5 Best Unique Tools to Bring On Your Hunting Trip

Hunting outdoors is never easy and you need to be properly equipped to ensure your survival. While bringing the essential common tools such as a compass and a flint, there are some tools that you may not usually find but they’re very useful nonetheless. Here are some of the unique tools that you need to bring if your hunting trips.


5 Tools to Bring On Your Hunting Trip

Tactical Backpack

If you’re going out to hunt, you’re going to need a good tactical backpack. This is where you’ll be putting all your supplies and tools, so it’s important that you pick a bag that’s durable, lightweight, and has many accessible pockets. High quality tactical backpacks often come with leather material so you’ll be sure that it’s highly sturdy. A good backpack also has several straps for you to hang tools or to snap in some rope if you have any.

good Tactical backpack

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Uses of a Tactical Backpack:

  • Carry all your supplies
  • Convenient way to store your tools
  • Can carry small tents
  • Safe storage for sharp objects (ex. knives, saws, picks)
  • Keeps your supplies protected from rain and moisture
  • Makes your camping experience more organized

What Should You Look for in a Tactical Backpack?

  • It should be made of strong materials inside and out such as leather.
  • Waterproof is a prime factor in high quality backpacks, but if not available, it should be water resistant at least.
  • The backpack should be lightweight on its own as being heavy hinders your movement and makes it painful to carry for longer periods of time.
  • A good amount of pockets to contain all your tools and supplies.
  • Zippers should be made from sturdy and rustproof materials so they don’t wear out easily.

Folding Saw

If you’re expecting to be out for long, then bringing along a good folding saw is a necessity. They’re lightweight and they’re easy to carry. It’s usually used at home or for gardening, but it can also be used outdoors. You can use a folding saw to chop some firewood with ease compared to swinging an axe around. If you need to cut down some branches to get to a good camping spot, you can also use the folding saw and it will do the job.

Uses of a Folding Saw:​

  • Can cut through wood, plastic, and even meat
  • Used to cut large firewood into smaller segments
  • Cut branches to make into firewood
  • Saw wood to be used in setting up tents or handmade shelters
  • Cut through thick bushes and shrubs

What Should You Look for in a Folding Saw?

  • It should be made from stainless steel to prevent rusting.
  • A folding saw should be lightweight for easy carrying.
  • The toothed blades should be sharp out of the box.
  • A durable stainless steel frame is a must in every folding saw.

Water Filtration Bottle

Looking for food in the forest is already hard enough as it is, but looking for clean and safe drinking water is even harder. That is why you should always bring along a modern water filtration bottle. Gone are the days when you have to boil water that you collected from rain or scooped up from the river. These water bottles have filters built in them which you can drink the water you just got from the river or the pond and safely drink it at that moment. Now that’s certainly handy if you need water outdoors.

Uses of a Water Filtration Bottle:

  • Safely drink water obtained from rivers, lakes, and streams.
  • Serves as a water bottle.
  • Filter out dirt, metal, and other substances from water to make it safe for drinking.

What Should I Look for in a Water Filtration Bottle?

  • It should be made from non-toxic, rustproof materials.
  • A carrying capacity of at least 500 ml to 750 ml is a must.
  • The bottle should be lightweight on its own.
  • A high quality water filtration bottle should be able to withstand drops, banging, and falls without breaking or sustaining damage.
  • The filter system must be able to clean out all forms of dirt that can pose danger in drinking water.

High Quality Rope

A lot of people often forget the value of a good rope when they go out hunting. There are a lot of uses for a rope when you’re outdoors. You can use it to set up your tent if you’re expecting to camp out for a long hunting season. Rope can even be used as a guide back to your camping site in any case that you get lost. But if you’re hunting big game, then you need something to tie up your catch, so that’s where a rope comes in.

Uses of Ropes:

  • Used to set up tents
  • Can be used to scale a cliff face or climb a mountain
  • Ropes are essential in building hammocks for resting in camps

What Should I Look for in a Water Filtration Bottle?

  • Length must be at least 25 meters for general use and 50 meters for climbing.
  • It should be made from durable and tensile material such as polyester and aramid.
  • Ropes must be resistant to moisture and heat to retain their strength.

Tactical Pen

You may be having second thoughts about this, but a tactical pen is a handy tool for any professional hunter. It can be used in taking down notes when you’re tracking prey or spotting campsites. But the thing about tactical pens is their versatility. Many tactical pens come equipped with a number of features like an armor casing, a built-in flashlight, and a glass cutter.

Uses of a Tactical Pen:

  • Take down notes of potential areas of camping
  • Marking down maps
  • Used for tracking animals when hunting
  • Secondary gadgets such as blades, lighters, or flashlights can be helpful

Uses of a Tactical Pen:

  • Water-resistance or waterproofing is a must.
  • Tactical pens should be durable, capable of withstanding drops.
  • High quality ink is necessary for easy writing.
  • It should be easy to hold and grip when writing.
  • Tactical pens that come equipped with other gadgets such as a flashlight is ideal.


While not being common supplies, these tools will certainly help you out in hunting outdoors. They make hunting a more enjoyable and fun without all the hassle. So if you want your outdoor experience to be more convenient, then why not take these tools with you on your next hunting trip?

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