunter wants their boots to last season after season, no matter the terrain.

When you are considering the options of hunting boots, make sure to look for the durability of the boots. How are they put together and what is their outer casing constructed of?

You need to consider what exactly you will be putting your boots through as well. It is a given that they will be exposed to the elements and that their ability to withstand mud and water will play a large part in their service to you. But what else may they have to endure?

Not all hunting grounds are flat fields with occasional muddy patches and streams. Some areas are full of jagged rocks and thick brush that can damage otherwise consistent boots.

Check for warranty information and any additional maintenance that may be needed to ensure your boots continue to perform well.


snow hunt - Best hunting boots

Best cold weather hunting boots – Photo credit:

A good pair ought to take on even the harshest of weathers while hunting out in the snow. So, how do you know if a pair of boots can handle it? Take a look at the manufacturer’s description and see what they’ve done for insulation.

Usually, a good pair of hunting boots will have an insulating material that will keep the cold out and the heat in during the chilly winter days. Other than that, a well-crafted pair of boots will have to keep your feet cool in the summer months for an all-year-round function.

However, as a general rule of thumb, you have to buy a pair of boots with the level of insulation that corresponds with its intended use. A thickly insulated boot is the option for hunting expeditions that involve sitting in a tree stand in biting weather; or essentially activities that require little movement.

Conversely, a thinly insulated boot is recommended for hunters who will have to move a lot during their trips. As such, a boot with just enough insulation will keep your feet warm, but not warm enough when the exercise produces too much heat.

There are three types of boot insulation:

  • Uninsulated to 200 grams – these boots have little or no insulation at all, which, as you know by now, is an excellent option for high-level all-year-rounds includes stalking elk, hiking, and a lot of running.
  • 400-800 grams of insulation – this goes in between thick and thin insulation. For most hunters, this range of insulation is just right for a little bit of chilly weather.
  • 1kg and greater – these boots are designed for little to no activity because they are very much insulated and considered the warmest hunting boots to protect from harsh weather. Generally, these boots are also great for the most stringent of winter days.

To conclude, a great tip is to buy two pairs of boots: one with heavy insulation and another with lighter insulation. Because chances are, a single pair can’t get you through all types of weathers.

Support and Lacing

Height, durability, and insulation are all essential factors to consider when choosing the right boot, but comfort should be one of the most important deciding factors. Boots have different levels and support and flexibility based on the hunting it is designed for. Hunters or hikers who travel light and on flat terrain may want hiking boots made with less support and rubber outsole that offers more flexibility. For the hunters and hikers who are uneven or rough terrain, added levels of support will be more important.

Additionally, lacing on your boots will provide additional support. Lacing higher up on your leg will give extra support and stiffness to prevent foot injuries on uneven terrain.

Types and Functions

Hunting boots can be classified into several types of boots. These types will have characteristics that are different from others as well as a specific function in hunting. When choosing the right pair of boots, one should consider what they are being used for. There are boots designed based on the season and hunting style. Waterproof boots are made for hunting in wet conditions. Boots with added insulation are made for cold weather. Boots with extra support are for uneven terrain.

  • Upland boots – or otherwise known as hiking boots. This kind of boots was made for light activity and constructed to maintain comfort and support for long miles of hiking.
  • High country boots – contrary to the upland boot type, high country boots were made for heavy activity and terrains that are steeper, rougher, and higher. Undoubtedly, these boots are made for big game hunters that do their hunting at high altitudes.
  • Overboots – these boots can be slipped on for additional warmth during cold days. Overboots also provide an extra layer of protection for all types of weather.
  • Rubber boots – when hunting involves wading through a swamp or marsh, a good pair of waterproof hunting boots can keep you as clean and comfortable as you possibly can.

All of these factors can play a significant role in determining which boots are the best fit for you. The usability of a good pair of hunting boots stretches far beyond their actual fit. Remember to consider your needs and look for the highest quality in what you choose to buy.

There are a plethora of reviews and first-hand accounts when it comes to selecting the very best in hunting boots. As seen in our review section, top brands of hunting boots include Irish Setter, Muck Boots, Columbia, and LaCrosse.

Consider the testimony of Ron Spomer, someone who knows the ins and outs of the hunting industry.

Do you like hunting with a bow? There is one thing very important for the bow hunter that is how to choose the Best Bow Stabilizers. This article can help you!

Final Review of the Best Hunting Boots

So what are the Best Hunting Boots for you?


When you are picking out which boots you think will work best for you, remember to consider what you are in need of. In my experience, a tall boot that has the versatility to fold down is one of the best items in my hunting repertoire. Added to that, I like a boot that is both waterproof and has the adjustable gusset giving me the option to either tighten or loosen the material around my calves as needed.

Whatever your needs may be, always be sure to do the proper research and check with the experts who make it their life’s work to know what makes an excellent hunting boot.

That is Hunting boot, how about hunting backpack? You can read more about how to choose the Best Hunting Backpacks here or some of Best Tactical Backpacks here!

A Look At The Best Celestron Binoculars – Our Top Picks

Any hunter who is worth their salt will tell you that a decent pair of binoculars should be a part of everyone’s hunting repertoire. However, we see many hunters who either don’t use a binocular or just treat it as an accessory and not use it.

So does a hunter really need a pair of binocs?

In my opinion, it’s vital to the hunting experience. Sure, the rifle scope can help you find the target and provide clear pictures but it just pales in comparison to a binocular. A binocular features a higher magnification power and provides a more accurate and clearer image.

If you are in the market for a good pair of binoculars, you have come to the right place. For this post, we have made a list of some of the best binoculars from the brand Celestron. The Celestron binoculars are some of the best products out there, so it’s hard to go wrong with any of these pairs.

How We Chose Our Top Picks

We like to think that we are an authority when it comes to hunting gear, so many of our readers trust our opinion when it comes to picking out their hunting gear. Thus, it’s important for us to be accurate and honest to ensure that we provide recommendations that will be useful to our readership.

We shortlisted these binoculars based on a number of factors like build quality, features, durability, and budget. We have also taken into consideration the general reputation of the brand along with reviews and feedback from actual users.

You can trust that we have put in an ungodly amount of hours with research and testing to provide you with a list that will help with your shopping needs.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Top 6 Celestron Binoculars

Below are some of the best pairs of binoculars from the Celestron brand.

Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15×70 Binoculars with Tripod Adapter

Celestron - SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars - Top Rated Astronomy...
  • Multi coated optics
  • Large aperture perfect for low light conditions and stargazing
  • Tripod adapter 13 millimeter (0.51 inch) long eye relief ideal for eyeglass wearers; Linear Field of View (@1000 yards)...
  • Magnification: 15x
  • Field of View (degrees): 4.4°
  • Lens Coatings: Multi-coated
  • Prism Material: BaK4
  • Diopter Range: -4 to +8
  • Key Features: Multi-coated optics, Large aperture perfect for low light conditions and stargazing, Tripod adapter, Diopter adjustment for fine focusing, Large 70 mm objective lens

The Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15×70 Binoculars is one of the most popular products by Celestron and for good reason.

At the budget, the optics of the SkyMaster Giant is truly amazing. The Large 70 mm objective lens provides the much-needed image brightness even during low light conditions. The binocs pack a serious 15x magnification power which doesn’t just make this a good pair for hunting but for viewing astronomical objects as well.

If you want a more stable and steady viewing experience, you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a tripod adapter which means that you can mount this bad boy easily. The armored exterior provides the necessary protection for harsh outdoor conditions.

This package offers an incredible value.

Celestron 71332 Nature DX 8×42 Binocular

Celestron – Nature DX 8x42 Binoculars – Outdoor and Birding...
  • Perfect binoculars for every adventure: A great match for everyone from beginners to mid-range outdoors and birding...
  • Top-rated glass optics with impressive specs: Fully multi-coated lenses for brighter images, more contrast and highest...
  • Robust, waterproof mid-sized body: Incredibly precise build and design that offers protection from outdoor elements....
  • Magnification: 8x
  • Field of View (degrees): 7.4°
  • Lens Coatings: Fully multi-coated
  • Prism Material: BaK4
  • Eyecup: Twist-up
  • Key Features: Waterproof and fully rubber armored, Phase coated BaK-4 prisms, Fully multi-coated optics, Close focus of 6.5 feet, Sturdy, twist-up eyecups with multiple stops

The Celestron 71332 Nature DX 8×42 Binocular is designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind.

The Nature DX features the right combination of magnification, field of view, and close focus distance which makes it great for nature activities like birding and hunting. The Fully multi-coated lenses allow for some truly high levels of light transmission. The phase-coated BaK4 prisms ensure that you’ll get sharp, true-to-life color from the other end of the lens.

The pair is water and fog proof so you’ll have any problem taking it with you outdoors. The Nature DX is also quite comfortable to use, thanks to the twist-up eyecups which are also eyeglass friendly. The buget is also amazing for an 8×42 pair.

I really love using this pair, even outside of hunting trips.

Celestron 71347 Outland X 10×42 Binocular

Celestron – Outland X 10x42 Binoculars – Waterproof & Fogproof –...
  • Multi-coated optics and BaK-4 PRISMS: Multi-coated optics help obtain high resolution and high contrast views, while the...
  • Waterproof and fogproof: Designed to withstand all weather conditions, our Outland X compact binoculars have been filled...
  • Protective rubber covering: Our binocular is both durable and well-armored; its rugged exterior ensures protection from...
  • Magnification: 10x
  • Field of View (degrees): 5.6°
  • Lens Coatings: Multi-coated
  • Prism Material: BaK4
  • Eyecup: Twist-up
  • Key Features: Multi-Coated Optics, Waterproof and Fogproof, Protective Rubber Covering, Twist-up Eyecups for Quick Adjustment, Moisture Resistant Neoprene Carrying Case, 42mm roof prism with 10x magnification

The Celestron 71347 Outland X 10×42 Binocular is a great pair that works for many purposes.

The 10x magnification power is great for a number of uses from birding to watching sporting events. The binocular is both waterproof and fog proof, so it’s an ideal tool for outdoor pursuits. The BaK4 and multi-coating really dial the optical performance to the top.

In terms of comfort, the pair also utilizes twist-up eyecups which makes it not just comfortable but easily positioned to accommodate eyeglass users. Durability is also not an issue especially when the binocular is coated with rugged, armored exterior which also happens to provide superior grip.

For as affordable as they are, it’s hard to go wrong with this very versatile binocular.

Celestron 71404 TrailSeeker 8×42 Binoculars

Celestron – TrailSeeker 8x42 Binoculars – Fully Multi-Coated...
  • BaK-4 PRISMS WITH PHASE AND DIELECTRIC COATINGS: This premium-quality binocular features BaK-4 Prisms with Phase and...
  • DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT BODY: The TrailSeeker Binocular has a durable magnesium alloy frame that is light in weight and...
  • WIDE FIELD OF VIEW: The Celestron TrailSeeker binocular features 8x magnification and a wide field, so you can follow...
  • Magnification: 8x
  • Field of View (degrees): 8.1°
  • Lens Coatings: Fully multi-coated
  • Prism Material: Phase and Dielectric-coated BaK4
  • Eyecup: Twist-up
  • Key Features: Magnesium Alloy Body, BaK-4 Prisms with Phase and Dielectric Coatings, Extremely Wide Field of View, Fully Multi-Coated Optics, Metal Multi-Stop Twist Up Eyecups

The Celestron 71404 TrailSeeker 8×42 Binoculars is one of the best high-end products by the brand.

Outside of hunting, the TrailSeeker is an excellent pair for birding. Thanks to its magnification power, wide field of view, and close focus distance. The phase & dielectric coated BaK4 prisms are great for getting brilliant true color and sharply defined images. Staring at a Kingfisher with this pair is truly one of my best experiences with birding.

Like many Celestron binoculars, this one is water and fog proof. I’ve used this pair for many outdoor excursions and it’s still going strong. The twist-up eyecups make this a very comfortable pair of binoculars and is actually eyeglass friendly. This is also an excellent package that comes with multiple accessories like objective lens caps, eyepiece rainguard, neck strap, harness strap, and more.

The only downside is the budget which can be quite expensive for some.

Celestron UpClose G2 20×50 Porro Binocular

Celestron – UpClose G2 20x50 Porro Binoculars with Multi-Coated BK-7...
  • TOP QUALITY AND BUDGET-FRIENDLY BINOCULARS: A great pair of binoculars that combines top engineering features with an...
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED: Start your adventures today with this durable pair of water-resistant full-size...
  • TOP AMERICAN OPTICS ENGINEERING: These 20x50 powerful binoculars provide you with multi-coated BK-7 prism glass that...
  • Magnification: 20x
  • Field of View (degrees): 3.2°
  • Lens Coatings: Multi-coated
  • Prism Material: BK-7
  • Eyecup: Twist-up
  • Key Features: Multi-coated optics, Stylish rubber covered aluminum body, Ergonomic thumb indents and finger ridges, Water resistant, Soft carrying case

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a good quality pair of binocs, the Celestron UpClose G2 20×50 Porro Binocular is definitely worth checking out.

The UpClose G2 features a 20x magnification which makes it ideal for hunting and whale watching. Even with the powerful magnification, this pair is still very lightweight and is only about as tall as a smartphone. The unit is also covered with a durable external armor which adds the much-needed toughness.

Like most Celestron binocs, the UpClose G2 can be mounted to any tripods for a steadier look. Although it’s a budget pair, comfort has not been put to the backburner. We still have the soft, folding eyecups which can also be easily positioned.

This is one of the best budget binoculars that you can find in the market.

Celestron 71454 Echelon 20×70 Binoculars

Celestron 71454 Echelon 20x70 Binoculars (Black)

Check Price

  • Magnification: 20x
  • Field of View (degrees): 3.0°
  • Lens Coatings: Proprietary XLT and Multi-coated
  • Prism Material: BaK4
  • Eyecup: Folding
  • Key Features: Large-aperture 70 mm binoculars, Fully waterproof, High quality Japanese optics, Celestron’s proprietary XLT coating technology,

As you can see from the budget, the Celestron 71454 Echelon 20×70 Binoculars is not your run of the mill binocs.

First, let’s start with the highly-impressive 20x magnification which makes it ideal for stargazing to whale watching. Seriously, this is the Ferrari of binoculars and will allow you to see anything further away like never before.

The Echelon boasts a thick armor and robust construction which can withstand some serious punishment. The Echelon is so tough that it’s been widely used in professional settings like law enforcement. The XLT coatings and fully multi-coated lenses provide vivid, lifelike images that will surely blow anyone’s mind.

Again, this is a very expensive pair that will please even the most jaded of hunters.

Buyer’s Guide

If for some reason that you didn’t find anything good using the above list, don’t fret because we’ll still help you out with our quick buyer’s guide.

This guide will hopefully help you find the right binoculars for your hunting needs.

Know the Specs

When shopping for a pair of binoculars for hunting, there are key specs that you need to be familiar with. Be on the lookout for the following specs:

  • Magnification power
  • Lens diameter
  • Conditions of use
  • Field-of-view
  • Exit pupil and relative brightness index
  • Prism type
  • Eye relief
  • Focus type
  • Optical coating
  • Image quality
  • Size and weight
  • Cost
  • Waterproofing and durability
  • Rubber coating

I know what you are thinking, “man, that’s a lot of specifications for a simple device.” So, which of these specs are essential for hunting? Well, if you’re going to ask me, I’d say all of them.

The sport of hunting introduces a number of data to the environment, and such information dictates which specs are more important than others. For instance, hunting during low light conditions will be more ideal with the right brightness index and lens diameter.

In addition, you are watching moving animals. So, it’s not enough that you have a powerful magnification, it’s important that it also supports movements. This is important if you want to get the clearest image possible even if the target is in motion.

Lastly, it’s very rare that you get to hunt under the glorious sun in great lighting conditions. More often than not, you will be hunting with the wind, rain, or fog. So, it’s important that you invest in a pair that can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Familiarize yourself with these key specs before thinking of shopping for your first pair.

Wrapping Up

This ends our list of some of the best Celestron binoculars that money can buy.

Celestron is an excellent brand that makes high-quality and heavy-duty optics. Honestly, it’s hard to go with many of their pairs. So, if you’re a beginner, starting out with Celestron might not be a bad idea.

So, what do you think of our list? Do you have a certain Celestron binocs that should have made the list? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

Danner Hunting Boots Reviews, Feedback, Features And More

Any hunter knows that having wet feet just plain sucks – having a cold, wet feet sucks even more.

A good pair of hunting boots should be light, durable, breathable, and waterproof. However, there are a few pairs that can claim high marks from these said qualities. Finding the right pair of boots for hunting can be a tough task especially when you’re a beginner. With so many different styles and brands out there, shopping for a pair can be downright confusing.

If you are open to suggestions, we have a pair that might just be right for your needs. Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Danner hunting boots.

About the Danner Hunting Boots

About The Danner Hunting Boots

Danner is considered to be one of America’s most trusted names in heavy-duty footwear. Many of their boots have seen extensive use in the military, law enforcement, work, and outdoor activities like hunting. The company was first founded in 1932, so it’s not exactly a new brand.

When it comes to hunting, Danner has become a widely known name within the hunting community. Their boots are known for having quality materials, advanced waterproof features, and innovative design. Basically, a pair of Danner boots should be able to handle anything that you throw at it.

On top of selling footwear, Danner also offers other products like boot care products, socks, accessories, and clothing.

Reviewing the Danner Pronghorn Hunting Boot

Danner 41343 Men's Pronghorn 8' GTX 1200G Hunting Shoe, Realtree Edge...

The Pronghorn line of boots is one of the most popular products by Danner. For this review, we’re going to mainly talk about the Danner Men’s Pronghorn 800G Hunting Boot.

First, let’s take a look t the key specs of the pair:

  • Weight: 64 oz per pair
  • Height: 8″
  • Color: Brown
  • Insulation: 800G Thinsulate Ultra
  • Camo Pattern: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
  • Shank: TPU
  • Last Type: DPH-1
  • Lining: Waterproof
  • Liner: GORE-TEX
  • Outsole: Danner Pronghorn
  • Recraftable: No

Notable Features

So what makes these Danner hunting boots special? Here are some of its most noteworthy features:

CamoHide™ Leather & 1000 Denier Nylon Upper

Danner Mens 45003 Pronghorn 8" Gore-Tex Hunting Boot, Brown - 10.5...
  • Durable, waterproof full-grain CamoHide leather upper with rugged and lightweight 1000 Denier nylon
  • Full-grain leather toe and heel cap
  • Rugged hardware for secure fit and long lasting performance

The boots are made from full-grain leather that has been struck through with Danner’s patented marbling called CamoHide. Full grain leather is of the of the finest quality materials that you can use for a pair of boots. What I love about full grain leather is that it’s not buffed, sanded or snuffed. This may keep the imperfections intact but it gives an all-natural beauty and not to mention, incredible toughness.

Over time, the leather of these boots will get a desirable “patina” which can only be achieved through age, use, and exposure to sunlight. This gives the boot a unique look.

True enough, the Danner Pronghorn Boots are tough and beautiful to look at. Even after continued use while outdoors, my pair is still going strong.


Danner Mens 45003 Pronghorn 8" Gore-Tex Hunting Boot, Brown - 12 D
  • Durable, waterproof full-grain CamoHide leather upper with rugged and lightweight 1000 Denier nylon
  • Full-grain leather toe and heel cap
  • Rugged hardware for secure fit and long lasting performance

The Pronghorn is highly waterproof and breathable, thanks to its Gore-Tex liners. This makes the pair ideal for the extreme weather conditions and intensive activities like hunting. Gore-Tex is also highly breathable which gives superior comfort while keeping your feet nice and dry.

I thought that Gore-Tex was nothing more than marketing hype but I was proven wrong with the Pronghorn.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

Danner Men's 45013 Pronghorn 8" 800G Gore-Tex Hunting Boot, Mossy Oak...
  • GORE-TEX waterproof breathable lining. Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
  • Cushioning open-cell OrthoLite footbed.
  • EVA cushioning and shock absorbing midsole. Thermoplastic PU shank

Some models of the Pronghorn feature a camo design that really completes the look of the boots. However, I am skeptical if this helps with concealing my silhouette in the woods but I must that it looks great.

800G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation

Rocky Men's FQ0004755 Mid Calf Boot, Brown and Mossy Oak Break Up...
  • Full-Grain Leather and 900 Denier Nylon
  • Light and Flexible Cement Construction
  • Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof Construction

Maybe the single highest praise that I can give to the Pronghorn is that it became my new “go-to” elk boot. I used to spend an ungodly amount of time agonizing which boots to wear during my yearly elk hunts.

This is mainly because the Pronghorn features an amazing insulation technology.

First off, the pair feels really warm even during the colder months. This can be attributed to the excellent 800G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation that the boots have. I’ve been testing the Pronghorn in -20 degrees and never once got cold feet. Despite the heavy-duty insulation, the boots are still considerably lighter than my other hunting pairs.

Pronghorn Outsole

Danner Men's Vicious 8 Inch Work Boot,Brown/Orange,10 EE US
  • Dual-density EVA midsole
  • Slip- and oil-resistant Vibram� Vicious outsole
  • 90� heel

The Pronghorn 800G Hunting Boot features the fourth-generation outsole which does a great job of handling a wide range of terrains. The outsole feels sufficiently rugged which gives you the confidence that it can get the job done.

The outsole provides the much-needed grip which is good for muddy conditions. Plus, the outsole fits seamlessly with the Pronghorn’s streamlined design.

Is It Comfortable?

Although it’s a very heavy-duty boot, the Pronghorn is still surprisingly comfortable.

Normally, I’d expect a feature-packed pair of boots to cut corners and it’s usually the comfort the goes into the chopping block. That’s not the case at all with the Pronghorn.

The pair provides great support and comfort, even when the conditions are less than favorable. The boots are also quite comfortable out of the box. This means that I don’t have to break in the pair for hours in a rocky mountain just to achieve optimal comfort.

As mentioned, the Pronghorn stands out for its insulation which means that my feet were kept warm and dry during most of my outings. It really is the warmest pair in my collection. The Pronghorn is also a very lightweight pair which I really appreciate when I’m out in the wild for hours.

How’s the Fit?

Overall, the boots offer a great fit.

I love the fact that the Pronghorn has a roomy toe box. However, I feel that the roomy toe box is a bit of a double-edged sword. The roomy toes allow me to throw on a thick pair of wool socks and not feel too constricted.

On the flip side, wearing a thinner pair of socks would have the ball slide around too much within the toe box. This is one of the main downsides of a versatile pair like the Pronghorn.

For the most part, you will need to wear tall socks since these pairs are true to size.

Pros and Cons

So to summarize, here are the pros and cons of the Pronghorn Danner Hunting Boots.


  • Made of full grain leather for top durability
  • Very good waterproofing
  • Top-notch 800G insulation
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Speed lacing eyelets for easy wear
  • Versatile hunting boots


  • Toe box is too roomy
  • Might be too bulky for some people
  • List Element

Comparable Products

In case the Pronghorn turns out to be not your cup of tea, here are some other boots that you can check out:

Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot

Irish Setter Men's 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8" Hunting Boot, Realtree...
  • Light weight ankle-high hunting boot with extreme durability, ideal for early-season
  • ScentBan scent control
  • UltraDry waterproofing system

The Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot is a top-seller on Amazon, so it’s hard not to recommend this one.

The boot features the UltraDry construction which combines a moisture management lining with waterproof components. This gives you a dry, long-lasting comfort. The RPM technology boasts a breakthrough composite material that greatly reduces the weight of the boot.

A worthy alternative to the Pronghorn at around the same budget.

Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1600G Hunting Boot

LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1600G Hunting Boot,Realtree...
  • Hand-laid premium rubber over a 3.5mm neoprene core for flexible, waterproof, scent-free comfort. Weight- 5.5 lbs per...
  • Embossed liner increases air circulation inside the boot, wicks moisture and is quick drying
  • Active Fit with adjustable neoprene gusset for easy on/off and a secure, comfortable fit on foot

If you prefer a more traditional pair of rubber hunting boots, the Lacrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1600G Hunting Boot is worth checking out.

The boots are made of rubber and neoprene which makes it highly waterproof and naturally insulated. The material also lends itself to be a great all-terrain pair. The inside is lined with neoprene liner which provides top comfort and air circulation.

What We Think

Danner Hunting Boots

This pair of Danner Hunting Boots is easy to recommend.

It is tough, durable, waterproof, and well-insulated. The toe box and the fit can be a little too wide but it’s not enough to be knocked down a peg.

This is a very high-quality pair of hunting boots for the money.

A Look At The Best Leupold Binoculars – Our Top Picks

You deserve high-quality binoculars. Whether you are spotting rare birds, searching for a perfect shot at a whitetail deer or gazing at the majesty of a serene landscape, a pair of excellent binoculars is worth more than a thousand words. Since not all binoculars are made the same, consider choosing a pair from a respected and well-established company like Leupold. Since 1907, Leupold has been producing premium navigation equipment and other fine-tuned tools.

This same expertise is now being used to design excellent binoculars and rifle scopes. This complete guide will give you all the information you need to choose one of the top 10 Leupold binoculars for your outdoor needs. Use the comparison table and FAQs to determine the best option for your outdoor hobby.


1. Do Leupold Binoculars Come With a Warranty?

ll Leupold binoculars come with a lifetime warranty. You don’t need to be the original purchaser or keep any warranty card; just enjoy a lifetime of use with these high-end binoculars. Of course, there are exceptions, like misuse or intentional damage. With proper care, these durable binoculars won’t need much maintenance or repair. The best warranty is one that you may never have to use.

2. Where Can I Buy Leupold Binoculars?

Leupold binoculars are available online through the official Leupold website, but you can also purchase them through third-party sites, such as Amazon. Check out your local outdoor or sporting goods department stores for deals and discounts on Leupold binoculars.

How We Reviewed

Each pair of binoculars was carefully chosen based on important criteria. Bestsellers lists, customer reviews and professional opinions were all used to choose the top 10 models. There are plenty of other Leupold options available, so be sure to check out other options if you don’t find the perfect choice on this list.

This guide won’t point you toward a single option. Instead, use all the information to make your own informed decision. Only you know the kind of outdoor adventures you’ll take with your binoculars.

Top 10 Leupold Binoculars

BX-5 Santiam HD 8x42mm

Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 8x42mm Binocular, Sitka Subalpine (174482)

Buy on Amazon

One of the most compact models in the premium BX-5 series, these 8x42mm binoculars, like all Santiam options, are waterproof and fogproof. Consider this durable pair if you need a comfortable, low-light option for hunting, bird watching or enjoying nature. These binoculars use an open bridge roof prism, which allows for a very lightweight design.

While these 8x42mm binoculars are compact and feature a large exit pupil, they also have a short magnification and eye relief.


  • Durable and waterproof design
  • Great exit pupil diameter


  • Low magnification
  • Expensive compared to other Leupold options

BX-5 Santiam HD 10x42mm

Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 10x42mm Binoculars, Shadow Gray (174483)Buy on Amazon

The mid-sized, mid-budget Santiam option, these 10x42mm binoculars offer a popular magnification level and generous lens diameter for all light levels. The exit pupil is slightly smaller, so you’ll be trading some low-light visibility for extra magnification. This pair is perfect for hunting or long-range birdwatching.

While the 10x42mm Santiam binoculars come with all the rugged features of the Santiam series, the additional cost may make these binoculars less tempting for amateur use. If you aren’t planning on wild treks or daily hunting trips, you may want to consider a more cost-effective Leupold option.


  • Popular magnification level
  • Lightweight design


  • Low eye relief
  • Shorter exit pupil diameter

BX-5 Santiam HD 15x56mm

Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 15x56mm Binocular, Shadow Gray (172457)Buy on Amazon

The biggest, most expensive and impressively long-distance binoculars on the list, the Santiam 15x56mm binoculars offer an incredible magnification and low-light productivity. Whether you are long-distance hunting or stargazing, these durable binoculars offer excellent vision. The patented Xtended Twilight system that is also used with Leupold rifle scopes allow you to see crystal-clear images even at dusk or dawn.

Compared to other binoculars, this pair is long, heavy and particularly expensive. 15x magnification is quite high, so be sure you know the distance you need before purchasing the most premium pair. These binoculars aren’t suited for short and mid-range viewing, particularly of panoramic views.


  • Impressive magnification
  • Extreme low-light visibility


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

BX-1 McKenzie 12x50mm

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 12x50mm BinocularBuy on Amazon

The first in the BX-1 line of affordable yet reliable Leupold binoculars, the McKenzie 12x50mm binoculars use an excellent BAK4 roof prism for clear images at long distances. This particular roof prism is designed to remove distortion around the edges, which is common with other binoculars at this budget. Like the McKenzie 10x50mm and McKenzie 10x42mm, this pair is far more affordable than many others, so it’s the perfect starting point for amateur hunters or birdwatching enthusiasts who want a Leupold option that doesn’t break the bank.

Just like the BX-5 Santiam series, these binoculars are completely waterproof and fogproof. However, they don’t offer the same innovative low-light technology. Consider these binoculars if you are on a budget and need a long-distance viewing option.


  • Highly affordable
  • Great magnification and lens diameter


  • Less effective for low-light viewing than Santiam models

BX-1 McKenzie 10x50mm

Leupold BX-1 McKenzie Binocular, 10x50mm (173789)Buy on Amazon

Combining the same cost-effective design of the McKenzie 12x50mm binoculars with a more affordable and popular magnification level, the McKenzie 10x50mm binoculars are great for all-purpose viewing. Take these binoculars on your next hunt, birdwatching expedition or wilderness adventure and use the simple, central dial to easily focus on any detail.

Of course, these binoculars aren’t as high-powered and magnifying as the McKenzie 12x50mm option, and they don’t offer the same crystal-clear image of more expensive options, like the Pro Guide 10x42mm or Santiam 10x42mm binoculars. They are still one of the most affordable options and still offer a lightweight design and durable exterior.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Mid-range magnification and budget


  • Lower magnification than the McKenzie 12x50mm binoculars

BX-1 McKenzie 10x42mm

Binoculars BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x42mm Sitka Subalpine BinocularsBuy on Amazon

The most affordable McKenzie binoculars on the list also come with a great exit pupil diameter and reasonable low-light viewing. Choose the McKenzie 10x42mm binoculars if you need clear images, low-light viewing and mid-range magnification at a highly affordable budget. Like all Leupold binoculars, you’ll enjoy bright images and high durability with these nitrogen-sealed binoculars.

Of course, you only get what you pay for. The McKenzie 10x42mm binoculars don’t have the same magnification as other McKenzie binoculars and have less low-light vision and a shorter eye relief than any option in the Santiam series.


  • Durable and affordable
  • Good exit pupil diameter


  • Low eye relief
  • Smaller lens diameter than other BX-1 McKenzie binoculars

BX-4 Pro Guide HD 12x50mm

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 12x50mm BinocularBuy on Amazon

The 12x50mm binoculars are part of the mid-range BX-4 Pro Guide series and offer excellent low-light vision. The patented lenses are specifically designed to be used at dusk and dawn, and they dramatically reduce glare. It’s the perfect combination for hunting. With a great exit pupil and eye relief, it’s perfect for use all day long.

Consider the magnification level that fits your activity. If you need more close-range viewing, the 12x magnification may be too large for you. These binoculars offer great image clarity but are bulkier and less comfortable than the premium BX-5 Santiam series binoculars.


  • Low-light lens coating
  • Great magnification


  • Heavier than Santiam 12x42mm binoculars
  • More expensive than BX-1 McKenzie options

BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x42mm

Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 10x42mm Binocular, Shadow Gray (172666)Buy on Amazon

Offering one of the closest focus distances by Leupold, the Pro Guide 10x42mm binoculars can comfortably focus on objects as close as 7.5 feet. Combined with the 10x magnification, these binoculars are the perfect option for well-rounded use. If you need a single, reliable pair of binoculars for many hobbies, this is a great pair to consider.

The calcium-fluoride lenses provide the same clear image as other Pro Guide binoculars, but this option doesn’t have same magnification or lens diameter as the Pro Guide 12x50mm binoculars. This option isn’t ideal for long-range viewing but provides a lightweight and cost-effective option for a variety of hunting trips, long hikes and other outdoor hobbies.


  • Close focus distance
  • Lightweight


  • Mid-range magnification
  • Less low-light visibility than Santiam binoculars

BX-2 Tioga HD 10x50mm

Leupold Bx-2 Tioga HD Roof Binoculars, Shadow Grey, 8 x 42mmBuy on Amazon

Combining the low-light visibility of the Santiam series with the low buget of BX-1 McKenzie binoculars, the Tioga 10x50mm binoculars are the perfect option for the amateur hunter. Mid-range magnification and a great exit pupil diameter allow this pair of binoculars to provide excellent dusk and dawn viewing. Whether you are hunting deer or watching for elusive birds, you’ll love the low-light visibility and comfortable eye relief.

Of course, these binoculars aren’t as compact as other options, like the Santiam 10x42mm binoculars. If you are on long treks where every ounce of weight counts, you’ll want to invest in a more expensive option by Leupold. Choose the Tioga 10x50mm binoculars if you need an affordable option for low-light viewing.


  • Low-light visibility
  • Great exit pupil diameter


  • Heavy and long compared to other Leupold binoculars
  • Mid-range magnification

BX-1 Yosemite 10x30mm

Leupold BX-1 Yosemite Binocular, 10x30mm (172707)Buy on Amazon

The most affordable Leupold option on the list combines a lightweight frame, highly adjustable eyepieces and a mid-range magnification. The Yosemite binoculars are not only great for customers on a budget, but they are also designed with kids in mind. While the adjustable eyepieces are perfect for any customer, they are able to be adjusted for kids to use these high-quality binoculars.

With this budget, there are obviously a few downsides. First, the short objective lens diameter means these binoculars aren’t suited for low-light situations. They also have a further close focus distance than other 10x magnification binoculars, like the Tioga 10x50mm or Santiam 10x42mm binoculars. Choose these binoculars if you need all the build quality of Leupold with a low budget.


  • Highly affordable
  • Low interpupillary distance


  • Not suited for low-light situations
  • Long close focus distance

The Verdict

Since there is no single, perfect outdoor experience, there isn’t a perfect pair of binoculars. Consider the object you are viewing, including distance and level of light, in order to determine the best Leupold binoculars for you. Whether you want the affordable BX-1 Yosemite 10x30mm binoculars or the high-end BX-5 Santiam HD 15x56mm binoculars, there is an option available for you. Whether hiking, hunting, birdwatching or just experiencing nature, you’ll be prepared for a lifetime of viewing with Leupold binoculars.

Step By Step Guide to Successfully Field Dressing a Deer

Are you new to deer hunting and are worried about field dressing a deer for the first time? This final step is one that many hunters dread having to do since this is where the real work seems to begin. It can be difficult when you are first learning because it is not something that you do or practice regularly. Field dressing only needs to be done when you have killed a deer.

Field dressing a deer can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with how it is done. There are a number of things that can go wrong and can potentially cause you to lose a significant amount of useable meat unless done properly. The good news is that once you have seen how it is done, the actual task of field dressing a deer is not difficult. It may take a few times to become as efficient as possible, but you should have no trouble cleaning you next kill.

However, if you follow these steps and have a little patience (and a sharp knife!) you will soon be able to properly field dress a deer with no problem. Once you sharpen these skills this is a quick task that becomes easier every time you do it.

What You’ll Need

Apart from a deer to gut, there are some key items you will need in order to make this process easy and efficient. While the items in this list aren’t the only tools used to field dress a deer, they are the ones you will find most useful when following the steps detailed below. There are also several tools that are designed specifically for gutting a deer that may make part of this process even easier. You can often find knives, saws, and kits that are built with cleaning a deer in mind.

Our Favorite Deer Gutting Kit

This pack comes equipped with a caping knife, gut hook skinner, boning/fillet knife, wood & bone saw, tungsten carbine v-sharpener, steel stick/brisket spreader, and game cleaning gloves. Below are additional items you may need for field dressing a deer.

  • Hunting tag with string already attached
  • Recently sharpened knife
  • Bone saw
  • Disposable plastic gloves
  • Dark colored rag
  • Rope
  • Large plastic bag

knife and gloves

Photo credit:

Steps to Successfully Field Dress a Deer

To have the best chance for field dressing a deer, you should follow the following steps:

Step One:

Ensure the deer is indeed dead. Approach the animal from the rear and look for any signs of life. If possible, poke the animal in the eye with a long stick in order to ensure it is actually dead. Deliver a killing blow at this point if needed. This is not typically an issue but for safety sake we want to make sure this is done properly.

After the kill is confirmed, make sure to unload and safely store your firearm or weapon. People get injured every year because of unsafe weapon handling, you don’t want to be one of those people.

 Next position the deer on its back with the head pointed uphill if possible. If you shot a buck it is much easier to keep the head straight when the deer is on it’s back because you can rest it on the antlers. Positioning the head uphill from you will make each step in gutting the deer easier as well. It helps when you are pulling out the inside of the deer and draining it. The guts and organs inside of a deer weigh more than you may think so letting gravity help you is very beneficial.

Step Two:

Tag your kill according to local policy. You are then going to want to remove any clothing you want to avoid getting blood on. Mark your position in the field by hanging a blaze orange marker either above or close to your location. The orange helps with safety, especially during firearms season.

Next you should lay out your necessary tools in a place where they are easily accessible and won’t be misplaced. Put a pair of disposable gloves on prior to going any further. You will realize this once you begin working, but it can be a little difficult to hold and control all of the deer as you are field dressing it. This is why you should have all your tools in arms reach once you start. The deer will want to roll over and move as soon as you let go.

All cutting or gutting tools should be within arms reach to make this process easier. You also don’t want to be reaching into a hunting pack or your pockets with bloody hands.

Field Dressing a Deer

Photo credit:

Step Three:

Using your knife, make a small incision at the base of the sternum. Make sure the blade of your knife is pointed up to help avoid any unnecessary wear and tear to the blade. Only cut deep enough into the cavity to pierce the hide and the initial layer of fat. The easiest way to do this is to pinch a small amount of skin and pull it up and then cut across it rather than just pushing down through the skin into the stomach/sternum area. This helps it cut easier and avoids cutting too deep.

 Avoid cutting any internal organs throughout this process unless otherwise instructed to do so. If you cut through the stomach you could end up ruining part of the meat and at the very least it will smell very bad.

You should also be sure to pull the hair back before you start cutting. This will help avoid tons of white hair ending up everywhere as you cut through it. Once covered in blood that hair will stick to everything.

Insert two fingers into the incision to help guide your knife and keep the hide in a taut V. This makes it easier to cut and will also keep your fingers out of harms way. Go a few inches at a time and go slowly. This helps keep the incision straight and makes sure you do not cut yourself. There are also some knives that are built in a small hook shape to help with this. You just insert them into the original incision and pull down like a zipper.

Our Favorite Deer Gutting Hook

Preview Product Price
Gerber Vital Zip [31-002745] Gerber Vital Zip [31-002745] $17.00

Continue the incision down to either the base of the penis or the udder. If a buck, cut around the penis and down to just above the anus. If a doe, cut around the udder and down to just above the vagina/anus. Be careful to avoid cutting the bladder.

Step Four:

Now you will need to cut the esophagus to start removing the upper organs. There are two ways to do this. You can either reach up in the chest cavity as far as possible and cut through it, or you can use a knife or saw to cut up through the sternum to expose the rest of the chest cavity.

As long as it is not a trophy buck, the easiest way to to cut the sternum. To do this, start near your original incision and cut up on either side of the sternum. It will be tough but a strong knife or small saw will have no issues going through the cartilage.

Once the chest cavity is exposed, reach up as far as you can into the top/throat area and grab the esophagus. You will be able to pull it away from the wall of the neck to help cut all the way through. Once you have cut through it, you can start to pull. The esophagus will peel away from the sides of the deer as you pull it down.

Now you can cut through the diaphragm, which is the large membrane separating the chest cavity from the intestinal area. Make cuts to the connective membranes preventing the organs from being removed.  At this point most of the organs should be loose enough to pull out. Grab a hold of the esophagus or any other strong membrane and start to pull or roll the guts out of the deer.

The lower organs will still be attached down near the pelvis and the anus. This all needs to be severed carefully to avoid getting waste or urine on the meat. There are several different methods for doing this.

One way is to make an incision around the anus and vagina (if necessary) from the outside. Once you have fully cut free these items, carefully push them back into the cavity of the deer. Both the large intestine and the bladder can now be successfully removed from the deer and be pulled out with the rest of the guts.

Another way is to just use a small bone saw to cut through the pelvic bone so you don’t have to pull anything back through that small cavity. This allows you to just rip or cut everything out as one piece.

If this last part doesn’t go well or gets messy, don’t worry. It takes everyone a few tries to figure out the best way to do it. In the end all that matters is that you got all the organs, guts, and bladder/anus pieces out as well as any waste. If you think you spilled any urine or waste on the inside of the deer be sure to clean it off.

There are many different techniques for field dressing a deer and everyone has their preference. Hopefully this gave you a great starting point to work from. We have included a video below to help show one method for field dressing a deer. Feel free to make small changes in the process to make it as easy for you as you’d like. The most important thing is that at the end everything has been removed and the inside is clean.

See How Steven Renella likes to field dress a deer. As you see, some of his steps are slightly different than ours but the principle is the same.

Step Five:

Once all the deer’s internal organs have been removed, use the large plastic bag to safely store the heart, liver, and other organs you wish to keep. Next, tip the deer on its stomach to help remove any remaining blood or other debris. If you have cut through the pelvic bone the lifting up or raising the front half of the deer will help any left over blood drain our very quickly.

After this, gather your belongings, secure a rope to the deer’s legs and drag it to a secure area to continue the butchering process. Here is a quick tip on dragging. When you tie the rope to the deer, tie it’s front legs up with the neck. If you just tie the rope around the neck then the front legs will keep getting caught on branches and logs as well as hit your feet and trip you. Tying them up with the neck makes it much easier to drag.

Check this article to learn about tracking wounded deer if you want to learn more about how to find a deer.


It is highly important that you process your deer as soon as possible in order to avoid damage to the meat. The steps needed in order to properly field dress a deer can vary based upon preferred methods, but the above steps are a proven way to do it safely and with minimal cuts needed.

We here at hope that you found this guide to be of value to you as you pursue your hunting goals. We not only believe in what we post but practice it as well.

Have a different method for field dressing a deer or have more questions regarding one of the above steps? Let us know below and as always…feel free to share our posts with other dedicated hunters.


The Fundamentals of Catching Coyotes | 5 Useful and Effective Tips

First thing’s first, what are coyotes and why do you want to get rid of them? Coyotes are canids native to North America that are very much like wolves and are considered predatory. Why do you want to trap them? Although it can happen, coyotes rarely attack people. However, coyotes can be a problem for livestock and domestic pets, especially if you own a farm with animals. In this article, I will be talking about how to trap a coyote in the most efficient way possible.

Now, let’s lay some groundwork down first. What do you need to trap a coyote? Depending on your method, you will need a few trapping devices like the coil-spring trap or a live cage trap. Keep in mind that depending on your state, there will be varying laws and regulations regarding hunting and trapping, so check that first before doing anything else.

When you’ve got your trapping mechanism, where do you place it? You need to be very observant. Determine the area where the coyote is causing the damage and determine the path it travels often. Look for tracks, animal remains, and disturbed dirt under fences. At these areas, lay down a couple of traps.

Here are a few tips to make your work more efficient – How to trap a coyote:

1. Use the appropriate trap

There are many different kinds of traps you can choose from. Each trap offers a different way to catch an animal. The type of hunting style will determine which trap is needed. Below are three of the most popular trap styles to catch a coyote.

Coil Spring Trap

This trap is recommended by many hunters. It is easy to hide and essentially traps a coyote’s paw without killing it. Make sure your trap is large and strong enough for the coyote you’re targeting; otherwise they might escape from the trap. The coil spring trap above is recommended for catching coyotes. There are half a dozen traps included in the package. The trap has a 5.25 jaw spread, a quick reaction, and a strong hold. This trap will catch a coyote and will hold on to it. Pro tip: do not use the coil spring trap if you’re a beginner. When it comes to dealing with the trapped coyote, you may not have enough knowledge on what to do next.

Live Cage Trap

Although it has been regarded as a less successful trapping device, a live cage trap will catch the animal in a cage. Once the coyote is caught, a professional can deal with the problem for you. However, you need to place this in the most strategic area and provide the proper bait. This is recommended if you do not want to kill the animal afterwards. This tomahawk original series rigid trap is large enough and designed to catch coyotes. There are two top handles on the cage for safe and comfortable holding. The cage also features a safe sliding rear door for easy release.

Snare Trap

Another option is the use of lethal traps. The most recommended lethal trap is the snare, wherein a coyote will be choked by the loop of the cord. Naturally, a coyote will pull away from the chokehold and thus tighten the grip. The above 12 pack is designed for coyote catching. Each snare is 60 inches in length. These snare traps are easy to use, loaded for speed, and they trap legally. There are two methods in using a snare trap. One way is to create a slip knot with the loop and anchor it to a nearby tree or fence. A second way is to run a small chain through the loop and anchor the chain around a tree. Whichever method is used, the snare will reliably come down quickly and capture the animal when the snare is hit.

Remember: when choosing your trap, check with the local laws regarding this matter to make sure your trap is appropriate to use.

2. Place your traps in a hole

This is so that your traps are well-hidden from the predators. With a trowel, dig a shallow hole about 8-inches deep at a 45 degree angle, place your trap and cover it well with dirt or hay/leaves. You can use the hole set-up for the coil-spring and snare traps.

To make this trap as efficient as possible, dig the hole in the area that the coyote frequents. Pro tip: you may also want to add live bait near the hole. Live bait will attract coyotes more than dead bait.

Coyote caught in a trap - Photo credit:

Coyote caught in a trap

3. Get rid of your scent

Most coyotes will stay away from a trap when they detect a human scent. When setting up your traps, wear thick, scent-free rubber gloves to avoid leaving your scent. It is also best to make sure that your traps are clean and oil-free to make it devoid of any scent.

Another thing you can do is spray a little bit of apple cider in the area to get rid of the human scent. This tip will make sure your trap is more efficient and be able to lure the predator well.

4. Consider alternative methods

If your coyote problem is mild, or if you don’t want to kill the animal, you may opt to choose alternative methods to avoid coyotes from loitering in your area.

  • First thing you can do is make sure there is no food in your area that can attract coyotes. This can be pet food, garbage, and compost piles. What you need to do is make sure your garbage is properly covered and there are not pet food bowls lying around if you don’t want any coyotes getting near them.
  • Secondly, you can scare coyotes whenever you see them, but this can be a dangerous option and should not be done when a coyote is too near. For example, you can yell at them while waving your hands around, or use a loud horn to scare them off. It may take a few tries for the coyote to learn to avoid your area.
  • If you have livestock or a pet that are vulnerable to coyotes, set up fencing around your house or around the area for your livestock. Some coyotes can jump over fencings, so make sure that your fences are high enough to keep the coyotes away.
Bowl of dog food

Image via Pixy

Coyotes are attracted to pet food bowls

5. After you’ve caught the coyote, determine the most appropriate action

You’ve caught the coyote pestering your area with your trap, now what?

  • Pro tip: it is of utmost importance that you wear thick clothing and gloves when removing a coyote. Coyotes have rabies and diseases that can be passed to you through bites or scratches. However, when you are a complete novice, it is best to call in wildlife control to remove the animal for you.

When getting rid of the coyote, again, check with the local rules and regulations before deciding what to do. Some states will have the coyote euthanized, but you can also opt to take it to a wildlife reserve. Most hunters/trappers will shoot the animal once caught, but make sure that this is legal in your state before doing so.

And there you have it! These are just a few tips on how to trap a coyote and some on how to avoid coyotes, and you can scour the Internet for more to make sure your trapping method is correct. Important: Keep in mind that coyotes are dangerous animals and will attack when provoked.

If you are a beginner wanting to try trapping the animal, keep in mind the safety procedures as well as the laws in your state regarding this matter. On the other hand, if you are not a hunter whatsoever and just want to get rid of your coyote problem, call in wildlife control and/or follow tip no. 4.

For a detailed tutorial on how to set up a hole trap (with a foot hold trap), watch this video:

Do you have any questions, comments, or stories on your own hunting/trapping experiences? Let me know in the comments below. Share this page if you liked the article and send it to a friend you know with a coyote problem, too! Good luck hunting!

You can read about Coyote Fast Facts here!​

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